Thai Kratom: 10 Reasons Why I Love This Herb

Thailand is a magical place full of natural beauties, corals, the stunning water bodies. It is a place where people can unwind, take in the natural bliss and get into the aura of pure environment. Thailand is a place known for a lot many things. It is known for the picturesque places that it has, the Thai fabric especially the Thai silk, its cuisine and many more. In recent times, Thailand has emerged as a country of treasures. Hence this place has excellent tourism. This place apart from being a delightful holiday destination evokes interest due to its magical elements as well. Thai Kratom is one such magic element!

The Kratom (Mitragynine Speciosa) is a native plant of Thailand. This plant also found in Papua New, Malaysia, Guinea, Myanmar, and Indonesia. It is an evergreen tree that can grow tall like up to 25 meters in length. It has been a big part of conventional medicine for many ages, principally due to its opioid and stimulant qualities.

Its powerful ingredients incorporate certain useful alkaloids such as 7-hydroxymitragynine, mitragynine and 40 other compounds. Are you still wondering what Thailand kratom is?

It arguably the most famous strain. Its high intensity of inciting alkaloids, like mitragynine, give you energy to work, for long hours, and give the mental focus to concentrate for long. Furthermore, it is ideal for those aching from exhaustion or depression.

In general, people who take Thai kratom report that it makes them more productive, confident, energetic, and it gives them motivation. All these things make kratom an effective nootropic, i.e., drugs or supplements that enhance mood, cognitive skills, productivity creativity, and such other things.

Let’s discuss the 10 amazing things about this Thai Kratom strain.

Kratom is Legal in Thailand Now

Thailand’s legislature has allowed revising the country’s drug law to allow the authorized medical use of kratom, a regionally grown plant traditionally used as a drug and painkiller. The Thailand National Legislative Assembly (NLA) stated revisions to the bill authorizing the production, possession, and export and import of kratom for medical constancies.

The bill allows the use of specific amounts of kratom required for treatment of illness with prescripts or certificates from medical professionals. The possession is subjected to ordinances signed by legally authorized representatives.

However, only organizations and people authorized by Thailand’s public health minister will be licensed for production, sale, export, import, and possession of kratom.

So, the next time you visit Thailand if you require you can have a legal meeting with benefits of kratom.

Thai Kratom Comes in Various Colors

Several strains of kratom come in various colors. Looking closely, you can clearly see that it is the vein and stem which is colored.

The colors include; white, red, green and yellow. The color of Kratom has its own meaning, as the consequences of this herbal product tend to change according to its various shades.

Each color means that it has a distinct chemical composition of compounds and the alkaloids, and multiple effects extending from the analgesic, stimulant, to sedative.

It should be known that during the cracking process the stem and vein which was basically responsible for allowing the leaf its color is eliminated and only the leaf is ground into a granular powder.

Various Thai Kratom Strains & Their Effects

  • Green Thai Kratom

Green Thai Kratom is one of the popular versions of the Kratom plant. The strain contains high alkaloid levels that help bring relief to pain. Compared to red and white strains, using this supplement may increase the results of the herb upon the user. It reduces the enzymes treating other alkaloids in the kratom due to the plant’s harder and thicker cell walls and the significant levels of mitragynine.

  • White Thai

The white vein kratom like any other strain of kratom is contained of alkaloids that boost energy levels in the body. However, as a pain reducing it is not as prevalent as the red vein. This is highly useful in promoting the mood and is effective in creating euphoria while acts as a lesser stimulating agent in comparison to other strains.

  • Red Thai

In the Kratom community, Red Thai Kratom strains are one of the best selling strains of kratom. It is readily available in the form of capsules, which is one of the preferred choice of users to buy. The reason for its popularity is its positive effects on one’s emotional well-being. Thus, it is known as one of the most relaxing strains of kratom. Despite the fact, that this strain is not as energizing as compared to the green vein products, the impact of this strain last longer while adding significant benefits to your wellbeing.

  • Yellow Thai Kratom

Mainly, yellow Thai strain seems to be moderately euphoric and somewhat stimulating. It may provide an elevation of mood, and to a minor degree, a mild increase in energy and concentration. It is not thought to be heavily sedating, but some may find it to be somewhat relaxing. However, it is a disgusting and might not be a great pain reliever and a lesser sedating agent.

  • Thai Elephant Kratom

The unique characteristic of this strain, which distinguishes it from all other strains, is the large floppy leaves which quite resemble elephant ears. This strain is an oddity as it is a hybrid strain. This strain is as if the green, red & a white vein had a baby. This Kratom strain is perfect for people who are looking for a feeling of relaxation that keeps the brain active and fresh even after working for long hours or due to pressure.

The Effects Vary According to Color & Region

The benefits that the kratom renders depends on its color and from which region it belongs to. The evocative and mood improving advantages best found in white and green veins.

The red Thai strain, though, is the most powerful for pain-killing. Its different alkaloid profile can seldom have various effects depending on the user.

White vein Thai Kratom acts as a cognitive enhancer and gives mental and physical alertness and motivation which is the first thing required in a day to increase productivity.

Apart from sharpening focus, it also works against stress and depression by stimulating feelings of happiness.

The Thai kratom also varies according to different regions. Kratom grown in Malaysia has been found to carry between 12 and 25% mitragynine, while leaves from Thailand can go as high as 66%.

Unlike Maeng Da kratom or Thai kratom, Borneo has high consistencies of 7-hydroxymitragynine which makes it preferably the most sedating kratom strain ever.

High Alkaloids in Thai Kratom Means High Potency

The Kratom comprises of many potent alkaloids but the two highly effective are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Mitragynine is the most plentiful alkaloid in the leaves. However, it can serve as a chemical precursor to the more potent 7-hydroxymitragynine which is the biomarker for Mitragyna Speciosa toxicity.

In low densities, these alkaloids produce euphoria, energy and other exciting effects. In higher concentrations, they are sedating and maintain antinociceptive effects.

Thai Kratom Not Get You High

At medium to high doses of 5-15 g, kratom may give an opioid-like effect that may last for many hours and include calmer state, decreased in opioid symptoms, cough suppression, reduced pain, and drowsiness.

According to the NBC News reports, kratom can influence and make someone “high” when abused.  It is deemed as a regulated substance In Thailand, and the third most regularly abused illegal drug.

Available in Powder & Capsules Form

Kratom is available in capsules and powder forms as well. Especially when you are traveling, Kratom capsules are very convenient. These are some of the most natural methods to take Kratom powder.

Only 0.5 grams of powder is there in size 00 capsule. So, if your coveted dosage is 5 grams, you require to take 10 pills to accomplish the desired effect.

It Lasts Longer Compared To Other Strains

Talking about Southeast Asia, Thailand is a vital part of it. Thai Kratom is a strain from Thailand. It is a complete balance of all most popular Kratom results that are stimulation, sedation, and analgesia. It is available in varieties of colors like green white and red.

White and green vein Thai strains are more prevalent than red Thai Kratom. Thai Kratom works best for stimulation and reducing pain.

Thai kratom gives you a relaxing comfort which is quite soothing and pleasant. It is the best choice to improve the potency of a person. Finally, it serves severe and chronic pain that is top of all.

Thai Kratom strains are the confirmed strains for people trying out for the first time. This particular strain of the Mitragyna speciose has big leaves which helps in the production, making it easier, and its products more accessible and affordable.

Many of its users today regard it as one of the most dominant strains that last longer and a strain which is economical as well.

Overdosing on Kratom Might Hurt you

Overdose on kratom is possible, like with most drugs, particularly when combined with other intoxicants. However, the consequences of kratom overdose are yet not observed much due to less research on it, since it’s still new in this part of the world.

Most of the data available are based on case reports, but the verdicts in these reports imply the chance for critical and dangerous effects from taking too much of this enigmatic drug.

Kratom overdose signs might not be immediately obvious or as recognizable as those connected with benzodiazepine, alcohol, or opioid overdose. However, overdosing on the drug is a separate risk and can certainly be dangerous.

Possible signs of a kratom overdose include:

  • Nausea
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Psychosis
  • Agitation
  • Drowsiness
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Seizure
  • Irritability

These signs can be dangerous, and that danger is complicated by the fact that there’s not yet much data on what dose is essential.

It is much recommended to start small, taking just a few grams at first to figure out how much your body can handle. We know that low doses of kratom can have stimulating effects on the user.

In case the dose is increased, it can provide intense euphoric and sedative, but it won’t make you an addict like other drugs. At higher doses, it can produce hallucinations and illusions.

All-Big Brands Are Selling Thai Kratom

When you do an online search for Kratom one can spot some of the great brands. Brands like Pur Kratom, Kratora, OPMS Bumble Bee Kratom, Leaf of Life Kratom, and Blue Magic Kratom are few of the big brands that sell kratom.

Pur Kratom is a very reputable brand that has been in business for over 6 years. For the most part, you will find this Kratom brand in smoke shops across the country.

First and foremost, O.P.M.S stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions. One of the longest standing brands in the Kratom industry.

A premium kratom product and not for the faint at heart. Truly a product where the old saying you get what you pay rings true. This stuff isn’t cheap, and we don’t think it should be.

Every single batch they use is examined for its alkaloid content. They have even formed their standardized alkaloid testing model unheard in the industry.

Each batch goes through a filtering process to exclude any or all contaminants. Also, our most popular brand is hands down the Bumble Bee Kratom brand. Bumble Bee Company has a total of 6 flavors of kratom.

  • Premium Maeng Da
  • White Borneo
  • Red Borneo
  • Bali Gold
  • Hello Vietnam
  • Green Borneo

In short, all major brands are selling kratom now where it is legal in the form of powder, capsule, etc. The potency of their product has been and continues to be great. They offer a large variety of strains in different sizes to cater to everyone’s need.

The Future of This Amazing Herb Strain

The Government has not banned the usage of kratom, but since its effects after long-term usage are still under research, they are a little concern about its usage. Despite this, the use of kratom has become a part of Thailand’s traditional practices and culture. It was outlawed way back in 1943 when the Kratom Act was passed.

For anyone’s safety, it is still best to consult your physician if you feel that you require assistance. It may also be safer to stick to appointed medication.

You are only responsible and accountable for taking kratom, thus make sure you do not take an overdose or take it unnecessarily which might result in undesirable results.

However, this wonderful herb strain kratom endows with multiple benefits and ails numerous pressing issues.

Scientists are continuously discovering ways to guarantee that kratom can be the best alternative medication to opium users.

Kratom is truly a gift to humanity, and scientific proofs are gradually certifying this perception. Thus, it can be concluded that the future of this amazing herb strain is indeed on a growing graph.


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