Review Of OPMS Kratom Silver, OPMS Gold & Liquid Products

Ever since the last quarter of the 21st century, the world has been radically revolutionized by the looming scientific tribulations in organic research and various parameters of study in multiple paradigms.

When we talk about America’s most popular organic Kratom and Kava brand, there is just one impressionistic name that instantaneously entrenches your concentration. In a split second, you intrinsically know it is none other than OPMS!

Whenever OPMS is quoted, we refer to Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions. It is undoubtedly the leader in the industry and were among the first to begin marketing this miraculous plant back in 2010. But are they any good?

Over the expanse of the last decade, the brand has profusely bombarded the herb industry with its cutting-edge mode of the invention. It offers some of the most contemporary solutions to extract the Kratom herbaceous plant in a curatively valuable manner.

OPMS has become notorious for being fresh and potent and reasonably priced. The unique process they use to preserve the alkaloid content is what sets them apart from everyone else.

Their process protects almost every bit of alkaloids, which makes for a healthy product. That is all depending on the location purchased.

O.P.M.S can be found in brick and mortar stores, mainly headshops and novelty stores. Online countless sites boost O.P.M.S kratom products, but one place stands out with not only an excellent selection but with great informative articles and a great reputation.

Nowadays, due to rising trends of addictive indulgences, most supermarkets, day-to-day stores, groceries, and fuel stations store the staggeringly powerful OPMS Kratom herb on their shelves for the sake of the convenient attainability.

This helps overcome the challenging effects of the drug addictions and to overcome the devastating aftermath of the malicious obsessiveness.

Kratom is broadly used as a moderate painkiller. Due to its rippling analgesic properties, many people consume it daily in a highly palatable form to relieve muscular fatigue, relax, and boost their appetite.

It diminishes the erratic flow of capricious mood swings and helps restore an unbridled sexual drive. It also helps to overcome the detrimental effects of improper digestion, constant cough and cures intestinal contaminations.

Why Is OPMS So Popular?

This is a highly pervasive herbal brand as it helped thousands of Americans overcome the seemingly unbeatable effects of deadly drug addictions and their lethal implications in a person’s life.

Depending upon a canvas of three rich shades chosen by Mother Nature, this herbal comes in red, white and green colors, each depicting its trademark feature.

Red Kratom symbolizes the sedative properties and helps fight insomnia. White helps to promote beta-endorphins and controls mood swings while the invigorating green Kratom plant uplifts the revitalizing effects.

A robust form of packaging is allocated to the large products to gratify the consumers, and a lot of emphases is placed upon the fact that the supplements must be stored inertly in the conspicuous packaging.

Products Offered By The Brand

OPMS Kratom products are a bit expensive as compared to the products sold by other vendors, but their price speaks for their excellent quality. OPMS Kratom sells Kratom products in four different forms that are:

  • OPMS Silver Kratom powder and capsules
  • OPMS Gold Kratom capsules
  • OPMS Liquid Kratom
  • OPMS OPK Kava

1) OPMS Silver Kratom

They either sell Kratom powder or Kratom capsules. OPMS Silver kratom powder is a finely crushed extract and the oldest selling Kratom brand product in the USA.

Their price ranges from $19.99 – $57.99. It comes in three different sizes. 8g bag contains 16 capsules, the 15g bag contains 30 pills, and 30g bag includes 60 tablets.

Capsules are made by a unique pulverizing method which involves the conversion of Kratom leaves into fine powder, increasing its surface area. This process helps to compact more Kratom contents into a single capsule.

Silver products are regularly tested for Alkaloid content. The Silver comes in 3 blends that are Thai, Maeng Da and Malay Special Reserve.

OPMS kratom Silver has magical properties of decreasing anxiety level of the consumers and helps in lifting energy levels. Because of its calming effects, this strain is used to reduce the daily fatigue.

It is very potent and works within 5 to 10 minutes of consumption and stays in the body for several hours.

2) OPMS Gold Kratom

OPMS Kratom claims that gold products are the reason for their success over the years. The gold capsules are entirely different from silver capsules.

They are powerful as compared to silver pills and are available in 2, 3 and 5 count packages. Gold products are also available in trapped blister card packaging.

For the differentiation from green, white and red Kratom, gold capsules are marked with purple leaves. Cards have the serial number printed on every bag and have a logo as well.

Three Kratom pills are for $25.95, and five capsules sold for $46.95. OPMS Gold capsules are made from organically harvested Kratom and give immediate pain relief and act as mood enhancers.

3) OPMS Liquid Kratom

OPMS liquid Kratom comes in 8 mL bottles and gives pleasant effects to the consumers. A single display box contains 45 bottles. They have a unique hourglass silhouette bottles that are properly sealed to maintain integrity.

Liquid Kratom is easy to digest as compared to capsules. You can have this by adding a drop in your tea or coffee.

A good thing about taking OPMS liquid Kratom is that you will not experience any side effects like nausea, vomit, etc. A single bottle sold for $17.95. You can purchase in bulk as well.

4) OPMS OPK Kava

OPMS OPK Kava is the best available in the market. It is famous due to its significant impacts on human health. This product is native to the South Pacific. They have excellent curing effect for muscle pain, but the result is short lived.

Three capsules of Kava extract are for $23.95, 5 pills are for $35.95. They are sold in amber bottles to prevent them from any contamination. You can also buy these shots in bulk.

Best Selling Products

OPMS Kratom

1) OPMS Gold Kratom Extract

They are available in three packaged forms, containing 2, 3 and 5 gold capsules of Kratom. This extract is potent and should be taken seriously.

Kratom extracts always have a condensed concentration of alkaloids and meant for those who want to consume less but not lose out on the effects. O.P.M.S. does not disappoint with their Gold Kratom Extract. Excellent for relieving pain and anxiety, while equally boosting energy.

2) OPMS Liquid Maeng Da Extract

Definitely not created for the beginner! The extra alkaloid content found in the liquid is probably a bit too much for someone who is just starting. 7-hydroxmitragynine is abundant in this one.

Excellent for euphoric feelings and cognitive boosting, Liquid Maeng Da is also powerful when used for an analgesic. The liquid form is fast hitting and easy to consume.

3) O.P.M.S. Thai Kratom Powder

The best strain for energy is undoubtedly white strains from Thailand. Thai kratom powder is an excellent source of natural energy with mild analgesic effects.

Thai is also known to promote feelings of overall wellness and enhances mental clarity. Never sedating and never overly stimulating.

OPMS Vs Other Well-Known Wholesalers

Just like competitors, namely Kratom Krates, Ketum, and Kraken Kratom, OPM Kratom offers the most hand-picked quality of premium material that is distributed as capsules, drops, powders, and extracts.

ShopKetum brand is quite open in displaying their lab test results on their site, and that gives them an extra reputation as compared with OPMS.

However, the contrasting factor that itself lies in the fact that OPMS Kratom uses the most potent form of strains to invoke a therapeutic response in an addictive patient and that can lead to speedier recovery.

It has taken active years of constancy, diligence, hard work and refurbishing innovations to attain an immaculate reputation in the herbal drug market.

Undeniably, it is one of the most profound OTC therapies to treat the psychological and physiological ailments caused disastrously by CNS diseases.

What Else?

Due to the gripping pressures of modern metropolitan life, one might become lethargically nervous. The hectic deskbound job routines and robotically slaving lifestyle can push anyone to depression and downheartedness.

To overcome the dampened feelings of mood swings, depression, chaotic misery, and lethargy, one can always count on OPMS Kratom supplements to alleviate the aforementioned draconic symptoms.

What Are Others Saying About O.P.M.S.?

O.P.M.S. has become the leader in kratom powder. Searching YouTube and Redditt confirms this. Most people are entirely thrilled with their product line due to the potency and freshness every time they order.

The consistency is what makes a kratom powder stand out. It needs always to be powerful and fresh. O.P.M.S. never disappoints the consumer and is a safe bet if ever unsure.

What Is Negative About This Brand?

As there is a right side to everything, life isn’t really all about greener pastures, and there is always a drawback to every materialized object in the world.

When we discuss OPMS Kratom, apart from its beneficial medicinal effects, it has its shares of hitches too.

Most of these hitches lie in the adverse physical impacts that occur bodily due to the constant consumption of the herbal product such as the OPMS Kratom.

Thus, it is always recommended to decrease the dose before entirely abandoning the herbal Kratom supplement produced by the vendor.

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