How Does CBD Oil Smell Like? How Can You Avoid The Smell?

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural substance that stimulates and energizes users. In recent years, the hype around CBD has compelled marketers and CBD enthusiasts to develop all kinds of products. However, one of the features of this substance that people tend to mind in most products is the smell! How Does CBD Oil smell? Will CBD make me smell like pot? All these questions are valid since CBD comes from the cannabis plant, and we all know it doesn’t exactly smell floral!

All botanical substances have a particular kind of smell that may be unpleasant to some. You will find many users who like the smell of CBD because they love to consume it, but if you like to keep your CBD intake free from the botanical aroma, there may be interesting ways to do it!

How Does CBD Oil Smell?

CBD is a cannabinoid from the hemp plant, and on its own, it is odorless and colorless. However, since CBD products contain other components of the hemp plant, such as terpenes and flavonoids, they add to the taste and smell of your CBD product.

CBD Oil is the most popular product that provides users with a full dose of CBD each day. This oil is made by extracting cannabidiol from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. The extraction of cannabinoids can be full-spectrum or broad-spectrum, which means that apart from an interest in CBD, other chemical compounds and minor plant solids are also present in the extract! These two types of extracts have moderate and minor weed smells, respectively. CBD isolates are extracts of cannabidiol alone, and they have no smell of weed!

This oily extract is then mixed with edible base oil or carrier oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, or seed oil. While the effects of CBD Oil are energizing, you would not want to visit a friend or attend a meeting immediately after consuming this substance!

How do Terpenes Impact The CBD Oil Smell?

Terpenes are special oils or compounds secreted by the glands in the cannabis plant. These tiny little goblins are not only found in cannabis but all-natural substances. However, they contribute to the colour and CBD Oil smell.

The number of terpenes in a particular hemp plant will determine the aroma or smell of that plant. Since full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD Oils have terpenes, the smell of the final product is noticeable! Additionally, the CBD Oil smell may also enhance the weedy smell.

Terpenes, flavonoids, and the various cannabinoids in full and broad-spectrum CBD Oil contribute more than taste and smell to the product. The combined effect of all these compounds is called the Entourage Effect. This effect means that some hemp plant components enhance each other’s impact and the final results are according to the varying quantity of each.

How To Avoid The CBD Oil Smell?

There are many ways to mask the smell of CBD Oil and believe me, once you learn how to do it, you will never go back to trying the old product! The ways to avoid the smell of CBD are all delicious as you add different flavors and natural additives that do not reduce the effect of CBD but eliminate the smell, making it a pleasant treat for daily use. 

Advancements in the development of the hemp plant have resulted in strains with a refreshing aroma like berry, mint, citrus, etc. The weed smell comes from the terpene Myrcene, which is reduced in some strains, but the common hemp varieties have it in considerable amounts. We cannot eliminate terpenes according to our choice, but we can conceal the smell! Check out the following ways of masking the smell of CBD, and you will never forget to enjoy the stimulation of CBD again!

CBD gummies

CBD Gummies are a delicious way to consume cannabidiol daily. The best brands of CBD offer fruity flavors and a potent dosage of CBD gummies and what’s even better is that you can enjoy the refreshing cannabidiol effect without the oily, botanical smell.

CBD gummies are made with 100% pure CBD Oil, vegan gelatin, and fruit extracts to give it a zesty flavor and a sweet, tangy smell. Gummies are probably one of the most famous and loved ways of consuming CBD.

CBD capsules

If you buy CBD from a reliable vendor, the Non-GMO, allergen-free, and vegan capsule shells are the perfect way to conceal the smell of CBD Oil. These capsules or soft gels contain 100% pure CBD Oil or solids, but the smell never gets to you since you ingest the capsule with some water!

CBD chocolate bars

CBD chocolates are a dream come true for all users who like the taste and also want the invigoration and stimulation of CBD. The dose of CBD in a chocolate bar will not only eliminate the smell, but you will feel the positive effects of this botanical substance in full swing!

Try CBD enhanced flavor oil

If you haven’t already tried these, Enhanced Flavor CBD Oils are a great way to start the day as you get the full dosage of cannabidiol and the added flavor such as citrus, mint, or berry can add to the refreshing impact!

Quality CBD vendors sell CBD Oils with added flavors so that everyone remembers to take their daily dose without smelling or tasting the botanical!

Brush teeth after consuming

Here’s a hack you ought to try soon! When you consume CBD Oil without any masking flavor or smell, you can avoid the bitter aftertaste and weedy smell by brushing your teeth. The smell of weed, tobacco, or other organic substances will be removed immediately after brushing the teeth. Another tip is to use spearmint toothpaste so that there is no chance of anyone getting a hint that you consumed CBD!


CBD Oil is a powerful and popular method of consuming cannabidiol. However, many users worry that full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD Oils smell like weed. This smell is due to the terpenes present in CBD Oil, and they are essential for the final results, so it is not advisable to remove them from the product. While we cannot disagree with the smell, we can try to conceal it so that you do not feel unpleasant! Try out any of the ways we shared here for you to avoid the smell of CBD Oil without compromising on the stimulating effects.



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