Dr. Dabber’s Dab Rigs Review

For all the people who want to get the most exciting experience of vaporizers built from the best materials available, Dr. Dabber has the best solution. We all can relate to these products because they are made by unsatisfied customers who were seeking quality and healthy options of vaporizers but found nothing!

Dr. Dabber is the concept that arose due to a long search for the best quality and experience, and when there wasn’t much found-the company was created to meet the requirements of conscious customers. From the atomizers to the glasswork and final product, you will feel free to use any of the items available online. That is only because it will be exactly what you wanted from a vaporizer! You can buy the device’s vaporizers, atomizers, glasswork attachments, and even accessories like Dab Rigs! And all of this comes with some exciting offers!

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are vaporizers used for all kinds of botanical substances. Users can find a wide range of models and all the attachments and accessories to set up the rig they desire! Customers often like a particular vaporizer but admire the glass attachment of a different model. Similarly, the atomizer on any particular model might be more appealing; however, the fun part about the Dab Rigs is that all of it will be as you want.

There is the Switch Suga Sean Edition, which we liked because of its sleek shape and the ability to get the most out of the botanical you use. However, other models are equally impressive. You can try Switch, Knockout bundle, and Honeymat Suga edition, and the results with all these attachments and vaporizers will make you a permanent part of Dr. Dabber’s community!

All the rigs available on the website are worth a shot, and if you want to try one today, begin with the Boost Evo E-rig, which runs a long time and gives you an energizing boost. Let’s take a look at each in detail.

Kinds of Dab Rig

Traditional Dab Rig

Traditional dab rigs can never lose charm because everyone wants to try the conventional method, which is still believed to be the most long-lasting and effective. The traditional dab rigs look like bongs. These rigs are composite devices that use a nail made from heat-tolerant materials, and as the torch is superheated, the THC concentrate vaporizes and gives an enjoyable inhale.

Electronic Dab Rig

The electronic rigs require electricity to heat the coil torch; since no flame is involved, it is considered safer. Many people are shifting to these options for safety.

Portable Dab Rigs

Another hot seller category on the website is the portable rigs, which are compact and can be carried anywhere you want to go. The versatile design and the fact that these rigs are easy to clean and manage will make them a perfect match for most users. It is easy to carry these rigs, and wherever you are, you can clean them to ensure a hygienic experience every time.

Why an Electronic Dab Rig Is Best?

Electronic rigs work well for most people because they have all the necessary attachments and can make dabbing easier. If you already have glass attachments, an e-nail will be all you need. However, the best deal is to get the E-rig as it is safe and can be carried around without any fear of fire or harm.

The biggest advantage of using e-rigs is that it gives users control over temperature and, therefore, the intensity of each puff you draw. When people use conventional rigs, they have to consume the THC concentrate within the time that the rig is heated. E-rigs heats up within a second and give you the liberty of using a small amount over a longer period. Another very valid reason people prefer this rig over the conventional ones is that it is affordable and runs a long time. You are covered for a long time if you charge the rig properly. These rigs are reliable and will prepare you for a draw whenever possible.

Parts of Dab Rig

All users must know the various parts that make up a dab rig. First of all, there is the chamber where you place the THC concentrate or any other herbal substance of your choice. Then there is the mouthpiece, which will be the most crucial part. A banger, or the nail, gets superheated and ready for vaporizing. The rig dome is the cover over the chamber to prevent any vapors from diffusing. The rig torch is an integral part because even if the nail is heated, the torch is what heats it!

How to Clean Dab Rig?

You can clean the dab rig without many particulars, which is the comfort feature! Consumers must keep in mind that a clean rig is healthy! Create a mixture of salt and alcohol to clean the rig. Open up all the parts and soak them in the mixture. After some time, remove the parts and deep clean all of them. Rinse the dab rig and clean it with a dry microfiber cloth. Assemble all the parts and ensure that you do this every few days!


Dr. Dabber’s dab rigs are becoming a sensation, and there are many reasons for it! Try these out and see how you can benefit from the goodness of natural and potent herbals! Every rig is a creation resulting from customer’s needs being a priority! Log on to the website and look for the rig you would love!

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