HolistaPet CBD Review – Products, Costs, & Dosages For Pets

Founded by a group of individuals that take health-related issues very seriously, HolistaPet has 25 years’ worth of experience in the organic food industry.

Associated with some of the best hemp farms in Colorado, HolistaPet doesn’t compromise when it comes to the quality of CBD.

Being knowledgeable when it comes to the consumer market of California, HolistaPet has taken it upon itself to fill in the void of health-conscious cannabis-based products.

HolistaPet is a staunch advocate of natural medication for health conditions. It firmly believes that natural remedy through CBD is the best for both animals and humans.

They aim to educate the world of the various homeostatic imbalances that can be caused by modern-day medication and how natural CBD is a much better alternative.

So not only does HolistaPet try to provide the best quality CBD products for the pets of its customers, but it also seeks to educate them about the product.

HolistaPet is one of the few companies that choose to manufacture and sell CBD products for pets exclusively. Most companies sell CBD for pets on the side, with their primary market being human consumers.

This makes HolistaPet unique as well as one of the best places to get CBD for your pet from as their only demand is pet owners. With a vast amount of experience, HolistaPet is a retailer that never disappoints.

What Health Conditions Is CBD For Pets Used For?

Pet CBD at HolistaPet is made to treat a variety of health conditions of pets. Their products are crafted to treat conditions like pain, inflammation, arthritis, digestive issues, allergies, cancer, tumors, and many more.

Apart from physical ailments, their products can also be used to treat psychological conditions and mental health problems that pets often face. These include anxiety and stress-related mental health issues.

Since there are specific products at HolistaPet that contain L-Theanine and Chamomile, stress-related problems are easily tackled as these ingredients are known to alleviate fear and anxiety.

Some people don’t want to give their pets CBD to treat an ailment or health condition, but instead, they want to provide them with CBD as a health supplement.

This use of CBD is also facilitated at HolistaPet at specific products that are exclusively made to be used as health supplements here.

Does HolistaPet Provide A Wide Variety Of CBD Products?

When it comes to the variety of products, HolistaPet is definitely at the top. It provides CBD for pets in three forms; Oils, Capsules, and Treats.

This is very important as it makes their CBD products all the more accessible to different kinds of pets out there.

So it doesn’t matter if your pet is a fussy eater or not, they can be given CBD in various forms to boost their health by a long shot.

As far as the type of CBD is concerned, HolistaPet uses full-spectrum CBD. This type of CBD, which HolistaPet sources from industrial hemp, contain all other compounds in a hemp plant, including other cannabinoids and terpenes.

On the contrary, isolate CBD only contains CBD and nothing else, while broad-spectrum CBD contains everything except THC.

What makes CBD products of HolistaPet unique is the fact that they combine this full-spectrum CBD with organic superfoods to further boost their effectiveness.

This is done by connecting them with flaxseed, Boswellia, turmeric root, and many other organic superfoods.

Due to this unique feature, it’s CBD products are not only a great way to deal with health conditions but also work as effective health supplements for a healthier pet.

How Does CBD Dosage For Pets Work?

To understand what dose you should give to your pet, you need first to know how much CBD each capsule or tincture contains. When it comes to oil tinctures, you have bottles ranging from 15ml to 30ml.

You have a choice between a 15ml bottle with 150mg CBD, a 15ml bottle with 300mg CBD, or a 30ml bottle with 600mg CBD.

While every drop from a 150mg tincture will contain 0.33mg CBD, a drop from a 600mg bottle will contain 0.66mg CBD.

CBD capsules also come in the same range of CBD, from 150mg to 600mg.

In the case of capsules, however, one capsule of a 150mg bottle contains 5mg CBD, which increases by 5mg and 10mg for 300mg and 600mg bottles, respectively.

CBD treats for cats and dogs at the same time are only available in 150mg CBD packs with each treat containing 5mg CBD for dog treats and 2mg CBD for cat treats.

As far as the dosage is concerned, it is determined by many factors. It is dependent on body weight, biological makeup, and the health condition of your pet, as well as the reason why you are giving it CBD.

If it is not to treat a disease but instead as a health supplement, the regularity of dosage will decrease. To help you, HolistaPet provides a dosage chart for all of its products on its website.

So, for instance, it categorically tells you that the 600mg bottle for both oils and capsules is for large pets over 60lbs.

Are There Products Tested By An Unbiased Third-Party?

PH Solutions test all products of HolistaPet, and the test reports are accessible to the public.

Given the little traces of THC, it is legal in the U.S. At the same time, it is not psychoactive, so that is not a worry, which is proven by the meager amount of THC it contains.

How Much Do The CBD Products At HolistaPet Cost?

When purchasing products from HolistaPet, you have two choices. You can either personally go to their store and buy products or order them online.

One of the great things about HolistaPet is its continuous ongoing promotions. Not only does signing up give you a 15% discount on all products, but there are others on and off promotions and discounts.

So you can find a pack of 3 CBD dog treats for 67.36$, which previously would’ve cost you 75.85$.

Apart from that, prices for CBD tinctures start at 25.95$ for a 150mg tincture, and it goes up with potency.



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