Ultra Organics Kratom Tea – Things You Should Know

Kratom comes from a plant named Mitragyna Speciosa that is mostly found in Indonesia and neighboring regions. It promises a myriad of health and recreational benefits for its users as it can be used to cure anxiety, high blood pressure, stress, and depression. It is also helpful in increasing virility and physical endurance.

All these perks have attracted lots of fakers and fraudsters to the Kratom market so much so that now it is very difficult to find a reliable Kratom vendor. Keeping this rampant problem in mind, we are here with a vendor that might be the solution that you have been looking for.

Ultra Organics Kratom Tea is an American Kratom retailer/wholesaler that focuses on bringing innovation in its products coupled with premium customer experience. We have done the research for you and analyzed Ultra Organics Kratom Tea on several factors so you can get an informed decision about the company, its products, and offerings. So, let’s get right into it.

About The Company

Ultra Organics Kratom Tea is an American based vendor that functions as a wholesaler and retailer of Kratom products. They focus on innovation, customer satisfaction and providing the ultimate experience through their products. They are pioneers in the Kratom Industry for selling Kratom in the form of tea as opposed to selling it in powder form.

Currently, their product portfolio contains three products namely; White Maeng Da Tea, Green Maeng Da Tea, and Red Maeng Da Tea. They directly ship their products to customers’ doorstep. Unfortunately, we could not find any indication on their website or on their social media pages that they are AKA GMP (American Kratom Association’s Good Manufacturing Practice) certified.

Product Portfolio

As mentioned above, Ultra Organics Kratom Tea is the pioneer innovator that started selling Kratom in the form of tea. They offer three products; White Maeng Da Tea, Green Maeng Da Tea, and Red Maeng Da Tea. Their intricate brewing process allows you to feel the effects of Kratom tea in just 10-15 minutes. Their packaging is very aesthetic and exquisite, and you can order their tea in a pack of 6,12 and 24.

One pack (plastic bottle) contains 11oz/330ml of tea with 8 grams of Kratom in it. If you want to test-try their flavors, then they have a sampler pack available that will help you choose the flavor you like.

Each sampler pack contains 2 mini-packs of each of the three tea types having 4 grams of Kratom per mini pack. And to put the cherry on top, they come in beautifully packaged glass bottles. The sampler pack weighs 48 oz.

Unfortunately, apart from Kratom, other ingredients of their tea are not mentioned on their site. Moreover, it is unclear if their Kratom Tea is refrigerable or not.  Their website or social media pages do not provide any information regarding the duration of the minimum durability of their Kratom Tea.

Can You Trust Their Quality?

The main concern for every Kratom buyer is the quality of the product. Kratom is used as a medicinal and recreational drug, therefore any compromise on quality may lead to adverse effects on consumer’s health.

The most effective way to check the reliability and quality of any Kratom vendor is by looking at the lab tests it conducts on its products. All the reputable Kratom companies run lab tests on their products and showcase it to their potential consumers to ensure transparency and authenticity.

The company in question, Ultra Organics Kratom Tea, unfortunately, seems to not follow this practice. There are neither lab test results available on their website nor there is any indication that they do so.   

Pricing & Value For Money

As the product portfolio offered by Ultra Organics Kratom Tea is unique, it cannot be compared with the products offered by other Kratom vendors. Ordinary Kratom vendors sell Kratom powder whereas this company offers tea derived and brewed from Kratom.

Nevertheless, to give you a better idea, here is how some other vendors price their products. Kratom Sulawesi sells its strains at $35 per 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs). This company also sells mix/split strains for a little more price of $50-65 per kilo. Another brand Kats Botanicals sell at $30.99 per 250 grams.

Ultra Organics Kratom’s tea starts from $47.99 on ordering 6 packs. They give discounts if you offer 12 or 24 packs. In addition to that, this company offers a sampler pack for its customers to try and choose their favorite flavor.

The details about the size and quantity of Kratom in those packs have already been shared above. Our advice to anyone who wishes to buy Kratom is to focus on quality over price because after all, nothing comes before your physical health and mental well-being.

Payment & Shipping Options

Ultra Organics Kratom Tea offers free shipping in the US only with USPS Priority Mail and similarly their options are very limited. On their website, you can only pay by using their routing number and account number.

The good news is that they offer a return or exchange option for their products within 10 days after the customer has received the order. Further details about their return or exchange policy are mentioned on their website.

Our Analysis

We analyzed their website and social media to help you better understand their credibility as a brand.  Ultra Organics Kratom’s website showcases a great deal of valuable information. It includes a description of Kratom Tea, its product portfolio with customer reviews, pricing, and policies.

The design and layout of the website make it attractive and engaging. However, their website lacks in various other areas. They don’t have any featured blogs, detailed company introduction and product ingredient list available on their website. Most importantly, they do not have any lab test results on their website that could help customers verify their quality and credibility.

At the time of this review, only their Insta account is active. The company posts content regularly and engage with visitors. We could not find any evidence of mislabeling of products or any false claims on the company’s website or social media accounts.

What Do The Customers Say?

Customer reviews are an important tool to judge any brand. The reviews showcased on Ultra Organics Kratom’s website paint a very rosy picture but of course, we have to search way beyond that to find out the real feedback.

Their Instagram shows that the customers are excited and eager to buy their products which is a positive indication. Besides that, we could not find any reviews on the net about Ultra Organics Kratom Tea.


To summarize all, Ultra Organics Kratom Tea has some positive features. They have a user-friendly website filled with useful information for users, an innovative product in the form of Kratom tea, reasonable prices, return policy and positive reviews.

On the other hand, lack of lab test results, limited shipping and payment options and a dearth of featured articles or blogs on their website are some of the negative things associated with them. In addition to that, details like ingredients and duration of minimum durability are also not mentioned on their site or social media pages.

This concludes our review of Ultra Organics Kratom Tea. We have provided you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Now it is up to you to decide whether you trust them enough to give their Kratom tea a try.

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