Does Walmart Sell CBD Capsules?

In this global age, CBD is endorsed by many health specialists. Many experts have approved it for masses for its therapeutic benefits.

It is eminent in the US; hence, the people look forward to buying this product from the renowned stores found in their homes’ vicinity. 

Walmart is one of the go-to stores that sell all kinds of supplies for daily use. 

People looking for nutrients for their skin health, such as anti-aging medicines, are often seen at Walmart purchasing hemp oils.

But when it comes to CBD, people just go to some online stores and purchase several grams.

Retailers, who run online businesses, tend to sell fake products advertising them as CBD, which may be hazardous. 

Some of these contain THC and toxic chemicals that can be harmful. 

In 2017, more than 50 people from Utah were hospitalized due to strong intoxication by the fake CBD products sold online.

To cope with that, you might be wondering: “Does Walmart sell CBD? How about CBD capsules?” 

Let’s take a deep dive into this topic. 


Here we go.

Does Walmart sell CBD products?

Well, yes and no. 

Walmart only sold CBD products on their online of just two brands Procanna and Medterra. 

These are two of the best-known companies with excellent CBD infusions, such as capsules, oils, and various other categories.

The products are cost-effective and are lab tested for their usage and consistency. 

The CBD essentials from the two companies are safe to use, as claimed by the manufacturers; however, the quality sold at Walmart wasn’t pretty impressive.

The customers did not look delighted with the kind of products they got, which Walmart should consider if they want to enter the market.

The Growth of the CBD industry and Walmart

Until 2019, many stores, such as Walmart, have been exploring the idea of selling CBD products. 

Due to consumption on a more significant level, the market is expanding massively with every passing day. 

In 2018-2019, the CBD industry was valued at $2.1 billion. That is bigger than the annual budgets of most of the African countries!

This presents an excellent opportunity for retailers who have invested huge sums of their money in the industry. There has always been a ferocious competition in the market!

Amidst these upheavals, it was not until late 2019, when Walmart had finally decided to sell the CBD products. 

Does Walmart sell CBD capsules?

No, Walmart never sold CBD capsules.

There were tinctures and gels but never CBD capsules.

Why did they do that?

No one knows. 

The company has always opposed the idea of putting up everything that is cannabis-related due to possible safety issues. 

How has the increasing demand affected Walmart?

Walmart has always been selling hemp products such as Hemp OilHemp products are nutritious for the body and provide several well-documented benefits. 

However, it should be kept in mind that Hemp and CBD are not at all similar

Since CBD products are becoming extremely common, people expected Walmart to be conveniently available for CBD’s needs.

Walmart provides a wide range of products. But, unfortunately, considering the availability of CBD products, Walmart lags behind the market.

What made them carry out the decision in 2019?

It was high time that Walmart started taking notes on how to advertise about the CBD products

Advertisement of these products not only depended on how to attract the consumers but also about what brands sell the best of these products to ensure health safety.

You would always await the accessibility of your desired product from a store that you frequently.

Similarly, CBD users want to utilize these products and not wait a single second in buying them. 

Hence, it was sure that Walmart had to start selling CBD products. 

And now, after all that time, limited as mentioned earlier, you were able to find your desired CBD products lying on the shelves of Walmart!

Walmart sold products like:

  • Tinctures for animals and humans. 
  • An expendable CBD vape pen that would also be surprisingly found on the shelves of Walmart. 
  • CBD soft gels were also available for humans or for animals.

It is said that these products were removed from the Walmarts’ site during the start of 2020.

Currently, Walmart does not offer CBD capsules either. 

What Walmart thinks about selling CBD in the future?

From a general look at the industry, we believe that Walmart may be planning on entering the market again soon.

Walmart only used to sell a specific class of CBD products.

Although, in the first place, Walmart did not want to come up with the idea of selling CBD due to critical thinking by the people around the World. 

The people often associated CBD products with marijuana, and Walmart did not want to take this route. 

As a result, Walmart only sells hemp products, such as Hemp oil, made from hemp seeds. 

These are made entirely from the cold-pressed hemp seeds; hence, they do not consist of CBD.

Walmart allows a wide range of Hemp products that could be accessed by a customer. These include:

  • Hemp seed oil
  • Cold-pressed, unrefined Hemp oil
  • Hemp softgels
  • Hemp Herbal extracts

Fortunately, with the increasing demand and higher consumption of CBD related products like OrganicCBDnugs, Walmart was bound to sell CBD products provided by the other company.

It should also be pointed out that all the products available through Walmart online were sold at a discounted rate and were shipped by VitaSprings.

VitaSprings is a company that sells vitamins and health supplements. It also sells other nutrition and mineral supplements through Walmart.

It was reported that the executives at Walmart had also met with the CBD brands and analyzed these products to publicize it, on its own, to the people at the right time.

In the upcoming years, you will probably see Walmart selling its own CBD products. Well, at least that is what we all wish for!

Is CBD legal to sell?

This is the main concern for all the savvy entrepreneurs who plan to make a fortune in the CBD world.

Although the legalities have changed over time, and it’s a lot easier to start a business in this industry, some ethical and managerial issues are still there.

The Farm Bill in 2018 legalized the production of hemp, and consequently CBD, in the whole country. However, consumption and sale are still a challenge in some states.

The law also prohibits the sale of CBD products with a certain level of THC.

CBD is legal to sell as long as the oil is extracted from the hemp and the consistency of THC content is under 0.3%. 

People often tend to believe that CBD products are related to marijuana; however, they are not, at least not directly.  

THC is what produces the ‘high’ in marijuana, which is probably why the concentration of the THC should be at a minimum level.

According to several clinical trials, CBD is considered safe for human consumption.

Unfortunately, the FDA is yet to make regulations regarding the use of CBD products.

It believes that, although CBD does offer potential possibilities and it also acknowledges the interests taken by masses, to avail the opportunities that CBD offers, it is still committed to protecting the public health.

The FDA is aware of companies that violate the law and sell products that often contain cannabis compounds that may put a person’s life at risk.

Many people have been hospitalized due to the consumption of fake CBD products. It should also be kept in mind that people also faced certain diseases after using these products.

It has, however, approved Epidiolex that includes a safe ingredient to treat seizures. Still, Walmart has not yet introduced this in their stores.

After the National Farm Bill’s approval in 2018, Walmart has been taking notice of the CBD products and its prodigious impact and had started to sell CBD products but in a limited amount. 

Many states are also regulating the use of CBD, which has also helped retailers make up their minds about selling them.

The biggest hindrance in the way of these stores and food industries is the FDA’s approval. The FDA has still not enforced a rule on using CBD on food and beverages.


Conclusively, you can always get your desired everyday items from Walmart. Still, one should make sure that Walmart might not always be a convenient place for buying CBD products.

At one time, it could be there. But at the other, you might see a shelf completely vacant despite searching for any item related to CBD.

However, in 2020, there has been a drop-down of CBD items in Walmart, which was disturbing.

Non-food retailers such as Walgreens and CVs have already begun advertising CBD products even though this highly flourishing industry’s legal status is still dubious. Hence, we all wait for Walmart to start introducing its own CBD products that will allow it to stay the most renowned stores in the US.

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