CBD Vs Kratom For Various Health Conditions: Good & Bad Comparison

All of us have become aware that natural supplements can be an excellent alternative to pharmaceutical medicines. All thanks to the positive research so far that shows how Kratom and CBD have the potential of reducing various health issues to a minimum.

CBD and Kratom both help with pain relief, substance withdrawal and many other health issues that affect the quality of life.

Herbal supplements are nowadays recognized as medical treatments for many problems, and people benefit from the goodness that they hold.

But, both of these natural remedies work in individual ways, some of these ways might be suitable to certain people while some may antagonize the health problems.

CBD, cannabidiol extract from the cannabis plant, has become extremely popular during recent years, but it is not the only natural supplement that improves health.

Kratom is a South Asian tree that is a treasure of healing powers. Just like CBD that has been used for a long time in different cultures, kratom dates back centuries in Thai botanical medicine.

CBD and kratom can reduce pain, help with arthritis, relieve anxiety, help substance withdrawal and improve moods in a way that your life will improve.

Let’s discuss the two natural supplements to see which one might be better for you according to your health concerns.

CBD vs Kratom For Pain Relief

On a molecular level, both CBD and kratom work differently, but both are known for their strength.

CBD’s first reason for becoming a favorite is that it is an anti-inflammatory supplement. It can reduce pain without causing any nerve damage or degeneration, which is a common side effect of an opioid.

CBD is also an excellent supplement to get rid of illness related to migraine and multiple sclerosis.

A study by Harvard Medical School quotes the World health organization report that says, “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential. To date, there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

Unfortunately, there is not as much research on Kratom, due to which many researchers cannot claim its effectiveness as a pain killer. However, this does not reduce this natural supplement’s ability to eliminate pain and relax the nerves to increase positivity.

Kratom, like CBD, is known for its pain-relieving quality. It has limited side effects; therefore, it is as potent and energizing as CBD.

A research study in the “Frontiers of Psychiatry,” discussed that Kratom possesses painkilling and stimulating qualities. Kratom use is tricky as an overdose may be harmful for some users. Even so, the refreshing and energizing effects of the supplement cannot be denied.

CBD vs Kratom For Various Other Health Conditions


Lack of sleep and an increase in stress levels are a part of our lives now! Work, family, finances and even the global issues are enough to make a sensitive person sleepless. Turning to pharmaceutical medicine does not come without harmful side effects including dementia!

CBD is the magical extract from hemp plant that can reduce sleep disorders without slowing down the mental processes. A study by eminent MDs showed that CBD helps improve sleep issues.

One hundred three patients were administered and monthly observed for improvement in sleep patterns. It became evident that CBD has the potential to reduce anxiety and improve sleep patterns.

A majority of patients showed improved sleep cycles, while only three were unaffected.

Kratom causes a high similar to THC, the tetrahydrocannabinol that is part of the cannabis plant. Certain strains of the South Asian natural supplement are very energizing while some are extraordinarily sedative and tranquillizing. Users feel an increase in sleep and regularity in their sleep patterns after consuming kratom.

A review of the 57 years of scientific evidence by the University of Rochester and Columbia showed that Kratom is a psychoactive supplement that can play an integral part in reducing disorders such as sleep deprivation.

Another experiment also confirmed that Kratom has benefits such as stimulant and relaxant.


The inflammation of the joints causes immense pain and the generic medicines available over the counter are hard and impact the user negatively.

Since this condition requires regular medication, it is always better to find an alternative that does not have harmful side effects.

The European Journal of Pain published a study which included use of topical CBD gel to arthritic rats for four days. Quite pleasantly, the results showed a drop in inflammation and pain in the subjects.

On the other hand, kratom helps pain relief to a large extent. Therefore, it proves to be an excellent supplemental replacement of medicines for arthritis patients.

Yes, it may not treat inflammation, but temporary relief from pain in joints is what kratom can focus.

The primary use of kratom is as a pain killer. There are many kinds of illnesses and aches, and due to lack of research, we cannot point out what exactly kratom can help. However, the effects of this supplement are helpful with arthritic pain.


The patients who suffer from epileptic seizures have turned to CBD and have seen a noticeable improvement in their condition.

CBD is a constituent of the hemp plant, and it works by combining with certain chemicals in the brain through the endocannabinoid receptors in the body. This way of working makes CBD a powerful remedy! There is plenty of research about CBD being useful for epilepsy.

This efficiency of CBD is what resulted in the FDA approving the medicine Epidiolex for seizures. This medicine is rich in CBD and has been helping people all over the country.

Quite the contrary, Kratom lead to seizures in users who do not follow the optimum dosage. Kratom is more like an opioid, and when people are not careful with the amount they consume, it may impact a few people adversely.

Kratom abuse can lead to some unwanted reactions and seizures can be one of them!

The National Institute of Health observed that an individual who was not at risk for epilepsy experienced seizures after consuming a self-prescribed dose of kratom. This reaction indicates that one has to be careful with any natural supplement!

Opiate Withdrawal

Both CBD and Kratom show good results when used for substance withdrawal. A person dependent on medicine for sleep or seizures or arthritis will see negative consequences over some time.

However, with natural supplements, there is no chance of seeing any negative impact, especially with CBD.

It works in a way to soothe the body by activating the endocannabinoid receptors. CBD makes the body systems healthier, and eventually, the user will not need to use any strong medicine.

Kratom is a natural opioid, which makes it a perfect alternative for the various chemically constituted medicines that impact users adversely.

Due to lack of research, much of the proof of Kratom’s effectiveness comes from anecdotal evidence, and it has a lot of similarities with opioids, which makes it an ideal replacement so that users do not have to worry about the side effects.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Nervous Issues

CBD is an exhilarating and exciting substance as it energizes the body and invigorates the mind. If a person wants to perform better at something, they often hear about the wonders of CBD and how it can help them achieve their goal.

Since CBD is not sedative, it stimulates the nerves and keeps the user feeling energized and happy. This impact of CBD makes depressive and anxious people feel better in many ways.

Kratom has several kinds of strains that have different effects. Some are sedative while others are invigorating and refreshing.

The positive impact of kratom is that it makes the user feel useful and productive — this increase in energy results in lower stress levels and anxiety.

People who take kratom regularly, while remaining within the optimum dosage range, feel better and do not get any depression or anxiety attacks.

Some Points to Consider Before Getting Your Hands on Any of These

Lack of Enough Research

After discussing how CBD and kratom help users with various health conditions; there are a few side effects and restrictions in terms of the extent to which these supplements can help.

The FDA does not support CBD or Kratom as a medical supplement and capable of curing any illness.

CBD can be used to improve some conditions, but it does not eliminate any health issues. Doctors and medical practitioners don’t prescribe these supplements due to the insufficient proof of its benefits.

During recent years, there may have been a lot of research on CBD, but it is not sufficient to understand the effect of this supplement on various disorders.

Many people who use CBD can swear by it but there is no scientific proof for many things. Due to lack of scientific backing for a lot of things that people say CBD has helped them recover.

Kratom has insufficient research, and this is inadequate proof is precisely why people are hesitant to use this supplement for any health issue.

Despite the lack of research, we can find a lot of people who not only use kratom but feel energized and pain free! The only prominent factor of kratom is its ability to either help people relax and soothe their nerves or to invigorate their senses and make them feel energized.

However, due to the sedation factor of kratom, many users stress upon measured dosage. Kratom being able to help with serious health issues is an anecdotal fact and has no research backing.

Legal Status

CBD is allowed in all states of the United States today. It was banned in a few states until recently but the benefits of CBD have made it unavoidable for the health departments of different states to allow the use of this supplement.

Having said this, it is important to note that CBD from hemp plant is allowed since it does not create the ‘high’ that the marijuana CBD does.

All over the country, CBD products are available in many forms. However, there is still a restriction to use of products that have more than 0.3% THC.

Kratom is legally available in many states of America but in the past, there were restrictions and also a lot of research started to understand the benefits of this supplement.

Since it has several severe side effects which include drowsiness, large doses of kratom can result in seizures. This effect is why a few years back the DEA tries to ban the kratom. The ban was applicable for a long time until people protested against it.

The ban was due to the health authority’s claim that kratom was a narcotic therefore should not be openly available. This ban was also related to the concern that kratom can be an abused substance and it has severe side effects if taken in large doses.

However, there is no ban anymore due the effort of various Kratom support organizations.

Now that numerous people use it to feel better and pain-free, many dispensaries and kratom cafes have opened up. Users also order from the various online kratom shops.

Presently, only a few states and cities have kratom ban, but this is also only due to dosage issues as there is no danger in using kratom, and this is supported by the millions of users who feel good after consuming kratom.

The Forms of CBD and Kratom

CBD is available in so many forms that sometimes it may seem hard to ignore! From confectionaries to medicine and also as drinks, CBD can be used everywhere!

However, the few forms in which it has become a favorite is as oils, tinctures, vapes, pills, capsules, and balms. Your health spa might be serving a few smoothies with CBD, and you don’t know yet!

Kratom can be used as a tea or as a powder to be used in beverages and some semi-solids like smoothies and shakes. The tart taste of some strains makes it hard to be part of any food; therefore, you may find kratom mostly in dried leaves or powder form to be used in hot beverages.

Kratom can be used as a tea or in powder form that can also be used as capsule fillers. You can chew dry leaves, make tea and drink the hot beverage to soothe your nerves.


CBD has a tart, and it can be reduced by taking it in smoothies, brownies or other beverages. The peppermint, caramel or lemon-flavored drops available on different online shops taste better due to the flavoring it is given.

Kratom is bitter, but users can reduce the bitterness by taking it as capsules. The teabags or powder kratom available is sharp and strong therefore any added flavour might not be beneficial.

Commonly Reported Side Effects

CBD has been declared a safe, natural supplement as any adult can take up to 1200 to 1500mg for up to 4 weeks. However, some users get dry mouth and low blood pressure. Other commonly reported side effects include drowsiness and lightheadedness.

People who have Parkinson’s disease are warned about using CBD. It has been reported that CBD can make seizures and tremors more intense.

Kratom has comparatively more severe side effects such as dizziness, loss of appetite, increased urination, sweating and nausea. The more serious side effects include hallucinations, loss of muscle coordination and even liver damage.

People who have been using kratom for very long have shown a few side effects like dark spots, psychosis and tremors.


Both CBD and kratom have a lot of positive effects that are similar. However, due to lack of research of kratom and the availability of CBD; many people will believe that it is a winner.

Not us! There are different kinds of pains and various types of neurological and physical reasons for anxiety, seizures and depression.

For some conditions, CBD may be the right supplement but there are many kinds of problems that can be better addressed with kratom.

Due to the similarity of both the natural supplements, people might think it is acceptable to use the two interchangeably.

However, one cannot use kratom in large amounts and irregular use of CBD will not yield results. Before using either of the natural supplements, be sure to identify your condition and then decide which one is better for you.




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