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CBD products are relatively new on the market. Due to this, little is known about them. Online sites just streamlined and virtualized the experience by adding product and consumer CBD reviews on site. It is the same for sites that sell and advertise CBD.

Amazon was the pioneer in introducing product reviews in 1996, and since then, every site and the online marketplace has adopted the idea.

CBD oil can be said to have made its debut on the commercial market only recently. That’s not to say that it hasn’t been successful yet. The numerous medical uses that it has have made it sufficiently popular. Its market is expecting to soon rise above billions.

Companies like PurCBD, Xwerks, and such are already making hefty profits through the sale of CBD oils.

Still, it has suffered from its late arrival into the commercial district. Due to the ever-present confusion about CBD products and the government bans, it could only now proliferate between consumers.

Another disadvantage that it faces is the introduction of fake CBD oils. Snake oil being disguised as CBD oil is just one example.

Tied in closely with this is the emergence of fake CBD oil reviews circulating online. The success of this stratagem is attributed to how little people know about CBD. People don’t know enough about the product to make a decisive purchase.

Also, having been banned for a long time, there are very few published researches about them.

We can find CBD reviews of different brands on various blogs and review sites online. These reviews might seem the answer to you, but most of them aren’t reliable.

Don’t believe in all such CBD oil reviews to show you the light. Majority of them are paid by the sellers to promote specific products.

These reviews very artfully incorporate those products and use them as a marketing strategy. Very few of these CBD reviews are authentic and tested by industrial experts. Some of the reviews that you’ll find online are;

  • Reviews for real purchases
  • Posted by blogs just for the sake of revenue
  • CBD Oil Reviews posted to market and promoted products

Reviews: They Changed Everything

Let’s first talk about the purpose and the idea of CBD oil reviews and why the practice is so popular. The purpose dates back to the very beginning of trade when word of mouth was the best marketing strategy.

Even in those times, the traders or the sellers made sure that a customer who received good service would convey their happiness to others. Asked or not, we are constantly reviewing everything we use and follow no matter what type.

Restaurants, hospitals, clothing, electronics, and many more. The mention of a certain product and its benefits has us intrigued. If your friend tells you how much she liked the new shampoo, you will give it a thought.

CBD, a new concept and one with such limited research on it, depends on CBD oil reviews even more than the rest. Amongst sweeping health claims and the ever-growing CBD market, sellers had to resort to fake hemp CBD oil reviews to back their products.

These CBD oil reviews are paid and a source of much misinformation unless you know what to look for, specifically.

Regardless of the fake lab-tested CBD oil reviews and false publicity, CBD is an amazing product all on its own and does not need to rely on these reviews.

A little research and the information in this article would be enough to help you distinguish the fake CBD oil reviews from the real ones and make the right decisions regarding CBD.

Insomnia, Epilepsy, and Anxiety are just some of the glaring conditions treated by CBD products, especially Oils. You may know of these benefits and want to try the products but still, be confused.

Everything looks too good to be true due to these reviews and false labels, but there is still hope.

How Do You Tell If A CBD Oil Review Is Fake?

Now that we have discussed why the CBD oil reviews are fake and what is gained by them let’s talk about how one can avoid being fooled by them as well as foolproof ways to spot fake reviews when it comes to CBD products.

You may find these reviews on websites, blogs, product reviews on sites, and a lot of other places. While different, the reviews are generical all the same and follow the same pattern.

1) Wording

Excessive use of superlatives and words like ‘Must try’, ‘life-altering’ and ‘best product’ in the description are a dead giveaway of a fake CBD oil review. Too many positive adjectives about a product may also indicate that a certain CBD oil review is fake.

In research at Cornell, it was found that fake reviews include more first-person pronouns as if desperately trying to make the best CBD oil review believable by talking more about oneself.

Another common feature was that these reviews usually have more verbs than nouns.

2) Lab Tests

Lab testing is an important part of the process during CBD products production. All products are tested by the laboratory before they are released in the market. 0.3% is the benchmark of THC in CBD products, and any product containing more than that is considered illegal.

For the sake of this maintenance, all CBD products are tested, and the results are available, whether on-site or provided on demand.

To check the authenticity of a lab-tested CBD oil review, you need to see if it discusses the 3rd party lab testing and the results.

3) Ingredients

As with any other thing that you consume, checking ingredients for CBD products is important. If the ingredients mentioned are difficult to understand and pronounce, a quick google search can go a long way.

A good CBD oil review would discuss all the ingredients, especially the organic ones in detail.

4) Extreme CBD Oil Reviews

Another commonality in fake reviewers is their ability to stick to extremes. The reviews are either 5-stars or all 1-stars for goods they want to endorse or defame respectively.

CBD products work wonders for several conditions, but they are in no way miraculous. CBD oil Reviews that state so or ones that reject any of CBD’s claims may also be steering you wrong.

5) Details

A fake review can either be very detailed or very short as we talked. With very detailed fake reviews, there is a similar theme. 

The thorough reviews tend to talk about much irrelevant detail like personal experiences of family associates or members and their reasons for buying the product instead of the actual performance of it.

These CBD oil reviews also always skim over details and not go into particulars, whether constructive or negative.

For example, a certain review about CBD oil where the reviewer talks about the disease course and the effects instead of the ‘ingredients’ or ‘THC’ is also suspicious.

6) Timing

A fake reviewer or several fake accounts with the task of defaming or endorsing a precise product will usually post all those reviews at the same time.

To ascertain if the positive or the negative reviews are genuine or fake, one can also check the time stamp on the reviews. If all of them seem to be pasted at once or at coinciding times, then there’s a high chance that they are fake.

Reviews To Depend Upon

The CBD used in products is divided into three distinct groups; Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum. The difference between these three lies in the extraction process.

We’ve assessed how we can tell a review regarding CBD is fake but let’s talk about what an ideal review entails.

  • Dosage

A true review would always mention the dosage so that you can understand just how much CBD you will be using with a single dose.

This is a great help in determining how much and in what ways will you use the product. An example is the single-dosage capsules where it is easier to determine the content in each dose and apply it accordingly.

  • Competitive Pricing

The quantity of CBD determines the price of a CBD product in it. A good, reliable review would not only tell you the quantity but would also describe the price according to it and discuss how the price competes with other products that have the same amount of CBD in them.

  • Certifications and Accreditation

We discussed the importance of lab testing in CBD products. CBD oil reviews that discuss all the results as well as make you aware of the accreditation of the lab can be accepted.

ISO accreditations are the standard when it comes to approved and dependable monitoring of labs. True reviews will take about the lab analysis as well the lab accreditations under ISO.

  • Source

Most reliable CBD oil reviews also talk about the source of the CBD in the products and the amount of THC in it. The source is a great indicator of the quality of the product. It may not always be discussed, but the few reviews that do can be depended upon.

There are many other ways to filter out real reviews, but these are some of the best.

Best CBD Brands Review



XWERKS is known for its moral practices in selling high-quality CBD products imported from organic farms or by employing organic methods. They are the maker of unique, science-based nourishment goods intended to optimize health and performance. Find more https://xwerks.com

Balance CBD

Balance CBD

If you are looking for a brand with great variety of CBD edibles or THC free tinctures, then choose Balance CBD. How good they are in offering detailed information of their quality products along with recommended use. The tasty gummies are available in many flavors (Raspberry, Strawberry, Wildberry and more). Each pack contains 10 gummies and each gummy include 10mg CBD.

Buy CBD oil from CBDPure

CBD Pure

CBD Pure is a good option if you are looking to buy CBD online. CBD Pure is offering best quality CBD products. CBDPure is a full-spectrum CBD oil obtained from organic hemp grown in Colorado. Full review here…

verified cbd oil

Verified CBD

If you are looking for the absolute high-quality CBD oil, then no look further. Verified CBD is the best place to purchase purest CBD oil online. It’s website mentioned that CBD products have been tested. Full review here…



KoiCBD is the naturally therapeutic results of America’s #1 trusted CBD brand. On their website, it indicates that the CBD products are lab-tested, but are not tested from 3rd party lab tested.

Buy CBD Salve from Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals sells lab-tested and premium CBD oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Vape oil & other holistic botanicals online. Kats are famous for their genuine and reliable brand image. Full review here…

PURCBD tincture

All PurCBD

Are you searching for overall well-being and a perfect lifestyle without any disastrous side effects? PURCBD is one of those brands. They sell a variety of range of products enriched with different dosages of CBD. Full review here…

CBDistillery CBD Oil Review


CBDistillery delivers isolate CBD and full spectrum. The HEMP they use is grown and yielded in the US and certified by US hemp authority. This is clearly a sign that the raw source they use is within the organic limits. Full review here…

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