CBD Chocolate: Is It Effective Or Just A Marketing Hype?

Feeling anxious or sad? Have a bar of chocolate! We all have heard this suggestion at some time in our lives. However, if a chocolate bar has CBD, how effective will it be?

Nowadays, many edibles and delicious delicacies are CBD-infused to enhance the happiness you get from eating-and CBD! One can say that CBD chocolate is a match made in heaven.

For centuries, chocolate enjoys the status of being a happy food that excites you by a surge of ‘happy hormones’ which clear away the cloudy skies. But what is CBD chocolate, and does it even work?

What is CBD chocolate?

There are no surprises here! A chocolate bar with Cannabidiol (CBD) is a CBD chocolate bar! Nowadays, we have everything with CBD. From candles to bath salts and brownies to energy drinks, everything can have CBD so that you can feel health improvement with the wonders of Cannabidiol.

This unique chemical compound found in the cannabis Sativa plant works to improve many health issues such as insomnia, depression and inflammation. When you consume CBD, the numerous receptors in the brain interact with CBD and improve organ functions.

Mixed with Chocolate, CBD works to improve anxiety, restlessness, and depression to a greater degree as the components of chocolate enhance CBD’s impact, and you get a sweet indulgence with multiple benefits and a happier day ahead. In short, the endocannabinoid system ECS, in your body becomes active and gradually improves all body functions.

The inception of Chocolate with CBD: Marketing gimmick or effective?

Often people believe that fancy products are a marketing hoax. It is a gimmick to attract customers who are willing to pay an extra dollar for the sake of some innovation.

Some of you might think CBD chocolate is a marketing gimmick too! However, this sweet treat has several benefits that will ease your daily life by enhancing your moods!

Check out some prominent effects of CBD chocolates here so you can decide whether it is a marketing myth or does it work?

CBD chocolate effects

CBD oils contain the strong flavor of hemp, which is not exactly the best feature of this natural substance. Many people want to buy edibles and gummies only because they don’t taste CBD’s bland yet unpleasant taste.

What can be better than a delicious bite of chocolate, filled with endorphins which make you feel happy! Adding CBD to the wonders of chocolate results in the following effects:

  • Better mood and energy levels
  • Helps anxiety, insomnia and depression
  • Chronic pain such as arthritis
  • Helps with diabetes. Yes, even chocolate can help bring down blood sugar!
  • Epilepsy seizures
  • Alzheimer’s Disease improves with CBD
  • Chocolate has antioxidants, and so does CBD; this results in the amalgamation of antioxidants, and when you consume CBD chocolate, the abundant supply makes a more significant difference.
  • Nervous system gets stimulated
  • Lesser chance of cardiovascular diseases

Of course, if you consume chocolate in a bigger quantity, it will have some adverse effects such as weight gain and an insignificant diabetes change. However, the good effects of CBD will impact your body greatly.

How do CBD chocolates work to improve health?

CBD has numerous benefits, which are delivered into the body through chocolate. Now, for all of you who don’t know, chocolate contains anandamide, which enhances CBD’s effect.

There are several studies on the endocannabinoid system, and it was revealed that anandamide acts as a bliss molecule, which enhances the effects of CBD when consumed with chocolate.

You must have heard about serotonin and dopamine, which impact the body functions and improve mood. However, anandamide influences appetite, pleasure, and motivation, resulting in overall wellness for consumers.

This enhancement of CBD impact means that users will require a smaller quantity of the substance to see their desired effects. So, in a nutshell, CBD’s cost may reduce when you are consuming it with chocolate to see the benefits that can change your life forever!

Anandamide is a cannabinoid that reacts with the ECS and brings about effects similar to that of CBD.

However, when you are taking CBD along with anandamide, the effects improve, and the taste is wonderful too! The sugar in chocolate also nourishes the ECS, and consumers feel elated!

Anandamide’s reaction can activate cognitive processes such as suppressing pain, improving moods, and improving sleep patterns. It has been observed that people who consume CBD Chocolate improve anxiety pangs and disorders.

Secondly, chocolate contains fatty acids that play a crucial role in inhibiting breakdown. The lipids in chocolate help extending the effects of CBD. With increased bioavailability, the dose lasts for a longer period. Similarly, users feel better for a longer period, even with a smaller dose.

From all this, we can safely conclude that Chocolate and CBD is a good combination and not a marketing gimmick.

Can CBD Chocolate get you high?

CBD is derived from the cannabis Sativa plant, which contains THC, a cannabinoid that can get you high. However, in most products, THC is less than 0.3% and does not cause the high feeling people to want to avoid.

CBD Chocolate will not get you high. Users will feel active and energetic after the surge of glucose and CBD; you will feel energized and happy.

Is CBD chocolate legal in the USA? 

The answer is Yes, yes, yes! The FDA regulations indeed suggest that CBD must not be added to foods, but due to federal law allowing CBD consumption, all states follow the restriction of THC, which is a psychoactive cannabinoid.

If this restriction is met, CBD is safe to use! So you can pick out a chocolate bar without any reservations and enjoy a snack with health benefits now!

In 2018, the Farm Bill allowed the cultivation of cannabis, which marked the legalization of CBD, provided that the psychoactive cannabinoid THC is only under 0.3% in any product.

You can check your bar contents to ensure that the chocolate does not contain THC. Once that is clear, you can enjoy it without care.

Is CBD chocolate better than other edibles? 

It is believed that CBD in edibles is not as effective as CBD oils. The latter get digested when consumed sublingually, and the on-set of CBD comes quickly.

However, with edibles, the CBD gets digested and enters the bloodstream after your food is digested! However, one thing you must remember is that chocolate melts!

When you eat a square of chocolate, it turns to semi-solid or liquid in the mouth. This means that the CBD becomes available for digestion sooner, and the digestion process starts in the mouth.

CBD chocolate might not have the same bioavailability as tinctures or vapes, but it turns out to be better when compared to other edibles!

How to make CBD Chocolate at home?

While you create many edibles with natural substances such as Matcha, Kava, and green coffee, making CBD chocolate is also easy and fun. You can make changes according to your liking and add nuts, fruit or wafer to give it your signature.

Here are a few ways of ingredients tried and tested for a delicious chocolate treat with CBD.


  • Coconut milk
  • Honey
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla extract
  • CBD oil


Melt chocolate in coconut milk in a double boiler and stir until the liquid becomes glossy brown with all the melted chocolate. Now stir in the honey and vanilla extract. Take this mixture off the boiler and keep stirring.

Lastly, add CBD oil and spread the chocolate mix in a baking tray or chocolate molds. Let it cool for at least four hours before enjoying your chocolate treat!

Best CBD chocolates available in the market

According to cbdcentral.com, with every CBD product, users have to ensure that they buy the best quality to enjoy CBD’s effects. The same is advised for Chocolate CBD, as the edible quality makes it more effective and safe to use.

Since the 2018 Farm Bill, we have seen exponential growth in CBD products and the innovative products available in the market and online stores.

Here’s a look at the best CBD chocolates out there:

  • Vital Leaf CBD Chocolates
  • Therapeutic Treats
  • Pure Science Lab
  • Lord Jones
  • CBD Living
  • AUR Body
  • Veggimins
  • Cannabinoid Creations

These names are from the list of tried and tested chocolates available in the market. You can easily find them at various smoke shops, head shops, and if you want to order them online, you will find it an easy step!

Chocolate with CBD is an innovation that was welcomed by both CBD and chocolate enthusiasts! Now you can indulge in a nice bar of chocolate without feeling guilty!

Final Words

Many people believe that CBD chocolate is not an effective way to consume the cannabinoid and that it is just a marketing gimmick to attract customers.

However, the anandamide in chocolate enhances the effects of CBD and provides consumers with an exhilarating experience. Consumers can make their chocolate at home, or they can buy from the vast variety available in the market.

CBD chocolate is one of the most exciting ways of consuming CBD and enjoying the substance’s energizing effects!



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