What Type of CBD-Infused Edibles are Popular?

CBD Infused edibles are simply common foods that have CBD in them. They are gaining popularity rapidly these days.

Weed and THC edibles have been popular for a long time. They have been relevant since hippie culture back in the 60s. People have been baking pot brownies and infusing weed in other everyday foods and desserts as well. We are no strangers to the world of THC edibles.

Edibles have now become increasingly common again, thanks to the legalization of marijuana and cannabis products in different states of the USA. Outside the USA though, these edibles have been part of the culture for ages now. It is especially true for countries like Amsterdam, where space cakes and other weed edibles are available readily.

In spite of how common these edibles have become, not everyone is okay with taking in THC. There are undoubtedly some psychoactive effects of the compound that many people are opposed to.

For these people, there are now CBD-Infused edibles available instead.

All these abbreviations are probably confusing, for now, so let us delve into a little more depth before we get to the real cream of the discussion:

CBD Edibles Comes in Various Types

Now, you must be wondering what kinds of CBD edibles are available these days. CBD edibles, like THC and marijuana edibles, come in a large variety. Gummies is one of the most commonly found ones. The CBD gummies usually come in different flavors and vegan and cruelty-free formulas as well.

Other than that, we also have CBD chocolate treats, lollipops, cake pops, and brownies. The CBD honey stick is gaining popularity these days as well. Some alternative forms such as CBD butter, honey, and sparkling water are also easily found these days.

There are also some less popular yet very interesting CBD edibles you can come across as well. These include CBD infused almonds, CBD infused coffee beans, peanut butter, and even popcorn. You can easily add CBD to your breakfast fixes as well with the help of CBD protein bars and green smoothies.

CBD Edibles vs. CBD Oil

There is a huge debate regarding the better way to take in CBD: as an edible or as an oil.

Now, we need to understand that CBD extracts and edibles all come in different potencies. But, where CBD extracts usually contain a relatively high dose of pure isolate (ranging from 250-1500 mg), CBD edibles are much less potent (10-50 mg per serving).

You can always alter the dose as you wish. For example, if you are taking CBD gummies, you can take in 5-8 in a day if one gummy has 10-30 mg of CBD in it.

The problem that arises is that edibles in high dosage often become quite expensive. You will go through a bottle of CBD gummies much faster if you want to take in 100+ mg of CBD per day. So in this regard, it is better to get your CBD fix from the extract rather than edibles.

Most edibles exist to give the user a sense of calm; they aren’t meant to be taken regularly like medication. The only kinds of edibles that you can do this with include gummies and pantry staples like peanut butter.

CBD edibles like cake pops and butter are also not the best for your health otherwise, so it is best to take them in a limited quantity.

CBD in capsule and oil form is also absorbed by the digestive system much faster than edibles. Naturally, all of these factors work in favor of the oil.

However, this does not mean that edibles are harmful to you. It merely means that you should take edibles as a recreational or temporary fix rather than something you rely on for your daily dose of CBD. I mean, it is always better to go for a delicious CBD infused brownie if you are feeling under the weather than popping a pill or ingesting an oil! But just like you would not have that brownie on its own regularly, you wouldn’t have it infused with CBD frequently either.

The Most Popular CBD Infused Edibles:

When we hear the term edible, we mostly think of brownies and gummies like PurCBD gummies. However, it will be pleasing for you to know that there is a large variety of edibles available besides these two as well so everyone can have a favorite. And all of these are very popular among the masses lately.

Luce Farm Wellness (360 mg of CBD per Jar)

Luce Farm Wellness is honey-based CBD edible. It is essentially the kind of honey you have always known and loved, with a little bit of CBD added to it. You can add it to your tea, coffee, smoothie, or drizzle it on some avocado toast in the morning and have your daily dose of CBD in a wonderful way. One teaspoon of the honey contains around 10 mg of CBD so you can easily adjust the dose according to your needs.

Chronic Candy (10 mg of CBD per lollipop)

Chronic candy makes a large variety of CBD based candies that include lollipops, chocolate treats, and gummies. The most popular and sought after product is the Lemon OG Lollipop. Not only does it contain 10 mg of CBD isolate, but it also contains around 25 terpenes sourced from hemp to amp the benefits for you. Of course, they are delicious as well.

The lollipops come in packs of 10, 30, and 60 to keep you fixed for a long time.

Lord Jones Old Fashioned High CBD Gum Drops (20 mg per gumdrop)

Everyone loves gumdrops. They are easy and delicious. And you can trust Lord Jones to make a good CBD based gum drop when they are so up in the skincare game. Each gumdrop in a box of 9 consists of 20 mg of CBD. So even one gumdrop a day is perfect if you are a beginner!

Strava Peace and Wellness Restore Coffee (120 mg of CBD per bag)

CBD in coffee? Is this the fix all of us have been waiting for? Well, unfortunately, if you are in it for the caffeine, this Strava coffee is not for you since there is virtually little caffeine in it. It is meant to relieve anxiety by making you calm and composed, all the while improving your alertness levels for the day as well. It is still a perfect morning fix, and even caffeine junkies can give it a fair shot!

Canna Bees Raw CBD Honey (250-500 mg per jar)

If you want a good CBD fix and at the same time are concerned about the status of bees in the world, the Canna Bees Raw CBD Honey is your best option. The raw honey ensures that the blend is free of chemicals, which does not harm the bees and it is also made in small batches to ensure that they do not go through any more trouble than they should.

Aurora Hemp Elixirs (15 mg of CBD per bottle)

Aurora Hemp elixirs are not easy to come by, but they are well-loved by nearly everyone who gives them a shot. They are a type of sparkling water with hints of lavender and grapefruit extract. It is a perfect, CBD based drink for people who love a sophisticated fix for anything.

Medix CBD (300 mg per 30 gummies)

This list would not be complete without some delicious gummies, and our preferred gummies the Medix CBD infused gummies. They come in packs of 10 or 30 and are delicious. They contain hemp oil and phytocannabinoids as well, adding to their credentials! There is also a wide variety to choose from like sour gummy bears to regular gummy bears to sour snakes and even chewable candies. You can take as many as you can according to your recommended dosage.

Diamond Botanicals Cake Pops (30 mg per serving)

Diamond cake pops are the best CBD fix for someone who wants to down a couple of carbs and is possibly sick of gummies at this point! They are sweet and delicious, containing cookie dough with a vanilla cream center with frosting and sprinkles! So mostly birthday cake with CBD goodness! Eating a lot of these are not recommended because of the sugar content, but they are a trendy CBD fix for many people.

CBDfx (300 mg per 60 gummy pack)

If you are all about that vegan lifestyle and healthy alternatives of everything, call out to you, these turmeric and spirulina Hemp gummies can be just the fix for you. Even if they sound a little bit nasty, they are quite delicious. They are infused with honey, turmeric, hemp, and other beneficial products as well to enhance the health benefits as much as possible. And they are perfect for you if you are a vegan!

Blue Ridge Dark Chocolate CBD Ghee (250 mg per jar)

If you do not know what ghee is, it is an alternative for butter mostly used in Indian cooking. This CBD infused chocolate ghee is delicious. You can put it on toast, add it to your cakes, use it as anything you want and you will not be disappointed. It also has honey, sea salt, cocoa powder, and vanilla bean to give it that sweet essence that we all know and love.

Final Words

Seeing these effects of CBD, cannabis producers found ways to extract it from the plant and sell CBD products like CBD oil, vape, and now, even edibles.

Of course, smoking weed and taking in CBD oil is not everyone’s cup of tea. So nowadays, CBD edibles are also gaining a lot of popularity. They have several merits for the user, keep them happy, don’t make them high, and come in a delicious candy or other snack food version.

These edibles are essentially a way to consume your daily dose of CBD without worrying about a bad taste or introducing something new in your diet.

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