How To Take Care of Your Vape?

It is our general behaviour when we buy a new thing; we eagerly take care of them, clean them and try to keep them with us for a longer period.

In the same way, it is important to take care of your vaping materials. When you keep them clean and safe, you will enjoy them for longer and last better.

Save your money, make your vape of long life, and take care of them. It is not difficult to care for them; show simple concern, and you can enjoy your vape by spending less money.

In this article, we will explain a few tips. Following these simple steps, you can keep your vape as new as it was when you bought it. Same shining, the tank of e-liquid and a new screen. All this can be maintained and needs routine daily concern.

Before discussing the care tips for your vaporizer, we should tell you about the minor issues of vaping so that you can minimize them. But it can not be avoided because these are part of vaping. They can not be eliminated with great care but can only be reduced.

The vape is Spitting or Popping

Spitting or popping are both parts of your vaporizer. Spitting in vaping occurs because of droplets of e-liquid. When the e-liquids get too hot, they can be released into your mouth while vaping.

The phenomena produce a popping sound, which can be seen in the vape coil. The droplets go in all directions, whether inside or outside your mouth. And sometimes, e-liquid gets cooked instead of converted into hot droplets.

It looked like boiling water inside a coil. During this process, you can vape and catch the droplets of e-liquid. But it can be dangerous sometimes.

So, you have to minimize these issues, whether your vape is spitting or popping.

Tips to Look After Your Vape

There are the following steps that you can follow, and you can keep your vape always brand new.

  1. Keep Clean the Main Body of the Vape
  2. Clean the Tank of Vape Daily
  3. Inspect and Put Back Vape Coil daily
  4. Do not Ignore problems Related to e-liquid
  5. Try not to Reduce the Battery Health of Vape
  6. Prevent Spitting & Popping

1.   Keep Clean the Main Body of the Vape

First, know about the vape’s internal structure and understand each part’s function.

All are important because after knowing the function of each part, you will be able to clean the structure of the vape.

Clean the outer part of the vape with a cotton cloth, tissue paper, or any soft cloth. Avoid scratching stuff. Just clean properly from top to bottom.

Look at the buttons, usually silver in color. Clean them with a cotton swab. Pull the swab in an anti-clockwise motion, cleansing all the e-liquid droplets entangled inside the button.

2.   Clean the Tank of the Vape Daily

Tank is the most important part of a vape. People usually clean it after changing or adding a new flavour.

Only following the simple rinse and soak of your tank in simple water can clean your tank.

You only need to clean the tank daily if you use one specific flavour. You can use the same tank for a month without rinsing and soaking.

Deep cleaning of the tank involved cleaning the metallic section of the tank. Please place them in a safe solvent for half an hour and rinse them with flowing water. It results in proper cleaning of the tank.

3.   Inspect and Put Back Vape Coil daily

The coil is the functional part of a vape, and it is like the heart of a vape. So, choose the coil sensibly. The coil is the main thing that gives you tasty flavour vapor.

The coil is sensitive, and all the vapour functions are happening in it. Most people are unaware of the function of the coil. So it is better to change the coil after enough time or after two weeks.

4.   Do not Ignore problems Related to e-liquid

When e-liquid is exposed to flame, the sparkle inside the chamber liquid converts into brown e-liquid. Some e-liquids are added with certain commodities. The added claim is that it improves the flavour of e-liquid. But these additives have a bad effect on the coil. The coil may damage or block early. Maintaining the additional ingredients in e-liquid can save your vape from specific harm.

5.   Try not to Reduce the Battery Health of vaping

For longer-life of battery, you should follow the big points:

  • Make your battery charge only 50% at the start. It does not put stress on the battery’s health.
  • Stay within the charge of 80%.
  • Keep the charging below 20%.
  • When you exceed the battery  100%, it puts stress on the battery and results in a reduction of the lifespan of the battery.
  • Doing this for a long period results in the death of the battery.

So, take care of the battery as well.

6.   Prevent Spitting & Popping

  • You can prevent it from spitting and popping by preventing the coil from overfilling.
  • An overload chamber of e-liquid can result in spit back.
  • Just fill it in balance.
  • Do not inhale the e-liquid forcefully. It results in too much fluid coming back inside the coil and causing spitting.
  • So inhale it smoothly.
  • Use concentrated e-liquid for vaping.
  • Avoid the multi-strand coil and use a simple round shape wire coil.
  • Flooding may occur during vaping or forceful inhalation, which always blocks the chimney.

So, try to clean the chimney after spitting and popping.


Sometimes caring is the only option to keep things last forever. Similarly, taking care of vaping is the only way to save money and use it for longer. Take care of them by cleaning their body, replacing the coil, using good e-liquid and battery health maintenance.

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