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About The Company

Selecting a reliable and trustworthy vendor while buying botanicals can be a daunting task. There are multiple factors to be taken into consideration before settling on a brand.

For beginners, distinguishing the good brands from the cheap ones is a monumental task on its own.

For this reason, we have brought you reviews of the top brands that currently operating in the market. Laughing Lion Herbs is one such brand.

The brand has been receiving a lot of attention as of late. We have gone over every critical feature of the brand and brought you an unbiased review.

The brand was started in 2014 by Matthew Frank, and since then, the founder and his team have worked relentlessly to get the brand to where it is today.

The brand’s owner began operating from his very own garage. Today the brand is one of the top botanical brands in the industry. The focus of the brand is on Kratom.

However, all the other botanicals being sold by the company are just as great in quality as their Kratom. The brand operates out of Colorado, which is a hot and humid state.

This weather condition of the state helps to maintain the quality of the Kratom being kept in storage by the brand. Other than the Mitragyna, the brand is also selling CBD and related products.

Everything from the backstory of the brand to the current product range available reflects the professionalism and attention to detail that the brand offers to its customers.

Aim Of The Company

Laughing Lion Herbs is a goal-oriented company. They began in a garage space with a few kilos imported here and there.

Now they are one of the most spoken about botanical brands in the market. They have some of the best Kratom in the industry, and their CBD-infused products are just as famous.

The brand started with a simple goal; exceeding the expectations of its customers. They aim to lead the kratom industry and appease their customers based on their amazing products and quality botanicals.

The brand has been working for the past four years. They have worked relentlessly to ensure that their products are up to par with the needs of their customers. They prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else.

The mission of the brand is to become a vendor that the customer can trust on without. They ensure a customer that all of their needs will be taken care of once they opt for the brand’s products.

The product range is specifically designed to cater to the needs of all the customers that may approach the brand. Laughing Lion Herbs has something on their menu that appeals to every palate. No matter what your needs are, the brand has you covered.

What Are They Selling?

1) Plantation Super Kratom

The Plantation Super Kratom line being sold by the brand is different from the regular kratom strains. It has high potency and consists of the best-selling product from the brand.

This strain has a fantastic 1.6-1.8% Mitragyna content in the powder being sold. The secret behind such a high potency of these leaves is in the harvesting of the leaves.

The kratom leaves are allowed to grow for a longer period before they are harvested. The Mitragyna from this line is imported from the most reliable harvesters belonging to Indonesia.

2) Kratom Strains

The brand also sells several kratom strains. They have both traditional strains as well as unique strains on sale.

Sample packs are also sold for beginners who have yet to decide which strain works appropriately for them. They also have free shipping for their sample packs.

The brand is selling high-quality kratom blends alongside their strains. They also have a line of chocolate kratom strains which are highly popular amongst users.

This strain is formed by leaving red kratom strains to dry out for an extended period, thus giving the leaves a chocolaty appearance.

The vendor encourages customers to reach out to their highly trained staff if they have any problem deciding which strain will work for them.

They have a vast line of green, white, and red kratom strains to cater to the needs of the buyers. Their best-selling kratom strains include Red Organic Maeng Da, Red Thai, White Maeng Da, Golden Thai Blend, Red Bali, etc.

The Kratom being sold by the brand is of the best quality and sourced from trusted harvesters. The brand leaves no room for error when it comes to the quality of their Mitragyna.

3) Infinity Kratom Line

The infinity kratom line being sold by Laughing Lion Herbals has some of the strongest Mitragyna currently available in the market.

It has a high Mitragyna content (1.8% ideally) mixed with a vast number of alkaloids. These alkaloids have several benefits associated benefits, including anxiety control, pain relief, sedative effects, etc.

This line is especially famous amongst buyers because of its economical pricing as well as great strength. The vendor also sells carefully formulated blends of these strains, which increases the advantages associated with their use.

The team of the company has paired with a team of experienced scientists to combine the best traditional harvesting practices with scientific principles.

4) CBD Products

Apart from Kratom, the brand is also selling a range of CBD-infused products. Their full-spectrum CBD oil is one of the most potent hemp oils being sold.

The brand also has THC-free edibles, including gummy bears and chocolate bars that are user-friendly and do not cause any psychosis.

The Snore Lax Supplement being sold by the brand is very popular amongst people dealing with insomnia and sleep problems. It has been associated with providing better sleep to its users.

The vendor also has CBD topicals in the form of bath bombs that come in four different fragrances and are sold at a very reasonable price.

5) Kratom Tolerance Reset Kit

Kratom Tolerance Kit is relatively new but a top-selling product at Laughing Lion Herbs. If you are worried about developing Kratom tolerance or are already experiencing it, this kit will surely lend a great helping hand.

Within just 2 to 3 days, it will help you reset your tolerance with 100% guaranteed results. The best thing about this kit is that you don’t need to stop taking your regular Kratom doses.

It is recommended to purchase this item with a measuring scale to ensure higher accuracy. If you have purchased Kratom Tolerance Kit, used it, and are unhappy with the outcomes, you can write an email mentioning your query at [email protected] to get your money back.

6) Others

Apart from their Kratom and CBD line, the brand also has several other botanicals on sale. This category includes their amazing kava root.

Both of these extracts are highly potent and have garnered a large number of positive reviews online. The wide range of products available on the Laughing Lions’ online store is proof of their dedication to customer satisfaction and comfort.

They have tried to ensure that the brand is catering to the needs of all niches of customers that might approach the website.

The Price Range Of The Brand’s Products?

The price ranges of products sold by botanical brands are significant. No one wants to spend a hefty amount of cash on their products.

Laughing Lion Herbs understand this and have economical prices for all of their products. Not only does the brand excel at quality, but it also has some of the best rates available in the market.

Are They Reliable?

Reliability is imperative when it comes to an online brand. Many substandard brands fool customers to believe that they are selling high-quality products.

Laughing Lion Herbs believes in being a reliable and trustworthy brand for its customers. They comply with all the regulations set in place by the FDA.

The brand does not make any false medicinal claims and relies on the reviews of its customers to create the brand’s image. They are also honest with their customers in terms of quality.

Very kratom strain on their website has details about its Mitragyna content and sourcing present on the site. The brand leaves no stones unturned in making sure that they are entirely transparent with the customers.

They provide all the information necessary for a customer to decide the strain that they want.

Is Quality Guaranteed?

Buying online can be a significant risk, especially if the vendor does not guarantee the quality of the products that it is selling.

Laughing Lion Kratom gives the same treatment to each of their customers. The brand provides assurances of its products.

They have provided their cell phone number as well as their email address on their website. The vendor encourages customers to contact them in case of unsatisfactory or improper products.

They believe in providing the best services to their buyers and prioritize the buyer’s opinion over everything else.

They also have a replacement or refund option available provided that the products have not been used or damaged in any way.

All of these factors guarantee the quality of the products being sold by Laughing Lion Herbs and ensure the best quality.

Are The Products Lab Tested?

When it comes to buying botanicals and herbal products, lab testing is significant. If a person uses improperly tested or untested products, there is the possibility of many health complications.

Laughing Lion Herbs understands the importance of proper lab testing. They have their lab tests displayed on their website. They test each batch of the Kratom that they import.

The testing is conducted by an accredited lab, and the leaves are checked against the presence of salmonella, heavy metals, toxic pesticides and chemicals etc.

What Are People Saying?

The kratom industry is exceptionally vocal. Word of mouth travels like wildfire and builds the positive or negative reputation of any brand.

For this reason, it is crucial to go through several online customer reviews before settling on a brand. This factor allows a person to get an unbiased view of the quality of a specific brand’s products.

Laughing Lion Herbs do not make any health claims on their website. They depend on customer reviews to build the standard and reputation of the brand.

There are hardly any negative reviews about the brand available online. It has a more or less impeccable reputation. The strains being sold by the brand have been associated with pain loss as well as a decrease in anxiety by many users.

Customers have also commended the price range of the brand. The overall image of the vendor is a positive one and shows the fantastic quality of the kratom leaves.

Is The Online Store Workable?

The website of an online store is another important factor. Especially for beginners and novices just venturing into the world of Kratom and other botanicals, a navigable website is imperative.

The website of Laughing Lion Herbs depicts professionalism and customer ease. The brand has accurately categorized all of its products in an accessible manner.

They also have a blog with a lot of information about both CBD and Kratom. The purpose of this blog is to educate the new buyers that approach the brand.

The vendor has made sure that they leave no room for error when it comes to the comfort of their buyers. There are no hidden charges or information that can be used to hoodwink the customers.

For people that prefer mobile apps instead of websites, the vendor has a specially designed mobile application that is available on the Apple store for iPhone users.

Shipping and Payment

The brand has prompt shipping. They ship the orders on the same day of the order and then receiving the payment. They have various options available when it comes to shipping depending upon the need and urgency of the customer.

Another important factor that can affect an online kratom brand is payment methods. Many brands do not accept credit card payments because of complications between the Mitragyna vendors and credit card companies.

Laughing Lion Herbs has the credit card option available for payments. It also has PayPal, Amex and Amazon Pay options present. A customer can also pay for their order using an instant checking account.

Our Experience

Out experience with the vendor was nothing short of satisfactory. Everything from the selection to the ordering and delivery process was carried out smoothly by the brand.

Their Premium Red Maeng Da strain is fantastic in terms of both potencies as well as quality. The kratom powder was fine and lacked any dirt or gravel particles.

Moreover, the Happy Day Blend being sold by the brand is impressive in alleviating a person’s mood. It creates a sense of happiness and wellbeing and doesn’t take long to kick in either.

Final Words

Laughing Lion Kratom is a fantastic brand in terms of other affordable quality products. Their amazing range of products proves that the brand is versatile as well. The team of the vendor, along with its founder, have worked from scratch to create the brand, and it is worth a try.



  1. I live near the facility where they have a walk-in store. It’s very nice, and they are always there when the business hours say they should be. There’s also a kratom vending machine i have not used, but I think it might be accessible when the store is closed- not sure, though. They are located in monument about 15 minutes north of colorado springs and an hour south of Denver. Never had an issue but always bought in person never in the mail, the new little shop is nice, so it seems they will be around a while. They are a bit expensive, so if i have time to order through the mail, I use somewhere cheaper.


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