Juicy Fields: Let’s Invest In Cannabis Businesses You Believe In!

Are you hunting for options to make some quick and easy side-income? How about investing in the Cannabis Industry- that too from the comfort of your home? Sounds Cool!

So, Gear Yourself Up To Become A “Pot-Preneur”!

Juicy Fields brings you an AHH-MAZIING opportunity to invest in the Cannabis Crowdfunding and get some real thick wads of bucks rolling in no time!

What more could you ask for?

Join the Largest Growing Network of Cannabis Start-ups and Investors NOW!

The strict regulations and legalization surrounding the cannabis industry make it difficult for the small to acquire funds and loans.

That’s exactly where Juicy Fields comes in!

This unique cannabis crowdfunding platform helps struggling medical cannabis companies raise the much-needed finances for their pot-related essentials.

Why Invest in the Cannabis Industry?

Do you know that a report published by the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) declared “Cannabis as the MOST widely cultivated, trafficked, and consumed drug worldwide”?

Over the last decade, CBD has sky-rocketed in popularity. And rightly so! Modern Science has discovered that Cannabinoids are indeed one of the most fascinating yet precious sets of molecular assets that Mother Nature has to gift humanity.

After the 2015 report by the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), cannabis legalization is rapidly gaining momentum with 22 EU countries decriminalizing its medical use (and a further 12 legalizing even the recreational use).

Part of this change was driven by an increased recognition that cannabis promises a plethora of therapeutic applications. Even though this was a concept dating back to nearly a century ago, modern researchers have touted CBD as a natural, holistic, and safe way to manage a variety of ailments. So, there comes no surprise if CBD has taken the health and wellness world by storm.

From popping up among the legions of health products and being added to beauty products, edibles, and beverages, one can conveniently find CBD-infused oils, tinctures, vapes, creams, balms, lotions, energy drinks, brownies and we can literally go on forever!

 So, let’s have a quick look at some crucial facts and figures:

  • Cannabis is achieving unprecedented mainstream consumer adaption with a colossal base of 500 million potential consumers across Europe.
  • With laws loosening and the bans lifting at a steady pace, Europe can potentially emerge as the global cannabis leader in the next few years. This is because there are 743 million people currently residing in the whole of the EU in contrast to the US, which serves home to 327 million individuals.  
  • The global cannabis market size in 2018 was estimated to be $10.60 billion and is projected to undergo exponential growth within the next 5 to 10 years, with a CAGR of 32.92%.
  • The annual sales of the global CBD market are expected to soar to a whopping $16 billion by 2025 according to Forbes.

Despite all the above, the bitter truth is, starting and running a cannabis business is challenging. Very challenging. The new companies are crushed under harsh laws and regulations. They are denied access to conventional sources of raising capital, such as bank loans, debts, and equity.

Even worse, multi-state cannabis businesses find it extremely difficult to survive, let alone flourish as each country in Europe is governed by its own set of rules. Consequently, this makes economies of scale nearly impossible to achieve.

However, things look more promising now. The rampant legalization has changed the game entirely. From once being a perk reserved for only the wealthy and the affluent, now anyone can invest in Cannabis and Hemp-based businesses.

Why Choose Juicy Fields For Cannabis Investment?

While numerous cannabis-related crowdfunding offerings have spawned, Juicy Fields have established itself as a premium destination within a short time span. Here is why:

 1) Hands-down Quality: The cannabis is organically cultivated and is 100 percent THC-free and pesticide-free. All cannabis products are then tested and certified from top third-party laboratories and scientists. 

 2) Vast Experience: Our team comprising of professional veteran growers and engineers have decades of expertise in cannabis cultivation. 

3) Low Ownership Investment: One can get a stake in the business after lending a fund as minimum as €50.

4) Frequent Profits Guaranteed: Get profits after every three months right into your account. 

So, start your count-down from Day One of Investment. 

5) Higher Yields: Depending on the cannabis variety and strain, the total average profitability hover from anywhere between €4500 to €12,000 within 3 to 5 years.

Key Highlights

1) Security and Compliance

 All the data on our site is SSL encrypted and the payments PCI-compliant to ensure maximum safety and privacy of the users, their information, and the transactions incurred.

2) Socially Connected

We aim to integrate all the relevant social networks to forge strong connections between investors and companies.

3) Free Membership

Juicy Fields liberates you from the worry of paying hefty subscription or membership fees. Simply invest with industry leaders and earn when they earn.

4) Customer Support 

Our Customer Representatives are always on their toes to extend their valuable step-by-step guidance to help you make the best investment decisionS.

5) Low Minimum

Have barely 50 Euros? No worries. You are good to go! 

We can partner with you to help you build a diverse investment portfolio across one of the most lucrative and fastest-growing industries.

Let’s Invest In Cannabis Businesses You Believe In!

Company Profile At A Glance

Our Vision

Juicy Fields Vision can be precisely defined in 7 words: “Empowering Small Cannabis Growers and Pot-preneuers Simultaneously.”

The foundations of the company were laid on the principles of care and commitment to cannabis consumers, and guided by a philosophy of social and environmental responsibility.

We aspire to bring a unique transformational approach to the rapidly swelling industry and address all its significant and essential market needs. In so doing, we aim to push the boundaries of excellence and discovery and foster hope for humanity. 

Our Mission

It is Juicy Field’s unwavering mission to build and nurture the largest medical cannabis community that ever existed. Therefore, we endeavor to cultivate the highest quality, pesticide-free cannabis to help patients achieve their wellness goals,

Message From the C.E.O.

“Even since our inception in 2017, it feels like there is no looking back. And now, it is our great pleasure to extend our unique crowdfunding platform to the many interested investors that we’ve heard from. We invite them to join us on our journey and take the next big move.

While generally young companies find it difficult to acquire or raise sufficient capitals, cannabis industries find it even more difficult- primarily because of the stigma, misperceptions, and federal illegality.

To put it precisely, the twenty-first-century cannabis start-ups are still stuck with a twentieth-century regulatory framework and mindset. As such, I hope to bring my years of entrepreneurial experience to good use.

I am committed to render comprehensive quality service to our meticulously-chosen cannabis growers while simultaneously providing unrivaled quality, convenience, and consistency to my valuable pot-preneurs. 

 In the years to come, I wish to establish Juicy Fields as the NO. 1 destination for health and wellness-oriented cannabis consumers.”


“It’s been around three months since I have invested in Juicy Fields, and it was undoubtedly one of the best decisions of my life. The income earned has been a great source of support to help me survive as a single mother. I can’t recommend it enough.”- Daisey Gresham 

“I invested six months ago, and so far, the returns have been great. Five on Five Stars for their fantastic customer service, transparent transactions, and easy to understand interface.”- J. Charlton

 “Anyone who is looking to get some extra cash and is willing to diversify their investments can give cannabis crowdfunding a shot. And, Juicy Fields is one platform I can totally vouch for.”- Peter Morley

Contact Us

Are You Up For It?


We Are Just A Click Away!

 You can feel free to email us at [email protected] or give us a call at +49 163 228 0740. Our Customer Representatives are always there to entertain your queries.

 So, what are you thinking?

Let’s join hands to build the medical cannabis industries of tomorrow.

Juicy Fields: Where Cannabis Investments Become Success Stories

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