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Key Products: Drops, CBD Isolates, Vapes, All Dabs, Terpene Dabs, CBD Honey, CBD Capsules, Skin Products.
CBD Type: Full spectrum + 0.3% of less THC
Extraction Method: CO2
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Wholesale Option: Yes

PhytoFamily Overview

I have a question for you; how many brands can you think of that have always satisfied your needs while ordering something online? Not many, right?

In today’s world, everything has an alternative, even cigarettes, and nicotine.

Electronic vaporizers, E-cigarettes, and CBD edibles are rapidly taking over people’s choices when it comes to helping their nicotine addiction.

It is effortless to buy a high-priced instrument that is not only wrong for you but doesn’t prove very helpful.

As a man with a conscience, I always wanted to write a favorable review on an online vendor selling high-quality electronic vaporizers in case I ever found one in order to help others spend their money correctly.

Luckily for you, I found a website called ‘Phyto Family’ that has the products of all the leading brands in the industry and more ready to be ordered by you.

The Legitimacy of PhytoFamily

Selling products of the leading brands in the industry? I understand it sounds like a scam because why would a brand let another website sell their products.

It makes you wonder that maybe they are selling replicas or first-copies and claiming that it is an original product.

Here’s the truth, many well-renowned brands let other websites sell their products indirectly to the customers for several reasons.

It helps them save costs of setting up multiple platforms to sell their products, it helps them capture a larger share of the market, and it eventually maximizes their profits.

Whatever this website is selling is fully certified and at very reasonable prices as well.

Everything that you will receive is 100% original and packed by the brand you have chosen.

This is a safe platform used by millions of people and for someone new to the world of vaping, this is the perfect place to start looking for a vaporizer that suits you.

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What is in Their Product Range?

It is difficult to predict what is in store at ‘PhytoFamily’ as it has the products of so many brands.

From electronic vaporizers to skin products, they have everything a customer needs to relax after a long day at the office or to feel energetic before starting early in the morning.

What got my attention is the fact that they have their line of CBD oils for pets that you can feed along with your pet animal’s meal.

It is extracted from hemp, and if you go through their website thoroughly, then you will find out that it is completely tested in a lab to make sure it is safe for your pet to consume.

The brands ‘PhytoFamily’ has selected to represent have electronic vaporizers that are not only elegant and stylish but also efficient.

They have CBD syrups, powders, and capsules all ready to be ordered by you. They have also launched several of their products, so you have a long list of items to choose from. After all, why should we limit ourselves?


We all work hard to earn a sufficient amount of living in order to survive and no one wants to spend a large proportion of their disposable income on electronic vaporizers.

We all want cheap items that will get us through our tough days without adding to the burden of our finances.

PhytoFamily understands this and offers the most reasonable prices to the customers.

Even the high-quality items are at reasonable affordable rates because they believe that someone’s income bracket should not restrict a person from enjoying high-quality products.

If you are buying edibles then the prices will vary according to the quantity you are ordering and in case your order receipt exceeds $50 then you are entitled to a free delivery at your doorstep.

In my opinion, there would not be a deal as good as this so go to their website and start ordering before they run out stock.

Video: Review of PhytoFamily CBD

Type of CBD Oils in Store

I have often witnessed that online stores choose only one type of CBD to sell to their customers; thus, robbing them off of an outstanding choice.

If you want any other type, then you will have to buy it from somewhere else which can be time-consuming.

PhytoFamily, however, decided to sell two kinds of CBD to let you make a choice yourself.

They are selling CBD isolate that is washed with alcohol and contains 99% cannabinoids with zero amounts of terpenes as a result of extensive recrystallization.

Thousands of people widely consume CBD isolate due to its health benefits, such as helping anxiety patients and having anti-inflammatory effects.

The second type of CBD they have chosen to sell is the full spectrum one, and it is used in all the powders, syrups, and capsules.

If you google which one is better of the two types mentioned in this review, then you will see the answer is ‘full spectrum’. However, the real question is if you are going to let google make your life choices, or are you going to make them yourself?

The full spectrum CBD restricts the growth of cancer cells and also helps in reducing inflammation. I would suggest that before making the final decision, go through all the facts and choose the one you think is best for you.

Brands for Sale

All the brands that PhytoFamily is representing are at the top of their game with remarkably advanced electronic vaporizers and lab-tested CBD edibles.

Some of the brands they have are Lune Laboratories, Divine Collective, Avant botanicals, Kush Queen, Rao, and the list goes on and on.

One thing is sure when ordering through PhytoFamily; all your needs and interests will be fully satisfied because it is impossible for someone to return empty-handed from such a long list of products.

They have an extremely impressive tattoo after-care cream infused with 100% organic CBD manufactured by ‘Divine Collective’. It helps in rapid healing as well as with the dehydration of the tattooed area so you can feel better in no time. You can also find the excellent dabs of Lune Laboratories in their shop along with some of the most technologically advanced vaporizer kits to help you enjoy your favorite solutions.

Picture this; you get home after a stressful day, and you get straight into the shower, but instead of using your regular soap, you use a CBD-infused bath bomb due to its relaxing properties.

PhytoFamily has got you covered with the best bath bombs in the business offered by Kush Queen to help you forget about all your hardships of the day and feel more at home.

These are only a few brands I have mentioned because I want to leave the rest up to your imagination. I did half of the work for you, and the other half is now your responsibility.

You can read more about the brands mentioned above and others on the website of PhytoFamily to equip yourself with useful knowledge before placing an order.

One thing I can assure you is that no matter which product you choose to purchase from whatever brand, both the prices and the quality will be in your favor.

Is there Anything Negative about PhytoFamily?

A lot of brands have often fooled a lot of customers by claiming to sell one thing and selling another. As a result, people are now skeptical when they hear about a brand as good as ‘PhytoFamily.’

Till now, I have only mentioned the good things about this website, but there are a few negative points I need to add as well.

Since they sell the products of different brands, it takes a long time for them to restock once they sell out.

This means you are going to have to wait before a certain item becomes available on their website and then order as soon as you can because you are not the only one who has been waiting.

The new stock could run out at any time, so don’t be lazy while ordering.

Final Thoughts

While providing the products of other brands, PhytoFamily has also launched its line of CBD oils and other related products. They are offering CBD oil drops for pets that are manufactured using the ethanol-extracted hemp from their farms in Colorado.

They are using well-developed extraction methods to get rid of all the terpenes and impurities from the CBD oil.

As a result, the final product has a mild effect, which is considered more suitable for pets instead of substantial doses.

All the information related to feeding these drops to your pets is given on their website, so get to work!

You can also find their fan-favorite full-spectrum hemp drops that are produced using a highly purified form of ethanol in order to give it a strong spicy flavor and preserve all the important phytochemicals.

It has a green color and has about 2500+mg of CBD in a single bottle, but of course, you can choose the quantity you want yourself according to your budget.

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