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Since ancient times, honey has found its place for so many purposes.  It has been an omnipresent solution to so many of our problems. It has never failed to give us stunning solutions to our daily challenges.

Honey has uses as an antibacterial and antiseptic agent. Apart from these, in terms of the medicinal uses and as a primary ingredient of many home remedies — it has been used in ancient households for many purposes.

It has been curing cases of flu and colds for as long as we can remember along with various cosmetic uses of honey as well.

Recently honey has been incorporated with pure CBD, and in this way, both the uses of CBD and the various advantages of honey are availed in all their glory.

Many compounds derived from CBD have been used for medicinal purposes as well as for cosmetic purposes.

CBD, which is the shortened word for cannabidiol is a compound used to relieve pains and as a significant component of anti-anxiety drugs.

The incorporation of CBD and honey has opened up a vast amount of possibilities when it comes to the beneficial uses of CBD and the inherent natural amazingness of honey. An individual can get the mutual benefits of both the ingredients.

What Are CBD Honey Sticks?

There are many ways to incorporate honey and CBD together, and one of the easiest and widely known methods of doing it is through CBD honey sticks. These CBD honey sticks look like straws, and these straws are filled with a mixture of honey and CBD together.

These sticks are a great new alternative of vaping and dabbing being offered to CBD enthusiasts because of many reasons. The first and foremost reason is the ease of carrying.

Furthermore, these magic sticks only have a trace amount of THC, which is the primary psychoactive agent of cannabis. Moreover, the considerable amount of terpenes in the sticks, makes them smell great as well as have amazing advantages.

The Two Types of CBD Honey Sticks

There are two types of CBD honey sticks. One is the solid form, and the other is the liquid form of CBD straws.

  • The Solid Form

This form of CBD honey sticks is basically of the solid structure. You can either suck on them like a sweet taffy candy or be stirred into hot beverages like tea as a sweetener.

This form of the sticks is very widely used, especially for incorporation into drinks.

  • The Liquid Form

This type of CBD honey straws is more readily available in local dispensaries and also contain a lesser number of additives in them. It is a sealed tube which has honey infused with CBD filled in it that a person can suck on like a straw.

These type of honey sticks are consequently more common because of their easy accessibility.

How to Properly Use These Sticks

There are so many ways to use CBD honey sticks creatively in different daily items. All you need to do is have a creative imagination.

The quickest way to use the straw is to slice one end of a CBD straw and sucking on it as a quick snack. This method is the one that is employed by a lot of people who keep CBD honey sticks in their bags and use them on the go.

Other than these, you can use them as sweeteners as well as salad dressings. There is no hard and fast rule as to how to use these sticks.

No heating or vaporization necessary before the CBD honey stick can be utilized. There can be no simpler method of using CBD honey sticks.

Depending upon your preference, infuse them in other food items. There is no pre-requisite of using these magical sticks, and you do not need any special preparation to make them ready to eat.

Various Reasons to Use CBD Honey Sticks

There are multiple ways of utilizing CBD honey sticks in daily life. No limits are present as to how you can use this fantastic and magical CBD product. Exercise your imagination and come up with ways.

A few ideas as to how you can use these sticks include using them for dietary purposes. Either you can cut it and suck on it as a quick snack, or you can be more intricate and use it as a tea or beverage sweetener.

It can even be used to sweeten your mouth after you have other medications. You can drizzle the honey over your salad and use it as a salad dressing.

Incorporate it into your morning cereal or yogurt to have a healthy treat as breakfast. The hard kind of these sticks can be used as a taffy candy to chew and suck on over some time.

CBD honey has a lot of benefits for the skin as well and can be used to soothe the burning or irritated and dry skin.

The honey sticks are useful in this regard too because rubbing the honey can calm the surface down to a significant extent and does wonders for dry and patched skin.

Rubbing the honey on your lips when you are sucking on the sticks can automatically moisturize your lips and make them plumper.

The Key Advantages of Honey Sticks

CBD honey sticks have a large number of benefits that make them superior over other CBD products. Following are some of the benefits of these sticks:


The first and most apparent advantage that CBD honey sticks have is that they are easily portable. It is effortless to keep a few CBD honey sticks in your bag and have them as a snack on the go.

Whenever you feel like you need to refresh the taste of your mouth, take a stick out and suck on it as you go.

Not only is it a ready-made snack, but it is also healthy compared to other on-the-go snacks like candy bars. The easy portability of the CBD honey sticks makes them a great CBD product.

Combined Benefits – Flavor

Another one of the benefits of the CBD honey sticks is that they are formed by the infusion of two extremely beneficial products, and therefore, they offer the best of both worlds. You not only get the vast advantages offered by the CBD, but you also get the benefits that are given by the natural treasure that is honey.

The combination of both of these results in a powerhouse of advantages that make CBD honey sticks a unique treat not only in terms of flavor but in terms of the health advantages as well.

Won’t Get You High

Contrary to popular misconception, CBD honey sticks are not at all psychoactive because they do not have THC (a primary psychoactive component in marijuana). This is the component which gives people the high that cannabis is so famous for.

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On the contrary, the CBD honey sticks are grown from strands which are THC free and are CBD rich.

There are no psychedelic effects, and the honey sticks do not give the people a high.

These CBD honey sticks do not have psychoactive compounds, which is another advantage of these products. The amazingness of hemp terpenes without the high, what else could you want?

According to many reviews of the buyers, the CBD honey sticks are also useful in curing nausea and digestive diseases.

Furthermore, people have reported that these magical sticks have also helped them in calming and bettering their anxiety.

All of these advantages which are related to anatomical are based on a trial and error. Or they have been collected based on reviews from the users. They are not based on any research or scientific pieces of evidence.

Although many users claim CBD honey sticks to have health benefits, these benefits have yet to be proven by scientific studies and backed up by experimental pieces of evidence.

All of these advantages of CBD honey sticks make it pretty evident as to why this product is among one of the most popular CBD products.

Are CBD Sticks Psychoactive?

This question is one of the biggest concerns that people have to the use of CBD honey sticks. The answer to this is a concise no.

These sticks cannot get you high because they do not have the psychoactive agent THC in it.

THC is the primary psychoactive agent present in marijuana, and it is responsible for the high caused by marijuana and for its psychedelic effects.

CBD and extremely low THC strands are used to make these sticks. Hence, there is no need to worry about the CBD sticks having psychedelic effects. Make the smartest choice and start using these fantastic magic straws effective immediately.

The Cons of CBD Honey Sticks

There are not a lot of side effects when it comes to CBD infused honey. Mostly there is just a myriad of benefits that come with the regular use of these fantastic sticks.

There are only two significant side effects of using CBD honey and consequently the straws made from that honey.

One of the significant side effects is the drying of the mouth, which is not that big of a deal because the advantages of CBD honey sticks trump this side effect. This dryness also results in increased thirst of a person.

The other side effect is slightly more severe. If there is frequent use of CBD straws, then it can interfere and affect the liver’s ability to function properly and break down other drugs.

This interference becomes a complication, especially when you are taking other medications along with the honey.

For this reason, it is suggested that a person consults their doctor before officially beginning the use of CBD honey sticks.

A doctor’s consultation and professional opinion make it much safer for an individual to use CBD honey without the fear of side effects.

The Best CBD Honey Sticks of 2019

Some retailers and manufacturers sell sub-standard and artificial CBD honey, which instead of being better for health, turns out to be worse. It is essential that people look for authentic sellers.

In any case, everyone should try these magical sticks unless told otherwise by a doctor because they have little-to-no side effects.

Furthermore, they enhance the taste and nutritional value of a beverage of breakfast item you infuse it in. Easy portability makes it a fantastic snack too.

Some of the authentic and best brands of CBD honey sticks include; Just CBD Honey Sticks which have no additional preservatives and come as jars.

Hemp For Fitness Honey Sticks (which come in assorted flavors) is another famous brand.

Carolina Hemp Company Honey Stix which have fantastic prices and nearly perfect ratings, and The Brothers Apothecary Honey Sticks.

To Sum Up

The people who are new in the world of CBD infused products should make sure that they have consulted a doctor.

Furthermore, the person who is buying the products should make sure that they are bought from a reputable manufacturer or a well-known retailer so that you know that the products are authentic.

Some companies use artificial flavors as well as fillers to make their products look authentic when they are mere dupes. People need to be wary of such providers. These retailers also sometimes use toxic substances that can be derogatory to health as well.

Care should be taken to make sure that the products are completely authentic and from a well-known provider.

As there is no concentration of THC in these CBD honey sticks, they are legal in more than fifty states of the US and people can use them easily.

If you are taking the leap of faith and trying the amazing wonder sticks that are CBD honey straws, make sure that you buy from which reputed manufacture.

One that has lab-tested products so that you do not get sold things that are either dupes or sub-standard.

So many benefits, easy portability and great taste – the question of the use of the CBD honey straws is a no-brainer.

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