There has been a range of studies done in the recent past around the usability and effectiveness of CBD Oil. Each month, the number of UK CBD Oil consumers grow significantly owing to the product’s medicinal use. However, there are several questions that consumers still have with regards to the best quality CBD Oil UK available in the market as well as something that is not too heavy on pocket.

Considering these important questions and to ease consumers’ confusions, our CBD Oil UK experts have done some extensive research on the many different CBD products available in stores and online. After reviewing over 100 products and running them through various tests and quality assurance standards, we bring you the best 10 UK CBD Oil products. The reviews below would help you differentiate between the most viable and effective CBD products from many different hoaxes readily available in the market.

A Glimpse into UK CBD Oil Industry

Until 2016, CBD Oil and various products associated with CBD weren’t as popular in the UK as they are today. One of the main reasons is the government taking up this issue and clearing the controversy around it. In the recent past, with the ministry announcing the usage of CBD products legal nation-wide, the demand and supply both have surged in the UK market with more manufacturer and suppliers entering the business market. It is reported that between 2017 until early 2018, the consumers for CBD Oil in the UK alone rose from 0.12 million to over 0.25 million in just a few months.

In a recent study, World Health Organization released a very comprehensive report on the medicinal benefits of CBD oil, which further endorsed its legality in the UK and modified the policies even further to be more inclusive to its consumption.

A news story published in Forbes recently, also shared that following WHO’s recommendations on the use and effect of CBD products, an international treaty is underway that would help to remove its controlled use and will make it easily available to consumers for a myriad of medical conditions.

Criteria for the Selection of 10 Best UK CBD Oil Brands

As mentioned earlier, we have run these best CBD products through four very important quality benchmarks, which essentially indicate how safe, effective and premium-quality CBD oils they are. We recommend you to have a look at each of these quality standards to understand why these are important and what you should be looking at while buying the UK CBD Oil.

CBD Concentration

Different types of CBD products have different concentration of CBD in them. Products that have high CBD concentrate means that they are strong doses of CBD oil. For beginners, high concentration might not be an ideal way to start its usage; hence it is essential for you to keep an eye on CBD concentration before you pick and choose from the nine best UK CBD oil given below.


Another determining factor for a high-quality and safe CBD product is the kind of ingredients it has. It should be kept in mind that CBD oil UK is free of artificial ingredients. It should have natural components and only then it would ensure maximum benefits.

Organic Farming and Ethical Consumerism

This criterion is pretty straight-forward. Under this, we make sure that the products are sourced in an ethical way and has not been in any way harmful to the environment, human or animals and has gone through organic farming techniques.

CBD Oil Source

And finally, you should know about the source of CBD product and which state it has been produced in. This clarifies if the CBD has been extracted from hemp, as it should be, or not.

Our top picks of 10 Best UK CBD Oil Brands For 2019

Now that we have shared with you a detailed account of safety and high-quality standards for CBD products, let us now bring you the nine best reviewed CBD Oils UK that our team of professionals has done after an extensive research.

1. CBD Life – Best CBD Hemp Oil in UK

CBD Life UK 2000mg-BS-Hemp-Oil

Highlights: CBD Life’s Hemp Oil is very easy to use with a pipette and help maintain your wellbeing. It is available in Oil Spray and Oil Drop categories.
Key Features: The product boasts full hemp extract and it uses CO2 extraction method, which is the safest of all. The absorption under the tongue through capillaries allows the CBD to get directly into the bloodstream. It features natural content of oil, rich in Omega 3, 6, vitamin E and is non-toxic.
Ethical Consumerism: The brand offers safe, natural, 100% non-toxic and non-pyschoactive CBD products and takes pride in the fact and are not afraid of any third-party testing.
Volume: Available in 100 mg and 300 mg per 30 ml
Ingredients: MCT Oil and CO2 hemp extraction
Price: From £24.95 – £89.95

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2. CBD Armour – 10% CBD Oil Silver

CBD Armour – 10% CBD Oil Silver

Highlights: CBD Life’s Hemp Oil is very easy to use with a pipette and help maintain your wellbeing. It is available in Oil Spray and Oil Drop categories.
Key Features: The Silver CBD Oil features cannabinoid concentration above 10% and makes sure that the natural properties of the plant remain unaltered and maintain a full spectrum of cannabinoid content. The hemp seed oil used in its production provides a healthy dose of Omega acids and fatty acids.
Ethical Consumerism: The Silver CBD oil has been produced from carefully selected hemp (cannabis sativa) plant that is organically and is processed only using the best quality extra virgin hemp seed oil. It has also been tested by third-party labs.
Ingredients: The CBD oil has over 10,000mg/100ml of full spectrum cannabinoid content: CBD, CBGA; CBCA; CBC and THCV
Price: £30.00

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3. Hemp Natur – CBD Oil

Hemp Natur

Highlights: The product features carefully extracted premium cold-pressed hemp oil, suitable for men, and women.
Key Features: The hemp plant extract is diluted in cold-pressed hemp seed oil and contains omega 3 fats. CBD oil by Hemp Natur contains a full spectrum of 113 different cannabinoids as well as powerful herbal agents, anti-inflammatory terpenes, and antioxidants.
Ethical Consumerism: It is made from 100% naturally grown hemp plants with no added harmful substances used in the production process.
Ingredients: Contains CO2 extracted cannabis resin. 10 ml packaging contains 250 drops and 10 % of pure cannabidiol (CBD).
Price: £33.00 – £68.90

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4. CBD Queen – Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD Queen – Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Highlights: This full spectrum CBD oil contains a wide range of cannabinoids including CBD, CBG & CBN for a true CBD entourage effect.
Key Features: The brand features organically grown hemp, oils are 100% natural and pure, which produces a powerful supplement with a huge range of health benefits. Contains under 0.2% THC.
Ethical Consumerism: It comes with a 100% guarantee that the CBD Oil is free from chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides or growth hormones of any kind.
Ingredients: Hemp Extract (Cannabinoids) 1500mg, Organic Hemp Seed Oil
Price: From £17.99 – £107.99

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5. Hempura – Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Hempura – Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Highlights: This full spectrum CBD oil contains a wide range of cannabinoids including CBD, CBG & CBN for a true CBD entourage effect.
Key Features: Key features for Hempura’s CBD product include 2.50mg CBD per single drop, cannabinoids & terpenes richness and Full-spectrum extract that has less than 0.05% THC content.
Ethical Consumerism: The brand provides lab certificates for every batch that it manufactures and sells and welcomes customers to easily search the batch number found on the rear of their product on the brand’s database.
Ingredients: Cannabis sativa hemp extract, cannabis sativa hemp oil
Price: From £19.99 – £64.99

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6. Amma Life – CBD Oil

Amma Life – CBD Oil

Highlights: Amma Life’s CBD Oil is laboratory tested and contains 4% strength of CBD and the naturally occurring full spectrum of terpenes.
Key Features: The CBD extract by Amma Life is infused with herbs and extra terpenes that includes lavender, citrus, turmeric and black pepper extract and is easy to consume. It can easily be absorbed by the body.
Ethical Consumerism: The brand boasts its products to be within the legal requirements for the sale of hemp and the extracts are taken from licensed and industrial hemp.
Ingredients: CO2 extraction, terpenes & olive oil. 0% THC
Price: The 4% CBD oil is available from £34.99 – £89.00

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7. Canna CBD Oil

Canna CBD Oil

Highlights: Canna CBD Oil and all of the brand’s products are tested to the highest standards and are proven non-psychoactive.
Key Features: The CBD Oil is certified as below the legal limits of THC content that gives the consumers the necessary assurance on the legality of the product as well as that it is safe to consume in daily life.
Ethical Consumerism: Canna CBD’s CBD Oil is produced in a clinically clean laboratory in the heart of Essex, UK. It is produced using the finest European spec industrial Cannabis Sativa, sourced from a regulated farmer in Spain.
Ingredients: Cannabinoids, low concentration of CBC, CBG, and CBN
Price: The full spectrum bottle is available from £19.99 – £39.00

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8. Vsavi – UK CBD Oil

Vsavi – UK CBD Oil

Highlights: Vsavi’s CBD Oil UK is 100% vegetarian and ethanol gluten free and has no added flavours.
Key Features: In Vsavi’s CBD Oil, you will find all the cannabinoids, vitamins and minerals, terpenes, flavonoids and other nutrients to be natural as found in the plant and is combined with 100% Organic Olive Oil.
Ethical Consumerism: CO2 extraction is done from high-grade hemp resin
Ingredients: A 1000mg bottle contains 100% Organic CBD 100 mg/ml (1000mg in 10ml), Organic High-Grade Olive Oil, 34% Terpenes, 66% CBD, a wide range of essential minerals and vitamins, other cannabinoids, (cannabicyclol, tetrahydrocannabivarin and cannbichromevinaric acid), THC content less than 0.2%
Price: The full spectrum bottle is available in £49.99 

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9. PURCBD– Hemp Oil

Purcbd oil

Highlights: All the CBD products by PURCBD have been produced from the whole plant compounds to create a full spectrum mix that buzzes with healthy cannabinoids.
Key Features: The hemp oil by PURcbd is proven to reduce behaviour disorder, it restores balance and reduces anxiety.
Ethical Consumerism: It is 100% organic industrial hemp, which is tested in the lab for quality and potency. PURcbd also offers a money back guarantee.
Ingredients: Hemp Extract, MCT Oil, Essential Oils, Natural Flavors
Price: From £39.99 – £99.99

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10. CBDPure – UK Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

CBDPure Hemp Oil

Highlights: You will find all necessary Cannabinoids in CBDPure hemp oil. It is full spectrum cold pressed CBD to preserve the ingredients inside.
Key Features: CO2 extracted and focus is on offering maximum purity in an oil. It means you will reap maximum benefits without any side-effects.
Ethical Consumerism: The brand follows the organic standards in farming, harvesting, and in packaging process. CBD oil is made with non-GMO hemp. Openly showing their lab results on the landing page.
Ingredients: Natural hemp flavors, CBD, less than 0.3% THC
Price: From $29 – $124

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best UK CBD Oil

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis, historically, has been used medicinally to assist sleep, pain, especially arthritis or chronic, to relieve anxiety, and other behavioural and mood disorders. 

Is there any pesticide found in the UK CBD Oil?

No pesticides are used to grow the hemp plant from which CBD is extracted.

What is hemp extract and how it is different from UK CBD Oil?

Hemp extract is the extract from which CBD oil is taken out. Hemp oil is derived from the hemp plant, which contains cannabinoids including the two popularly known components: THC and CBD. On the other hand, the oil that is extracted from hemp oil that has high concentration of CBD Oil and insignificant traces of THC comes to be known as CBD oil in the UK.

How much THC content should ideally be present in the UK CBD Oil?

Ideally, zero to 0.3% THC content in UK CBD Oil is acceptable. THC content more than that is harmful to use.

What is the major difference among the three – cannabis, marijuana and hemp?

Cannabis, marijuana and hemp, all represent cannabis plant. Only hemp or industrial hemp is the one that has low level of THC and is useful for pain and other behavioural disorders.

Is CBD oil legal in the UK?

Yes, under the most recent MDR 2018 memorandum, it is legal to make cannabis- based products available for consumption for medicinal use.

Does purchase of CBD oil in the UK require a prescription?

While the sale and consumption of CBD Oil is legal in the UK, it should ideally be prescribed by specialists who are experts in it and prescribing it to the patients for medicinal purposes.

What is the safest way to produce CBD oil in the UK?

The CO2 extraction technique is the safest and most effective to produce CBD oil.

Can CBD oil interfere with other medicines?

Some medicines may interfere with the content of CBD oil and you may not get the intensity of outcome that you expect out of CBD oil. It is recommended to read through the guide and look for drugs that may have an effect on your CBD intake.

Should I use maximum concentration of CBD is I am a beginner?

Definitely not. You should start with less concentrated CBD oil and gradually move towards more concentrated ones.

Which related CBD products are available in the UK?

CBD is available in various forms in the UK including oil, edibles, capsules, tinctures, syrups, etc. You should take whichever form you are comfortable with.

Can I carry CBD oil on a plane in the UK?

You can definitely carry CBD oil on a plane in the UK as its consumption is legal in the country. However, you must ensure that the THC content in your CBD Oil remains less than 0.3%.

What does CBD oil cure?

CBD Oil cures various types of pains including chronic and arthritis, asthma, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, depression, seizures, bipolar disorder, stress, anger and any mood or behavioural disorders.

Is CBD oil safe?

CBD oil is 100% safe and is recommended by researchers who have done extensive studies in this area. You should only look for the four defining quality standards given on this page.

How much does CBD oil cost in the UK?

CBD products are generally available in a range of prices and depending on the volume you are buying.

Does CBD oil make you feel intoxicated?

Not at all! It doesn’t contain any psychoactive contents, which are usually found in marijuana.

Is CBD available online in the UK?

Yes, the 10 best UK CBD brands listed on this article are easily available online with necessary guarantees.



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