Dragon Kratom – Reveal The Distressing Truth Of This Strain

Kratom has become popular during recent years, and several suppliers sell unique blends and mixes of various kratom types so people can benefit from them.

The company introduced Dragon Kratom in the market as a new name that became very famous and today, many suppliers sell their blends of Kratom by this name.

Dragon Kratom was a name chosen for the product by a company named as Maya Distribution. This supplement is sold all over America and other parts of the world as well. Due to the success of this name in the market, nowadays many vendors are selling Kratom powder, Kratom tea, and capsules by this name.

Maya Distribution LLC imported Kratom from South East Asia, where this plant grows in abundance. It was processed into powder, capsules, and extracts and is available in bottles of different colors with the famous dragon logo even today.

The name of this brand is Dragon, and it has become a name used for an excellent blend of Kratom.

Kratom is a supplement that has been used for centuries and has now made its way into the global markets. The different kinds of kratom have a disparate impact on users.

This is why many sellers have adopted this name and have also started selling mixes of kratom with the dragon logo on their packing.

Is Dragon Kratom A Strain Or Is It A Vendor-Given Name?

The name Dragon kratom is not the name of the kratom but was, in fact, a marketing strategy to differentiate its products from the competitors.

Due to its popularity, several sellers in South East Asia have also added this name to their list of products. This name has become popular, and many users call kratom by this name only.

It was not a common name of kratom varieties with other manufacturers.

However, since this blend became popular, many seller and vendors started using this name for the kratom mixes they created. These kratom supplements is a mix of two or three different kinds of kratom.

The herb grows in various countries in the South East Asian region; therefore, they have different effects. The Dragon Kratom brand offers red, green and white kratom supplements, which are a mix of different types of kratom to enhance the results and reduce side effects.

Where Does Dragon Kratom Originate From?

The Kratom strains come from the mature plantation of the herb. The climate of its nativity and the nature of the soil contribute to the high alkaloid content of these strains.

The company imported this Kratom especially from Malaysia and after then Thailand and Indonesia. These countries are ideal growth locations for the Red, Green and White Kratom.

1) Red Dragon Kratom

The Red Dragon Kratom is the most intense and effective type of blend that is the favorite of many users. This mix of kratom is a new variation since most of the kratom strains available in the market are from Indonesia. It is very similar to Red Bali kratom or Borneo Kratom.

It has been correlated with caffeine as it energizes and also has calming effects. If you see the Red Dragon Kratom powder, you will notice a reddish shade, and that is why it is called red kratom.

The uses of this kratom type make it unique since it can reduce most of the disorders people face today.

Stimulation: Red Dragon Kratom is an energizing strain and charges your nervous system. It makes you alert and invigorates your senses. This quality of the red kratom makes it similar to caffeine.

Sedation: The red strain is famous for its calming effect. It soothes your system and makes you feel relaxed. The sedation is not intense but will make you feel as if you have no worries or stress.

Pain Killer: The Red Dragon Kratom is much like the red vein kratom that relieves pain and makes the user feel free and at ease. The best kind of strains are used to formulate the Red Dragon Kratom, and it helps in fast relief of pains and aches.

Stress Relief: When a user has no pain and feels sedated, it will reduce stress. Once a person handles stress-free, the mind is alert and works better.

Sharp Mind: A person using Red Dragon Kratom can work better as the mind becomes alert. As a result, consumers feel as if they can do more work and feel energized.

2) Green Dragon Kratom

The Green Dragon Kratom is a variety of the kratom strains that are processed and packaged by a company and distributed in open markets. It has become a choice for numerous consumers since it has a lot of qualities.

The green kratom has a lot of classes that make it a priority choice for countless people. The unique quality of the green strain is that it helps with opium addiction treatment. Apart from this, there are many benefits to the green supplement.

Energy Boost: The Green Dragon Kratom invigorates the senses and makes users feel energetic. The user can indulge in more physical activities with better performance.

Anxiety Relief: The people who suffer from anxiety can benefit from the use of Green Dragon Kratom. It calms the nerves and reduces restlessness, which helps people focus on their tasks.

Insomnia Relief: Green Dragon Kratom helps regulate the sleep cycle. A person suffering from sleeplessness and exhaustion can feel better through healthy sleep with this kratom variety.

Muscle Relaxant: If you are suffering from any muscular inflammation or pain, the Green Dragon Kratom is for you! It relaxes muscles to make you feel good and carry on with your daily routine effortlessly.

3) White Dragon Kratom

This strain is known as the ‘mood setter’ as it prepares you to face each day with a good mood. This strain is a blend of two famous strains, the White Maeng Da and the White Elephant. The two types of Kratom grow in Indonesia. The White Dragon Kratom has some beneficial effects on the body.

Mood Lifting: The white strain helps in lifting your mood by soothing the nerves and energizing the senses.

Anti-Depressant: The white strain helps people who are depressed by giving them a boost. It is helpful for those who suffer from depression.

Energy and Stamina: The increase in power also causes strength to increase. The White Dragon Kratom is famous as it aids people with less physical and sexual endurance.

Cognitive Support: The strain helps with better cognitive function and makes you alert. People like this blend as it does not sedate them and keeps them active all day long.

Are The Dragon Kratom Varieties The Same As The Others Available?

The Red, White, and Green Dragon Kratom grows in Malaysia and parts of Thailand.

The capsules and powder available with this name are pure kratom and may be different than the other types of kratom available in the market. However, these supplements are natural and not mixed with any chemical.

Why Is Dragon Kratom More Potent?

The market offers several types of Kratom that are pure and consistent. The Dragon Kratom varieties are blends of different kratom types. These supplements are more potent as they balance out results of all kinds of kratom mixed.

Moreover, the side effects of the two or more types of kratom cancel out with each other. For example, the White Dragon Kratom has Maeng Da and White Elephant strain.

One is sedative while the other is an energizing supplement. When mixed, the White Dragon Kratom becomes a mood-lifting supplement without any restlessness or sedation!

Should The Dosage Of This Supplement Be Different Than Others?

Many people think that since the Dragon Kratom blend has different types of Kratom supplements, a smaller dose may be better. The Dragon Kratom supplements are safe, and you can use it according to your likeness. Optimum dosage is of about 2 to 3 teaspoons.

Health Concern

In 2018 the company recalled all stock of Red, White, and Green Dragon kratom since it was contaminated. The company discovered that salmonella contaminated kratom supplements, which could be extremely harmful to consumers.

The Food and Drug Administration issued a notice that indicated the contamination and asked the company to recall all sealed bottles of the supplement. All the stock was lifted from the market, closing down the supply of Dragon Kratom from Maya Distribution LLC.

The step shows that the FDA, as well as the company, are focused on providing consumers with good quality supplements. When you buy your dose of Kratom, you can rest assured that it is of good quality and safe to use.

What More About This?

The Dragon Kratom comes in plastic bottles with a fancy logo of a dragon. The bottles come in various sizes. The color of the label is according to the type of Kratom. The kratom powder is available in pouches. These airtight pouches ensure that the product remains fresh.

On popular websites and online shops like Ketum Superior Kratom, you can find the Red Dragon Kratom, 28gram bag for $9.95. A 100g pouch will cost around $24.95. This price is lower than many strains available online and in the market while you get the benefit of multiple varieties of Kratom.

Ketum Store

User Reviews

The users of Red, White and Green Dragon Kratom have some great things to say about it! Some users have experienced pain relief from it, while pharmaceutical medication wasn’t helping them.

Some users have called it magical as the Kratom supplement has given them the tranquility and stress-free euphoric feeling that they wanted.

Regular users of the Dragon Kratom have called it a savior as it is useful in eliminating several issues and makes them feel better.

The White Dragon Kratom is a calm supplement that makes users more sociable. Most of the people who have used or are using Dragon Kratom recommend others to use it too.

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