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The growing popularity of CBD oil has also led to several different CBD oil brands and stores springing up. Finding the perfect CBD oil store can be a daunting task as there are many flooding the market.

Choosing the ideal CBD oil is not only crucial for the quality of the oil but also the authenticity of the oil. From affordable pricing to clean and quality extraction methods, various factors would affect which store is best for you.

To make sure that you find the store that caters to all your requirements, we have compiled this list of the top CBD oil stores in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is also one of the places with the laxest laws with regards to marijuana, which is perfect for the fun-loving teens and the liberal environment there. Illegal industrial hemp-derived CBD, however, is commonly being sold illegally in Los Angeles, which requires buyers to be careful of what they get. It is recommended you always ensure your retailer is licensed.

After you pick a licensed retailer, you can then select which type of CBD oil suits you best, Isolate or Full Spectrum. You will be surprised by the uses CBD oil can have, from helping you sleep to relieving pain. Its applications have made athletes use it instead of Ibuprofen. This is why if you are looking for quick relief from pain or anxiety, CBD oil will help you best.

Where Is It Located?

Located at 1757 Hillhurst Ave Los Angeles, CA 90027 This is a top-notch retailer for CBD oil.

What To Expect?

CBD Kratom offers you the most extensive collection of Kratom and CBD products in the entire Midwest. This means that no matter what you need CBD oil for, you will have a product that meets those needs.

Not only does this allow you to choose from a wide variety of products, but it also gives you peace of mind since you will be making a thorough decision. Carrying over 45 strains of Kratom, you will not leave this store empty-handed.

Alongside high-quality products and a wide variety of products, CBD Kratom also has professional staff. Being knowledgeable and helpful this staff will guide you to the product that will resonate with you best.

Anything Special

For increased accessibility, CBD Kratom also offers an online selection of its products alongside the physical store. If you can’t visit the brick and mortar location, you can view their online collection on their website.

Another unique feature of CBD Kratom is the fact that they ship you the products discreetly in plain packaging in case you want to keep it that way.

Price Range

The pricing at CBD Kratom is affordable with prices for CBD oils ranging from as low as $29.95 to $149.95.

MedMen Downtown Los Angeles

2) MedMen Downtown (DTLA)

Where Is It Located?

The downtown MedMen store is located at 735 S Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90014, and not a lot of stores can compete with it.

What To Expect?

With a team of professional retail experts, agricultural experts, and marketing experts, you can expect nothing less than the best from MedMen with regards to their services.

Their highly qualified staff is going to offer satisfactory services as a lot of people working at MedMen have firsthand experiences and stories to share with regards to cannabis.

When it comes to quality, MedMen does not compromise as it is using the most efficient growing facilities. These facilities use the latest agronomic technology and sustainable techniques, which provides the highest quality CBD oil to its consumers.

At the same time, MedMen is one of the largest financial supporters of pro-cannabis legislation.

Anything Special

One of the unique features of MedMen that attracts customers is the fact that it gives a 10% off on your first purchase. This discount is a buying incentive for many.

Pricing Range

With prices as low as $30, affordability is not an issue when it comes to CBD oil from MedMen.

Green Earth Collective Los Angeles

3) Green Earth Collective

Where Is It Located?

Being located at 4801 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042 Green Earth Collective might be the best place to get CBD oil from near you.

What To Expect?

Since Green Earth Collective was established in 2007 to serve the patient community, you should expect the highest quality services and products when it comes to CBD oils.

By specializing in indoor and outdoor cultivation, this store and its team have a long-standing experience which will make sure you are not disappointed.

With over 50 years of combined experience, the staff at Green Earth Collective knows precisely what it’s doing. By taking upon the responsibility to educate the customers of the benefits of cannabis, Green Earth Collective and its team will make sure you have all the information you need to invest in CBD products.

Anything Special

What makes this dispensary stand out is its group discount feature which is currently giving Veterans 10% off on all products. This discount becomes a significant incentive for veterans to invest in these products since they will save a lot of money on big purchases.

Pricing Range

Although the price varies from product to product as different ones have different potencies and features, the overall pricing for CBD oil is relatively reasonable at Geo Earth Collective. You can get CBD oil for prices as low as $32 here.

FireHaus Los Angeles

4) FireHaus

Where Is It Located?

You can get some of the best CBD oils in Los Angeles at 2000 Cotner Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025, where the FireHaus dispensary is located.

What To Expect?

When it comes to cannabis-related products like CBD oil, craftsmanship, and excellence is critical. The team at FireHaus is a highly competitive one, and they excel at making sure that the products you get are tailor-made to your requirements.

Whether you are a veteran when it comes to CBD oil use or a newbie, our team will make sure you are accounted for.

At the same time, FireHaus has a wide array of CBD oils available. So no matter what your problem is, FireHaus has a reliable, quality fix to it.

Anything Special

One of the extraordinary things about FireHaus is the various discounts and deals it offers to its customers. From the 10% discount to first-time buy special discounts to students, seniors, and veterans, they have made sure they have discounts for all.

If you are a medical patient, you can get up to 20% off if you bring in your Doctor’s Rec or MMIC on a Sunday. These exclusive discounts are one of the reasons for the growing popularity of FireHaus in Los Angeles.

Pricing Range

Pricing at FireHaus is done to accommodate all types of customers, which is why no matter what your budget, you will find a suitable CBD oil for you.

LA CBD Los Angeles


Where Is It Located?

At 778N Virgil Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90029, LA CBD will provide you with satisfactory services.

What To Expect?

Aspiring to induce confidence in the quality of products they receive LA CBD the safest yet most advanced extraction methods. Since they have experienced the benefits of CBD firsthand, they will also be able to inform you of the various ways in which CBD can be beneficial to you.

If you are worried about CBD being psychoactive, then you don’t have to worry as you can expect full transparency from LA CBD. The amount of THC in all of its products is stated to be less than 0.3% publicly. This much THC will have little to no effect on your inhibitions or sobriety.

Anything Special

What makes LA CBD exclusive is the range of CBD oils and tinctures present on their website. Their full-spectrum oils come in fruity, minty and earthy flavors and are available in potencies ranging from 500mg to 3000mg CBD per bottle.

Price Range

The wide array of tinctures and oils available automatically result in a range of different prices. CBD oils are starting as low as $30.

King Kush Collective Los Angeles

6) King Kush Collective

Where Is It Located?

This CBD dispensary is located at 8950 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047. It is one of the best CBD dispensaries present in the area.

What To Expect?

Although there are restrictions regarding the recreational use of marijuana in Los Angeles, the dispensaries there are experts in selling their products. King Kush Collective is one such dispensary.

The shopping experience here is one of the best. King Kush Collective makes up for the slightly poor conditions of the building by offering the best quality strains and products.

The employees at the dispensary are well-trained to guide beginners and novices. Consequently, if you are new to using CBD oil, the excellent customer care and guidance at King Kush is tailored to your requirements.

Anything Special

When it comes to CBD, customer care and satisfaction is the key. King Kush does not disappoint when it comes to service. There is free popcorn while you browse along with a free goodie bag to first-time customers. Your browsing experience is made a lot more comfortable with these little things.

Price Range

The CBD tinctures are available at King Kush collective range from $20 to $50. This price range is suitable for customers on a budget.

UrthLeaf CBD Los Angeles

7) UrthLeaf CBD

Where Is It Located?

UrthLeaf CBD is involved with the production of the best CBD products. They are located at 2646 Dupont Drive, Irvine, CA 92612.

What To Expect?

The brand aims to provide consumers with nothing but the best. They have a complete transparency policy and have their test results displayed on their website.

The brand is involved with the supply of quality products at an affordable rate so that everyone can benefit from the natural treasure that is CBD.

Their tinctures are available in three potencies, i.e., 300mg, 900mg, 1800 mg. It is recommended to start with the lowest available potency if you are a beginner and gradually increase the strength of the tincture.

Their CBD oils are unflavored and can be mixed with smoothies, juices, or used independently. Since this online store is centred in Los Angeles you can expect really quick shipping and start using your product almost immediately.

Anything Special

The fantastic quality control at UrthLeaf CBD makes it unique and different from the traditional CBD oils. Their CBD is derived from organic Hemp grown under the best conditions.

Every product is then tested for the presence of toxic pesticides or artificial flavors. Third-party labs conduct these tests, and the results are displayed. The UrthLeaf CBD oil is also compliant with the Farm Bill 2018 and is legal in all 50 states of the US.

Price Range

The price range varies with different oils. It increases as the potency of the increase of the oil. The lowest potency oil (300mg) retails at $34.99.

TeraHemp CBD Los Angeles

8) TeraHemp

Where Is It Located?

Located at 12114 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, CA 91605, TeraHemp, without any doubt, has one of the best range of CBD oils currently available.

What To Expect?

TeraHemp is definitely at the top of the list of reliable and trustworthy manufacturers when it comes to CBD products. TeraHemp has the mission to provide the best products all under one roof. Their CBD oils are available in five potencies. These include 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, and 2000mg.

They also make it easier to choose which potency to order because of the presence of several informative articles on their website. Their oils are infused with sunflower lecithin.

This type of oil trumps traditional soy lecithin infused oils because of their friendliness for people with gluten allergies. It is also an online store which is set up in Los Angeles so you don’t have to worry about elongated shipping time if you live in Los Angeles.

Anything Special

TeraHemp is unique in its extensive tests and quality checks. They are focused on providing standard and healthy CBD products to consumers. The various tests and excellent cultivation techniques ensure the best quality products.

Price Range

The price range increases as the potency of the CBD oil increases. The lowest potency oil retails at $44.99, and the highest potency oil is sold at $199.99.

Avenue CBD

9) Avenue CBD

Where Is It Located?

Located on 7559 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, 90046 this is by far one of those places that give you the experience to beat.

What To Expect?

Whether you are visiting the store in person or just shopping online, one thing that you should expect is excellent customer service. While the store itself is beautifully designed and makes browsing to find the product you are looking for, fun, the online store is straightforward to navigate. Its user interface makes browsing and ordering online products effortless and secure.

When it comes to the quality of products, Avenue CBD will not let you down. The team at Avenue CBD is highly-experienced in the art of extraction and culmination of CBD products.

These attributes ensure the quality of products delivered to its customers as the years of experience in dealing with them has evolved Avenue CBD as well.

If you are an online buyer then this is a great choice for you as it is an online store only. It is however based in Los Angeles so you can expect quick shipping.

Anything Special

One of the unique things about Avenue CBD when it comes to CBD oil is that they have an array of all-natural vegan oils like the Coconut CBD oil. These oils are gluten-free, sugar-free, and free of GMO’s, THC or any other toxin. Another unique feature is the subscription which grants a 10% off.

Price Range

Much like any other CBD retailer, the prices do vary with potency and specifications. You can, however, get CBD oil for every budget at Avenue CBD for prices lower than $50.

Discount Pharms CBD

10) Discount Pharms

Where Is It Located?

If you live in Los Angeles, you might be in luck if you reside near 732 E 8th St #103, Los Angeles, CA 90021 where a retail store of Discount Pharms is located.

What To Expect?

If you are looking for high-quality organic, locally-grown Hemp, then Discount Pharms is the way for you to go. Due to its effective extraction methods and CBD processors, you will get nothing less than the best in terms of the quality of the product. Discount Pharms boasts of being the best place to get CBD Isolate from in the whole of Los Angeles.

On the other hand, if you are an online shopper, Discount Pharms offers an extremely easy-to-use and interactive user-interface. Browsing between various products is made a lot easier via this web design.

Since it is an online store based in Los Angeles, for people shopping from Los Angeles they can expect the same day or next day shipping.

Anything Special

The various discounts Discount Pharms offers are one of its unique features. You can find out what the current deals and sales on products are by merely subscribing to Discount Pharms. These discounts will significantly reduce your spending and maximize your utility.

Price Range

The already reasonable prices combined with multiple discounts allow you to get CBD tinctures no matter what your budget is. You can get a CBD tincture for as low as $15 after discounts are in place.

Important Features To Consider Before Buying CBD Oil

When choosing a CBD oil, there are specific essential considerations that you need to make or else your experience with CBD is likely to be an unpleasant one. These few factors that you need to consider are what combine and determine the quality of the product you get.

Is The Product Tested?

This is perhaps the most crucial consideration to make as it impacts your wellbeing. To find out if a product has been tested, you can either find the lab report on their website or formally request a lab report from them.

If your request is declined and you can’t find a lab report on the site either then it is advised you do not buy products from that brand. The reason for that is that a test determines a lot of things, from having the stated amount of cannabinoids to the safety of the product.

Buying CBD from a brand that is not transparent can result in your wellbeing being harmed. When finding these lab reports, it is also imperative to make sure that a third party conducts these tests. An in-house analysis is likely to be biassed and not accurate.

An accurate test will tell you whether or not the product contains contaminants and whether or not it contains the same amount of cannabinoids as stated by the brand.

Are The CBD Products Legal?

Although CBD infused products and THC are legal in most states, the legality is reasonably regulated. For a CBD product to remain legal, it needs to have a specific amount of THC.

Although this varies from state to state the maximum amount of THC allowed can be from 0.3% to 0.5%. This is also the amount of THC which is safe to use and will not induce any psychoactive reactions.

When buying CBD products always make sure that the THC levels in it are compliant with your state’s laws.

The Type of CBD That Best Fit To Your Needs

This is the one factor that will impact your experience with CBD in the most direct way. CBD products or CBD oil is not isolated to one type.

There are multiple different types of CBD oils you can get for various purposes. If you are looking for a pure CBD extract devoid of other cannabinoids, then Isolate CBD is what you should go for.

On the other hand, if you are looking for CBD with all other cannabinoids, including THC present, then Full-Spectrum CBD should be your first choice.

Finally, if you have a mixed opinion on things and you want all other cannabinoids but no THC, then Broad Spectrum CBD should be perfect for you. To find a CBD product that resonates best with you, you need to consider all of these options as well as what you need CBD for.

CBD oils are at times made for specific purposes, for instance, the effects of CBD oil for depression will vary from the effects of CBD oil for chronic pain.


1) Is CBD Oil Legal To Carry In Los Angeles?

The use of CBD oil is legal in Los Angeles, which is why it is also permissible for you to carry it. If you are thinking of taking it on a plane; however, you might run into a few hurdles as there are a few unclear requirements you would need to meet.

2) Does CBD Make You High?

An authentic CBD product that is made under the legal guidelines will not make you high. This is because the amount of THC in it will be 0.5% at most, which will not result in any psychoactive reactions.

3) Can CBD Make You Fail A Drug Test?

This is again dependent on the amount of THC in your CBD product. CBD alone should not show up on a drug test. On the other hand, if enough THC is present in the CBD product, then it will show up on a drug test.

4) In What Forms Is CBD Available?

CBD is available in a wide array of forms. From oils and tinctures to creams and capsules. It is also available in the way of edible items. The most popular CBD products, however, are oils and capsules which are used most often.

5) How Much Is CBD Safe To Consume?

The amount of CBD dosage you should consume is dependent on several factors; your body weight, biological chemistry, the condition you are treating and the potency of CBD you are using.

It is best to get a recommendation of dosage from a doctor to make sure you don’t do it wrong.

If your doctor refuses to give a recommendation, you can start with a small dosage like 20-40mg per day and gradually increasing it.

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