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Don’t let the anxiety get better of you… Sunday Scaries gummies are here to the rescue!

The weekend is a welcome respite from the hectic routine for most millennials. Sunday is when you plan to expunge all the stress and anxiety of the week and just relax and unwind so that you can charge up to battle the Monday blues, right?

But, here is the dilemma of our generation. Exam stress, workload, and the mere thought of working all week long can ruin your Sunday (hence the Sunday Scaries).

Most people suffer from anxiety in one form or other. But according to the Monster, 76% of American suffer from work-week anxiety AKA Sunday Scaries.

The funny thing about anxiety is, the more you think and try to control it, the more anxious you get!

And when I get anxious, I tend to overdose on the sweet stuff. So why not control your anxiety with something sweet and delicious like (drum roll) the canna-infused gummy bears by Sunday Scaries!

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Type Of CBD Gummies The Brand Is Selling

Vitamin gummies are popular because it combines nutrition and taste, and you get to eat sweets to your fill thanks to delicious flavors. I mean it’s a win-win situation for us.

The Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are same except for the fact that they contain cannabis that helps you fight the anxiety and stress and also helps if you are having trouble falling asleep at night.

Imagine getting all the benefits of CBD without getting high and that too in the form of delicious gummy bears? It’s a treat, trust me!

Sunday Scaries gummies come in different flavors and one bottle contains 20 gummies. They taste delicious, and there is no strong aftertaste which you usually experience with CBD oil.

The gummies are organic and do not contain any artificial flavors. In fact, the Sunday Scaries gummies include vitamin B12 and Vitamin D13 along with coconut oil which makes them nutritious as well.

The type of CBD Used by the brand is full-spectrum, which means the CBD oil doesn’t contain any THC traces.

Two types of gummy bears are available by the brand.

Vegan AF

The vegan version of CBD gummies is perfect for people who are allergic to gelatin. Vegan AF gummies don’t contain gelatin or any animal-derived ingredients. It has this crystallized outer layer and tastes yummy. The ingredients contain organic sugar, organic sunflower oil, vitamin D3, Vitamin B 12, and full-spectrum CBD oil.


These are the regular gummies and comes with gelatin. The outer part is smooth and not crystallized. The taste of both gummies is somewhat the same. It contains coconut oil instead of sunflower oil.

How Ethical Is The Brand?

The brand Sunday Scaries was created by Mike and Beau, who loved how CBD helped them manage their stress and work-related anxiety. Unable to trust the CBD brands in the market, they decided to open up their own CBD Company.

The Sunday Scaries brand is meant for people from all walks of life. The mantra here is to create products to help people with different forms of anxiety and make life more comfortable.

Sunday Scaries source their Hemp directly from the US. The Hemp is grown in accordance with 2018 Farm bill and under strict regulations.

The transparency of Any CBD brand lies in the Lab results. The Sunday Scaries brand website shows their Lab result if you scroll all the way down the page. Under the products tab is the option “Lab Results.”
The last Lab result was updated in September 2018.

The Sunday Scaries website is pretty cool and attractive. It is easy to use and shop around. They let you sign up for monthly subscriptions that offer generous discounts on various products.

According to the Users, the Sunday gummies help them big time to manage their anxiety and sleeplessness.

Important Facts About CBD Gummies

Past few years have seen exponential growth in the CBD industry. The effect of CBD on the wellness industry is far-reaching and revolutionary.

There is on-going research on CBD, so we don’t have any concrete evidence about the real effects and the experts are still skeptical whether or not the CBD is “golden miracle of the Medicine.”

The oral form of CBD is more effective as it directly gets absorbed in our bloodstream and works faster to provide the much-needed relief.

The anti-anxiety and therapeutic properties of CBD has forced the Brands to experiment and maximize the benefits it contains.

CBD tinctures, Oils, Vape, pain cream and Now CBD infused gummies are all a step forward for a better mental and physical health.

The non-addictive gummies are organic and contain all-natural ingredients, which makes them a healthy alternative if you are suffering from social, financial, or any anxiety.

The CBD gummies are legal in all 50 states. The easy to take gum drops provide you with calm perspective so you can conquer yet another hectic day confidently and smoothly.

Sunday Scaries CBD gummies Pros and Cons


  • Free shipping on all the products
  • An effective and delicious way to manage anxiety and stress
  • No aftertaste
  • Attractive packaging
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Easy to carry around


  • Expensive as one bottle contains only 5-6 dosages


Each gumdrop contains 10mg of CBD. The bottle contains 200 mg CBD.

For user: The dosage varies from person to person. For some people taking 1-2 gummies per day works fine and keeps them calm throughout the day while some others have to take 1-2 gummies a few times a day.

It is better to start with 1-2 gummies before bed or 10-15 minutes before you are to encounter a stressful situation.

Great, Will CBD Gummies Work For My Anxiety and Stress?

So here is the deal.

CBD is a relatively new product, especially from the medical point of view. The use of CBD in medicine and to cure different ailments is still an undergoing process.

There is little research to back up all the mighty claims that the brands are making. But then what about people who swear by CBD products?

Anxiety is a terrible thing, and people who suffer from it knows how it can suck the life out of you slowly and gradually.

So ask yourself this question: would you prefer anti-depressants or you would rather choose something natural to cope up with your anxiety?

I mean there are no side effects, and what do you have to lose seriously. On the bright side, lots of anxiety patients rave about the benefits of CBD. And with Sunday Scaries CBD gummies, you can satisfy your sweet tooth as well as battle your anxiety.

Key Specifications

  • 1-3 gummy bears per dosage
  • 10 mg CBD per gumdrop
  • Hemp sourced from the US
  • Attractive packaging and easy-to-take gummies
  • Helps curb work, social, financial anxiety, and pressure. Let’s you sleep peacefully.
  • Gummy bears absorb in the bloodstream faster compared to other Topical CBD products.
  • Doesn’t help with pain relief because of the low dose of CBD per gumdrop.
  • No subscription needed to get the CBD gummies.

Wrap up

If you want to give Sunday Scaries gummies a try, you should start by ordering a single bottle.

That way you will get to know if the gummies are suitable for you and are they really helping you manage the anxiety.

Sunday Scaries also offer 13 % discount to its monthly subscribers. After the first bottle, you can always sign up and become a member and enjoy the discount.

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