Are you on the road to ordering Kratom for yourself from an online store? You have landed on the right page that will help you get all the information about the best brand for Kratom.

Recently, I started drinking Kratom, which made me search a lot about online brands for Kratom. I ordered my first batch from Soap Korner, which I found through a friend.

This review is all about the key features of Soap Korner to help you make the right decision for yourself. There are rarely any authentic online Kratom brands, so you might want to read this full review.

When I started searching for Kratom online, I came across many vendors who were dealing in Kratom. Being new to it, I did not know much about Kratom, which led me to trust almost any brand.

My first two online experiences proved to be the worst due to which I took help from a friend to find authentic and genuine Kratom online.

This was when I came across Soap Korner. I am writing this review to let people know if they can trust Soap Korner or not. Hope you find this review any helpful!

About The Soap Kratom

Soap Korner is a brand that offers not only Kratom but also high-quality Moringa and other skin products as well. They also excel in producing the best quality teas coming from different parts of the world for their convenience.

The best thing about Soap Korner is that all their products are handmade and free from the chemicals. Not just ordering Kratom, you can also learn about Kratom on their online platform.

The aim of Soap Korner is simple, to reach as many people as they can and help them to become well and healthy.

Key Features Of The Brand

You cannot decide for a brand unless you are aware of all their features. There are a lot of things apart from the quality of their Kratom that needs to be mentioned in this review.

In this review, I have tried to sum up all the factors that need to be discussed. Read the full review to know everything about this brand!

1) Product Form and Range

Soap Korner deals in Kratom teas, which is in the form of crushed leaves. You can find a wide variety of Kratom leaves on the website of the brand, from where you can order the strain of your choice.

You can get Kratom as a sampler as well, so you can check if this Kratom suits you or not. You can also purchase Kratom in gold, green, red, yellow, and white strains at different rates.

They also sell Kratom crushed leaves. If you wish to try it in a small amount first, then you can order their sampler that comes with six ounces of Kratom powder from six strains. Apart from it, their second sampler includes another ounce of Maui Waui and Red blend.

You can get different white strains from the brand, for instance, in Sumatra, White MD, White Borneo, White Hulu, and White Kapo. You can order gold strain from Bali. The yellow strain types include Borneo, Vietnam and Yellow Elephant.

The red strain types include Bali, Borneo, Horn, Indo, Kapo, Sumatra, Super, Thai, Red MD, and Red Elephant. Lastly, the green strain types include MD, Sumatra, Super Green, Hulu, and Borneo.

2) Price Range

Soap Korner is one of the most reasonable brands that I came across during my search for Kratom. You can order their products in different weights.

The starting price of their white, red, green, gold, yellow strain starts from $11.40 and can be as high as $109.95. You can order products in 500gm split, 10oz, 125gm, 250gm, 500gm or 1000gm.

In case you want to order in 500gm split, do not forget to mention 250gm in the notes. You can order their sampler under $50. At Soap Korner, a regular and a seasoned customer, both can order products for themselves.

3) Lab Test Report

If you doubt the authenticity of Soap Korner, then you can check the independent lab test reports posted on their official website. The reports show that the Kratom sold by Soap Korner is true and genuine in every sense.

4) AKA GMP Qualified or Not

Soap Korner is AKA GMP qualified, which shows that they manufacture Kratom most cleanlily and safely to secure it from any damage. Once you try their herb, your tongue will vouch for its authenticity.

5) Are They Making False Claims On Their Blog Or Product Description?

Soap Korner is an authentic product and does not fake their identity on social media. It is a trustworthy brand, and you can count on the claims that they make on their website.

When you open their website, you will see a separate section for Kratom that is enough to show that they are not selling Kratom in the dark.

6) Are They Selling With Fake Kratom Names?

No. Kratom products are shown on their website with the same name, and every strain is present in a different category.

7) Customer Feedback On Social Sites

You might not be able to find reviews on their official website, but when you start searching for them, you will find a lot of positive reviews on their service.

They sell high-quality Kratom, and all their users have vouched for it. You can find many people praising their customer service, shipment policies, and Kratom quality.

So, if you are new to the Kratom thing, then their good and positive reviews are enough to encourage you.

8) Is The Vendor Active On Social Media?

Yes. Soap Korner is very much active on social media. Apart from its official website, you can find Soap Korner on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The presence of Soap Korner on the social media shows that this vendor does not hide behind a fake name to sell Kratom, but is rather upfront about their products and services.

9) Prices Compared With Competitors

Soap Korner is a reliable brand, and the best thing about it is its prices. Not just in the case of Kratom, Soap Korner is a trustworthy herbalist brand that sells all their products in reasonable rates.

You can easily afford their products, no matter if you are purchasing Kratom or any of their skin products.

You can order in small quantity from them if you have any doubts about them, so make sure to order in small amount first, and then you can order in bulk from them.

10) Payment Options

Soap Korner accepts all the major kind of credit cards so you can easily purchase from them.

11) Shipment

Soap Korner ensures that all their orders are delivered in time, which is why they make their shipments through USPS Priority Shipping.

They usually give a time of around 3-5 days for delivery, but I got my product way sooner than that. Note that, Soap Korner does not deliver in Indiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Rhode Island.

Most of the times, they ship the products on the same day you order them. If you have any queries about the product or their service, you can also contact their customer service executives that are available all the time for excellent customer experience. You can get tracking information about your product by contacting their customer service.

You can either email the vendor with your queries or call them directly to talk to them. As I have mentioned, their customer service is the best you will ever see.

How To Use Soap Korner?

Soap Korner provides Kratom in the form of tea, which is why you would have to drink it like you drink your regular tea. All you have to do is boil water then add tea in it, just like you make your daily tea although you cannot add milk and sugar in it. You can make this tea in the form of green tea so that you can enjoy it in your evening or morning.


To present an overview, Soap Korner is one of the best brands that I have ever come across for Kratom. The product quality and consistency will never disappoint you, and their customer service will capture your heart. You can completely trust Soap Korner with their Kratom if you are new to it.

  • Product consistency and good quality
  • Excellent customer service
  • Various payment options
  • Fast shipping
  • Only tea form Kratom available
  • Do not deliver all over the US.

Our Verdict

Finally, Soap Korner is the best brand for your first Kratom test. Visit their website and fill up your cart with their top featured products. Do not get yourself manipulated by the scams on the internet that sells low-quality Kratom on their online stores.

Always look for the best quality when you search for Kratom as low-quality can impose grave effects on your health. Get yourself your first batch of Soap Korner Kratom today and enjoy drinking the tea on a beautiful evening.

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