Kratom Wave is based in Austin, Texas. The brand appears to be credible and legitimate. They also have a lovely online site, and reviews suggest that the customer service is quite excellent. Accepted forms of payment include Credit Card, Venmo, CashApp, PayPal (upon request), Bitcoin, E-Check, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, Cash-on-Delivery, Bank Transfer, and Zelle Pay.

These factors are indeed important. But other factors should be considered, such as What is the overall quality? Are the products lab-tested? Are the prices high? Below, we will consider these and many more questions.

Key Features Of Kratom Wave

1) Different Forms Of Kratom Offered

Four primary types of products are offered; Tea Powder, Capsules, Extract, and Liquid Shots. There are many strains available, such as Maeng Da Kratom, Bali, Borneo, Malay, Green Vein, Red Vein, and White Vein. Blends and enhanced strains, such as Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI), are also available.

Products are sold in six different quantities; 50 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilo (1000 grams), and 5 kilos (5000 grams)

2) Quality Of The Products Offered

Kratom Wave assures the top-notch quality of their products. They have mentioned how, during farming and manufacturing, one of their main concerns is maintaining the pureness of products. Andrew Coria, the founder of Kratom Wave, genuinely believes that many customers have never actually experienced real Kratom. They must be confident about these claims. The company offers a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee on all orders to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Lab tests were not readily available on the website. However, upon request, I was able to have their latest reports emailed as a pdf file. The reply was quick, definitely a plus in terms of customer service. This company has also garnered over 250+ reviews on Trustpilot. Most of the verified reviews are positive to confirm the high quality of their Kratom.

Also, the fact that they offer free samples shows that they are confident in their products and quality. They have also mentioned that they store their products in air-tight containers to retain the products’ fresh quality.

3) Packaging

The packaging is quite simple and attractive, with appealing designs and colors. Additionally, it is green and recyclable. This feature reflects a good trait of being environmentally conscious.

Kratom Wave considers packaging to be critical when it comes to the quality of their products. They have stated that they comply with strict controls not to damage or contaminate the product.

4) Shipping

Considering the nature of the product concerned, Kratom Wave has assured its customers that they take great care when it comes to shipment. Both international and domestic delivery is offered.

However, there are a few states and countries in the world that they will not ship. The relevant information is mentioned on the website.

Same-day shipping is available Mon-Sat on all orders placed by 3:00 PM (central time). It is worth noting that Kratom Wave’s shipping rates are incredibly fair. They have three tiers of shipping available: USPS First Class (4-9 days) for $5.35, USPS Priority (2-3 days) for $8.65, and USPS Express (1 day) for $28.20.

You’ll receive free 4-9 day shipping on orders over $49.99. Get free 2-3 day shipping is available on orders over $99.99. Wave also includes Free Kratom Samples in orders over $99.

International orders usually take two weeks to deliver. It is important to note that Kratom Wave guarantees your order’s delivery date based on the estimated date of your chosen shipping method.

5) Kratom Alternatives Offered By Kratom Wave

Currently, no alternatives to Kratom are offered. Wave’s focus is Kratom, a competitive advantage that allows them to concentrate on one product exclusively. This strategy ensures that the Kratom they sell is of the highest quality available.

6) Are The Products Provided Lab-Tested, And Is There GMP Compliance?

Kratom Wave has continuously mentioned on its website that lab tests are available upon request. However, it’s difficult to find much info about the tests or this request process.

There is little mention of compliance with GMP Standards. However, the company does discuss on their ‘About Us’ page more about their facility, processes, and procedures, assuring customers that all products and procedures are GMP compliant.

Most Popular Products Offered By Kratom Wave

A popular product by Kratom Wave may be the Maeng Da Kratom strain. This product helps with headaches and relaxes muscles. It helps with depression and anxiety, but it also elevates the user’s mood and improves mental cognition. It also helps the user achieve better sleep and boosts alertness.

Another great product is the White Borneo Kratom. Like Maeng Da Kratom, it also helps the user achieve better clarity and increased alertness. Aside from providing the user with more energy, it can also lead to a euphoric feeling.

Lastly, Green Malay Kratom is another highly-rated product. This product is known to help with digestion. It can also be significantly helpful in pain relief. Not only does it improve mental cognition, but it also boosts physical performance.

Prices Charged By Kratom Wave In Comparison With Competing Brands

The prices charged for the different forms (tea and powder) are the same. The rates will be mentioned according to the quantity. The prices of their primary kratom strains are as follows: 100 grams for $19.99, 250 grams for $34.60, 500 grams for $64.20, 1 kilo (1000 grams) for $114.99, and 5 kilos (5000 grams) for $449.50.

Now let’s compare these prices with a competitor. On average, 1 Kilo of White Maeng Da powder costs about $125. PurKratom charges $180 for the same product and quantity. Kratom Wave is affordable, making its premium quality stand out from similarly priced competitors.

For those who still find these prices high, consider the following points. Firstly, Wave offers discounts and daily sales. They also hold contests and product giveaways on their social media. If you’re not able to find a good deal, there is also a whole separate page dedicated to coupons.

Most importantly, they have a super beneficial rewards program. Fun fact, our team successfully used points for a discount on every order we placed. It was difficult actually to find any info about the finer details of their rewards program, but here’s what we were able to dig up:

Fifty points are automatically earned for creating a new account. Additional points are earned by ordering products. Five points are earned for every $1.00 spent. The savings add up pretty quickly if you’re buying in bulk. Every 50 points redeemed earns a $1.00 discount at checkout with no max on redeemable points—definitely my favorite feature on the site.

Social Media Presence Of Kratom Wave

Kratom Wave has accounts on all the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, and TikTok. They have a team actively managing these accounts. The same cannot be said for other vendors.

There is also the option of receiving emails, should the customer choose to subscribe. Wave often includes a 15% discount or $10 off for subscribing, another good discount source. Aside from sharing their latest promos, the emails also provide important updates about new products.

Does Kratom Wave Make Any False Medical Claims?

On their “About Us” link, Kratom Wave has gone into great detail about Kratom’s history and description. They have even gone into detail about every type of strain. While they have gone into great detail about benefits with using Kratom, no medical claims are made anywhere on the site. It’s worth mentioning the excellent descriptions available on every product page.

Kratom Wave also has a blog on their “Guides” link. Topics like, “What is Kratom?” and “Is Kratom Legal?” are discussed. While these topics may be reasonable to discuss, when one opens such guides, they see so many sub-topics that could be classified as making medical claims. Factors like benefits and dosages are considered.

However, one can also argue that these claims are not specific enough to be classified as making medical claims. Kratom Wave can be defended by saying that they were highlighting general benefits and descriptions to motivate customers to buy.

Another defense could be that Kratom Wave is merely complying with its commitment to remain transparent and provide the public with more information. The “Terms and Condition” section on the website also relieves Kratom Wave from any such liability.

Negative Points Of Kratom Wave

No reference has been made to the American Kratom Association. Participation with this Association could have been proof of the legitimacy of this brand. While Kratom Wave claims to be working on becoming GMP certified by the AKA, there is still no current update.

Their return policy is attractive and represents the values of a genuine vendor…but it may be a little too vague. Here is a quote from their Policy page: “If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it to us at any time for a full refund within 90 days of purchase. Kratom Wave will also cover the cost of return shipping at no expense to the customer.”

There are no alternatives to Kratom offered by Kratom Wave. While this may not be necessary, it does reflect positively on the vendor. Loyal customers of this brand may be disappointed by the lack of options.

They also mention allowing shipments for international orders. However, it appears that they only ship to the US and Canada as of August 2020.

Our Verdict

Kratom Wave can be safely classified as a reliable vendor. While they do lack in product variety, one can reason that more will become available as the company grows over time. That can be said because of the many positive reviews and strong vendor reputation online. It helps that all the classic Kratom strains are readily available for purchase in the store.

The fact that they don’t make misleading claims and are committed to always shipping quality Kratom reflects positively. Especially after reading that they will replace any order that isn’t 100% satisfactory. That level of customer service is unheard of in this industry. Hence, buyers can trust they’re in good hands when choosing to purchase from Kratom Wave.

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