Quantum Botanicals – Lab Tested Kratom Products

Kratom is still a relatively new product in the market. Realizing the impact kratom has on one’s general health and wellness, many new startups have started selling various kratom strains. Among these startups, Quantum Botanicals stands out.

Quantum Botanicals’ reputation precedes them. But is the company really what it seems? Are their products exceptional, or do they sell average stuff? And what about the price?

These are legitimate questions. So, if you are among the people who are in search of answers, hang around as we are going to take a detailed look at Quantum Botanicals.

What is Quantum Botanicals?

Quantum Botanicals is an American company based in Austin, TX. It is considered by many as the leading kratom supplier in the nation.

Aside from delivering, supposedly, the best strains of kratom in the country, the company also pledges to give back to the community. All of this has made Quantum Botanicals one of the most well-recognized kratom suppliers in the States.

Quantum Botanicals: The Good And The Bad

So how is Quantum Botanicals as a company? Are its strains as good as they claim? This is what we are here to find out.

Are Their Strains Safe?

The first thing we need to find out is whether or not Quantum Botanicals’ kratom is safe? To see if the Kratom is safe, we rely on lab test results.

When it comes to Quantum Botanicals, I have to say this:

Their kratom is 100% safe. 

For starters, the company publishes all the test results on its website so anyone can go take a look. And by looking at those results, we can say that their product is as clean as it gets. From heavy metal contents to alkaloid strength, everything is spot on. 

Owing to these findings, the American Kratom Association has rated Quantum Botanicals as a GMP Qualified member.

So what does this mean for the average consumer?

It means even though kratom isn’t certified by the FDA, Quantum Kratom is absolutely safe as long as you are consuming it in small amounts.

Do They Make False Claims?

The kratom scene is soured by companies and people making false claims about their products. This whole scheme of falsely advertising products to sell them quicker has made everyone skeptical about everyone else. Fortunately, this is not the case with Quantum Botanicals.

No matter where you look, online, or in your local community, the company’s track record about false claims and dubious advertising is spotless. There isn’t a single instance where they claimed their product to be anything that it is not. 

Heck, they even mention it on their website that their product doesn’t cure anything. Talk about honesty.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback for Quantum Botanicals is overwhelmingly positive. Some people go as far as to declare them the best kratom suppliers in the States.

Users on famous kratom forums such as Ilovekratom are pretty vocal about their experiences with different brands. And, although there are always bad reviews, the response Quantum Botanicals has gotten from users is excellent. 

From packaging to the actual quality of the products, people love Quantum Botanicals.

Price Comparison

Because of their quality, kratom strains by Quantum Botanicals may cost a little bit more than your average kratom retailer. 

Having said that, the prices aren’t outrageous either. You can get an idea by looking at the following figures:

  • 10g of Quantum kratom capsules go for about $21
  • Powdered leaf, on the other hand, is a little cheaper coming in at $11 an ounce
  • A kilo of said kratom costs about $161

Where To Buy?

Now that you know about the prices, it is a good time for us to tell you that Quantum Botanicals is a wholesale company and doesn’t sell kratom themselves. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even have an online store of its own. 

Honestly, this is not a problem by any means as you can get its kratom from major retail locations across the country. For folks looking to shop online, you can go to crystalriverherbs.net. Crystal River Herbs is the only authorized store that sells Quantum Kratom.

Shipping And Payment Options

If you decide to buy from crystalriverherbs.net there are a couple of things you need to know.

First up, they don’t ship outside the US. This is their standard policy by which any place outside the US if odd-limits.

Secondly, they don’t ship to locations or states where kratom is considered illegal. These places include:

Wisconsin, Indiana, Vermont, Alabama, Arkansas & Rhode Island.

Aside from these locations, they also don’t ship to Sarasota County, FL, San Diego, CA, Jerseyville, Illinois, or Union Co., MS.

Plus, the shipping is free for all orders above $100.

When it comes to payment methods, they only support e-checks. It might be a little inconvenient for some, but considering the general atmosphere around kratom, we can see why credit card payment is supported.

Social Media Presence

Quantum Botanicals does have a social media presence. They operate both on Instagram and Facebook.

Their Instagram handle is quantum_Botanicals. Whereas they operate as quantumteacompany on Facebook. You can reach them by using the above methods, or you can also email them at [email protected].


In short, Quantum Botanicals is one of the, if not the, best kratom suppliers on the market. Their products are sourced naturally from Indonesia, are high quality, and are lab tested to ensure they are up to mark.

Due to their openness and willingness to be consumer-friendly, the American Kratom Association has certified the company as GMP-compliant. 

Keeping all of this in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that they are so highly rated by consumers all over America. Consumers all over the internet agree that their strains are exceptional, and they prioritize customer satisfaction.

And to top it all off, you can buy their products from retail stores as well as online vendors.

So, if you are looking to buy from them and were skeptical, don’t be. Quantum Botanicals is an exceptional company, and you should totally buy from them.



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