Kratom & Alcohol — What Happens If You Mix Them?

Mitragyna speciosa, aka Kratom, has rapidly become a household name in every sector of the health and wellness industry for the past couple of years or so. 

From popping up in major natural health stores to gracing the beauty counters at giant retail stores, the all-natural herbal supplement has clearly made a mark.

You can easily find all sorts of Kratom products today — infused oils, body creams, bath soaks, gummies, tea, capsules, tinctures — you name it.  And now, perhaps unsurprisingly, even alcohol manufacturers have decided to take their piece of the pie by producing Kratom-infused beers, shots, and other alcoholic drinks. 

But the question wandering in all our minds is; Can You Safely Mix Kratom With Alcohol?

This article will discuss what happens when you mix this natural plant with alcohol and whether it is safe to mix the two substances. 

How Kratom and Alcohol Interact With Each Other?

Technically, alcohol is a depressant since it inhibits the central nervous system. But it can also possess some stimulating effects. As for the herb, it’s similar. 

When you consume certain strains like White Borneo and Green Indo, the cumulative effects are energizing and energy-boosting. But strains, including Red Maeng Da and Red Sumatra, have more sedative-like properties. 

The synergetic effects can be incredibly intense and long-lasting because both alcohol and particular strains of the herb decrease your inhibitions. Since this evergreen tree can make you feel super calm, mellow, and lighthearted, taking alcohol simultaneously can intensify those effects. 

For instance, the State Journal states that taking higher doses of Korth daily for a few weeks can lead to better sleep quality and relieve anxiety. Taking alcohol with this all-natural herbal supplement together could amplify these effects and potentially lead to increased sedation and sleepiness. 

But many users also combine the two substances to intensify alcohol’s effects. So if, say, you take a low dose or consume certain strains that have energizing effects, the depressant effect of alcohol will cancel out the stimulant effects of the all-natural herb. This will reduce the efficacy of your Korth dose, causing you to up your intake, which is a problem on its own.

Unfortunately, minimal research is conducted on the interaction between alcohol and the herb. We still don’t properly understand the effects that the two substances might cause when taken together. However, we can withdraw our conclusion based on our understanding of the two substances. 

Are Kratom And Alcohol Safe?

Before we get into the details of how safe it is to mix alcohol with this natural plant, let’s talk about the safety of the two substances individually.  

It’s no secret that excessive alcohol intake can create havoc on nearly every part of your body. But, let’s not forget that several variables come into play here, namely the type of alcoholic drink you’re consuming and the percentage of the alcoholic content. 

As far as Mitragyna speciosa goes, it appears to be generally well-tolerated by the human body. It works well with multiple other natural ingredients, providing it’s formulated in the correct standard, of course. 

What Happens When You Mix Kratom and Alcohol?

Since Mitragyna speciosa (low dose) and alcohol are both relaxing, sedating, calming, and numbing — taking the two substances together can increase their cumulative effects. But don’t get me wrong. By no means does this natural plant possess mind-altering properties. However, its mild sedative effect will still mix with alcohol in a way that enhances them. 

On the other hand, if you were to consume a high enough dose of the all-natural herbal supplemenet that has energizing effects, taking alcohol will potentially cancel out the herb’s stimulating effects. And resultantly, you won’t experience the actual Kratom effects

Typically, the effects of alcohol are more intense if you consume it within three to six hours of taking the herb. Allowing the two substances to interact will lead to a greater loss of coordination, inhibition and a more significant loss of control. Think of it this way when you consume alcohol and Ketum together, your effects will be more intense than if you were to consume them separately.

But just as with trying any new product, particularly one containing alcohol, you should heed utmost caution. 

Furthermore, you must also research the company you’re buying from. And make sure it is trustworthy, reputable, and is transparent with their laboratory test results and ingredients list. 

And again, if you do decide to consume Kratom-infused alcoholic drinks, do so with a taste test and always remember to start small. 

Is It Safe To Consume Kratom With Alcohol?

Countless studies have reported that alcohol may reduce some of the effects of this everygreen tree or cause an amplification of both substances. However, there isn’t enough research available on whether consuming alcohol with Mitragyna can harm your body. 

There had been a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) in 2017 where Kratom and alcohol were found in the system of around 19 people who died of a drug overdose. However, there isn’t enough data to prove that the interaction of alcohol with this herb caused the deaths. But the possibility still can’t be ignored. 

Another factor you should be mindful of when combining the two substances because there is always a risk of contamination. Per the FDA, Kratom products are prone to testing positive for multiple heavy metals, such as lead, nickel, and salmonella. And taking contaminated herbal products with alcohol can lead to side effects unrelated to their personal effects, including kidney damage, high blood pressure, anemia, and nervous system breakdown. 

And the fact of the matter is that the effects of the herb are different for everyone. So, it’s hard to say whether mixing this natural plant and alcohol would have similar effects on everyone. Perhaps you could be okay with consuming the two substances together, but the next person could experience some unpleasant side effects. 

What’s more, the possibility of a negative interaction between this herb and alcohol mainly results from consuming a very high amount of alcohol. Having a few drinks here and there while taking Mitragyna speciosa should be safe for you. 

But again, we don’t have enough research to support our theory of the effect of moderate and occasional alcohol consumption with this herb. And this is why we strongly advise you to be wary of taking both together, especially if you’re unsure of how it will affect you in the long run. 

And if you do decide to take the two substances together, take it slow. Stick to a low amount of each and observe how it’s affecting you to reduce the risks of developing any severe adverse effects. And, If you feel your body is okay with it, you can continue. 

But Wait — What About Kratom Infused Alcoholic Beverages?

Although researchers have failed to deduce the specific results of mixing these evergreen tree leaves with alcohol, it hasn’t stopped manufacturers from coming up with a slew of Kratom-infused beers and cocktails. 

And you’ll be surprised to know these Kratom-infused beers have been making quite the rounds on the internet mainly because it’s a pretty straightforward, convenient, no-fuss way to consume Mitragyna speciosa without the added hassle of chugging down tea and pills. 

The crossover between Kratom and alcohol is still in its initial stage, and the health industry is divided on whether or not it’s safe. Nevertheless, it shows that the interest in this natural plant is increasing rapidly. Considering that no less than two billion people drink alcohol, it presents a market of endless potential. 

And Also — What About Using Kratom To Deal With A Hangover?

It’s difficult to determine whether it’s safe to take the herb and alcohol simultaneously, but what if you want to use it after a night of drinking? Again, there isn’t enough evidence to give a conclusive answer. 

Some users have reported using anywhere from two to five grams of Korth to cure a hangover. While some swear by the herb’s effects to deal with a bad hangover, others say it can potentially worsen your hangover. And what’s more, it causes nausea as well. 

But again, remember that low doses of this all-natural herbal supplement leads to enhanced energy and pain relief. And consuming the herb in high doses is often associated with unpleasant side effects. Perhaps this explains why some users feel this natural plant makes them feel worse after a hangover. 

In case of a hangover, it’s best to continue with the usual hangover protocol, i.e., plenty of hydration and rest. But if you absolutely must take this herb to manage your symptoms, stick to a low dose. 

Can Kratom Reduce My Reliance On Alcohol?

When weaning off alcohol and limiting its consumption, Kratom can have a considerable impact. Because the herb has similar properties to alcohol — namely sedating, calming, and numbing — you can replace your alcoholic beverages with all-natural plant as you gradually transition to becoming alcohol-free. 

Taking Kratom With Alcohol- The Takeaway

Currently, there are no long-term studies available to explore the effects of Kratom and alcohol when consumed together. 

But from what we know so far, it’s difficult to say whether taking this natural plant with alcohol is inherently safe or dangerous. However, that hasn’t stopped Mitragyna Speciosa from finding its way in plenty of alcoholic beverages, especially beer. 

And it’s likely that the interaction of the two substances is different for everyone since everybody reacts differently. While some users can experience adverse side effects, like high blood pressure and sleepiness, others don’t. 

Since research is yet to comprehensively study the interaction between this evergreen tree and alcohol, it’s best to stick to a lower dose of each. And always make sure to get your products from a high-quality vendor. This will minimize your risks of developing compound effects that may result in dangerous side effects, including fainting and lightheadedness. 

Or better still, avoid combining the two substances altogether. Better to be safe than sorry, right?



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