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Despite being a relatively young brand, Mary’s Medicinals has emerged as a pioneer in manufacturing and supplying lab-tested THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and full-spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) products.

In case, if you are wondering, these are the two natural compounds present in Cannabis plants. (Yes, CANNABIS! You read it right!).

Unless you have been lost in the Himalayas, you must be aware that modern medical intervention has led to the legalization of Cannabis in many states and countries.

The legalization was primarily set in place because time and time again, experiments and researches have proved that Cannabis indeed is an excellent ailment for chronic illness as well as mental issues.

The steady growth of Mary’s Medicinals serves testament to the fact that cannabis-based products are the way forward. And there is literally no turning back!

Their innovative plant-based ingredients coupled with the horticulture implementation and cutting-edge technology helps unleash the therapeutic power of this miraculous plant.

The industry-leader is also proud to be at the forefront of manufacturing products rich in CBC, CBN, and THC.

Perhaps, what is truly remarkable is the fact that they have completely transformed the way Cannabis has been consumed lately- in the form of food supplements.

Mary’s breakthrough product suite from ointments to lotions has made it possible for the masses to revel in the pure joy of Cannabis by merely applying it on the skin.

Enough said! Now, let’s have a close look at this award-winning brand, their premium products, and their unparallel benefits to humanity. If nothing else, this detailed guide promises to help you make a more informed decision.

Company Profile

The foundations of Mary’s Medicinals were laid in 2013 by Lynn Honderd (the present co-founder and CEO of the Company and also the head of Mary’s Foundation for Caring).

Their vision (as stated on the site) is to “advance the global acceptance, understanding, and adoption of cannabis,” alongside numerous other plant-based medicines.

Honderd’s immense experience and relentless hard-work paved the way for the Company to become a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade CBD products within a short span.

Their team comprises expert scientists who work closely with some of the top physicians to formulate result-driven cannabis therapies that allow people to reach the full potential of their minds, bodies, and lives.

Discover The Magical Cure of CBD with Medical Mary!

Mary Medicinals also hold the honor of being the first of its kind brand to introduce transdermal hemp products to establish an enduring legacy of CBD elements.

What’s more?

The brand is committed to improving its organic cannabis extraction, manufacturing, and testing processes.

This would, in turn, make sure that their targeted delivery systems are of the highest caliber and offer a wide array of benefits to the masses such as dose control, eradication of conventional smoking and continued release.

Product Line-Up

Mary’s Medicinals offer proven nutraceuticals containing CBD from hemp, THC from the marijuana plant, and various other cannabidiol compounds.

The Company strictly adheres to the following Code of Ethics in all their manufacturing and dealings:

  • Patient First Mentality
  • Industry-Leading Liability
  • Accurate Dosing
  • Scientific-grade delivery
  • Convenient use

Great care is taken to include the right dosage and make up for the lost terpenes. The final product is then prepared following an organic formula to ensure safe and effective treatment, which is ten times more efficient than anything else on the market (as claimed by the Company).

This is because instead of being metabolized by the liver and broken down by stomach acids, they directly enter the bloodstream.

Now let’s explore the brand’s line-up:

1) PAX Pod

To indulge in a fantastic vapor experience, one must try this 100% natural, pesticide-free THC blend. It is produced using 3:1 CBD: THC and 1:1 CBD: CBN and incorporates heat control technology to get a superior flavor.

2) The Remedy THC

The Company takes pride in offering this lime-flavored, highly-concentrated 1000 mg THC tincture in 15 ml bottles giving approximately 60 servings. The graduated dropper gives 16.7mg THC per ¼ mL.

3) Capsules

These 5 mg capsules are sourced from 100-percent plant-based ingredients and can be bought in both CBD and CBN. CBN is effective in treating sleeping issues while CBD cures anxiety and inflammation.

4) Remedy Oil

Produced from the finest US-grown, full-spectrum CBD (500 mg), sweet almond oil, warm cinnamon oil and fresh myrrh oil, no wonder why it qualifies as Mary’s best-selling sublingual tincture as well as the most concentrated and pure high-CBD extractions on the market. Each drop has a 2 mg dose and addresses anxiety, pain, and inflammation-related issues.

5) Remedy Oil 1:1 By Coltyn

This staple, full-spectrum cannabis product is a welcome addition to any medicine drawer. Produced in collaboration with Coltyn Turner, it has 45 servings per bottle with 100 mg of both CBD and THC. In short, it is a must-buy to experience that popular “entourage effect.”

6) Transdermal Compound

Available in 100 mg jars, this is the go-to product for all those who have arthritis, menstrual cramps, nerve, or joint pains.

The perfect blend of THC and CBC, it works as an instant pain-reliever when applied with the effect lasting for up to 3 hours per application.

7) Transdermal Patches

Thanks to this natural way out of opioid addiction. These patches work wonders by providing up to 12 hours of systematic relief when applied to a venous area.

It is offered in six full-spectrum cannabinoid profiles; CBN, CBD, Sativa, Indica, THCa, and 1:1 CBD: THC and packaged into 10 or 20 mg patches. The users will experience pain relief within 15 to 30 minutes after application on the affected area.

8) Transdermal Gel Pen

Reluctant to use patches or compounds? No worries! Mary Medicinals brings you the ultimate alternative in the form of their instant-reacting gel pens. It is offered in a wide variety from CBD, CBN to THC-Indica, and Sativa.

One can benefit up to 50 doses per pen. This easy-to-use pens come handy and will give you 2 mg per pump. Apply it on an inflamed or venous area and experience the magic till up to 6 hours.

9) Remedy CBN: CBD

These full-spectrum citrus-vanilla drops are ideal to combat insomnia or other sleeping disorders.

Manufactured using an equal proportion of 200 mg each of CBD and CBN, it must preferably be consumed 90 minutes before bed-time to let you have a blissful sleep of 4 to 8 hours.

10) Muscle Freeze

This full-spectrum CBD-infused roll-on dispenser possesses anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties for up to four hours per dose and is available in 3,25 oz tubes.

11) Distillate Vape Kit

The Vape Kits are prepared through THC blend, 3:1 THC: CBD, or 1:1 CBD: CBN and then packaged into 500 mg Pyrex Glass Cartridges.

With an easy-to-modify voltage battery that indicates draw time and battery life, it comes in a variety of aroma flavors, natural citrus, and floral berry.

All in all, it guarantees to render one-of-its-kind cannabinoid experience to the consumers that too excluding any chemical additives, filters, or cutting agents.

Buying Guide

Since their product suite contains hemp and marijuana compounds (legal in just a handful of states and countries), the brand doesn’t sell their items online.

Interested buyers, be it individuals or retailers, would need to purchase them directly from a licensed local dispensary in states, including Colorado, Washington, California, Maryland, Nevada, Illinois, Oregon, Florida, and Vermont.

You can check out the Store Locator on their site to find a dispensary near you that may stock these items. Again, the entire product range might not be offered in all stores.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt about the fact that Mary’s Medicinals combine the world’s finest CBD extracts to maximize the goodness of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant-based nutrients you won’t find anywhere else.

This is why CBD Oil Review grants The Mary’s Medicinals Brand with four stars for the High quality, Mission, Charity, and Innovation Badges.

The abundant Customer Reviews and the all-time high ratings are yet another proof. However, they are legally sold only through brick-and-mortar dispensaries (though the products of their sister company, Mary’s Nutritionals can be ordered online in all 50 states of USA).

Another major drawback of the Company is that they fail to provide third-party lab tests for any of their items. The Company owns an in-house laboratory in Colorado where the products are rigorously tested at each stage of production- right from their extraction till the finishing.

These results can only be accessed upon request and not displayed anywhere on the site. This ultimately leaves the products’ authenticity and the Company’s transparency as well as integrity at stake.

And finally, as, by incorporating elements of THC, the consumption of these products might trigger a meek to mild psychoactive effect.

Having said all the above, there is no denying the fact that Mary’s Medicinals always stand one step ahead of the competition by distilling the wisdom of plants to help individuals take control of their wellness.

Alongside, their products win hands-down in achieving highly-targeted, result-driven cure to a lot of diseases like stress, sleeping disorders, pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

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