Just like every region has its distinct vegetation; kratom growing in different areas has different properties and impacts people in different ways. Kratom is categorized in terms of areas and the colour of the leaf vein. You can find Indonesian kratom is red, green and white vein types. Similarly, different types of kratom are named according to their region and vein colour.

Red Bali kratom and Red Maeng Da Kratom – two have distinct effects on users. While some strains are sedative, others are energizing. But if the color of the vein is the same, does it mean the impact is also the same?

Here we discuss two important red vein kratom types (Red Bali vs Red Maeng Da) to determine how they can be similar and what makes them different.

  Red BaliRed Maeng Da
Origin Bali, IndonesiaThailand
Effects Slight sedative. Pain killer, Stimulation, Euphoria Mood lifterPain relief, Stimulation, Increased energy, Concentration, Insomnia relief
Dosage More impact on low dose. Threshold is 4 gramsExcellent pain killer and body relaxant when taken in higher quantity. Threshold is 6 grams
Sid effects Nausea, dizziness, vomiting,  and headacheNausea, dizziness, vomiting, and headache
Prices Reasonable and affordable, costs slightly less than Maeng Da.Reasonable and affordable. Costs a little higher than Red Bali. However, is not too expensive.
Composition Rich in alkaloidsRich in alkaloids and very fast-acting

Difference Between Red Bali Kratom and Red Maeng Da

Red Bali vs Red Maeng Da — Appearance

The Red vein kratom from Bali, Indonesia has larger leaves than other types of the plant. The plant grows faster as well, which makes it easier to process more Red Vein Bali kratom in comparison to the different variations.

In turn, the amount of red vein kratom from Bali becomes an economical choice for users. Due to the red vein in the leaves, the kratom powder has a darker tinge in the green powder that is produced when the dried leaves are ground.

The region of birth for every species of kratom determines the alkaloid content. This percentage of alkaloids makes it essential for kratom users to understand where the particular strain grows.

The Red Bali takes its name from the place of birth. However, some people believe that maybe the name Bali was adopted because of the port from where it was exported.

The Red vein Maeng Da kratom may be the most popular kind of strain since it has a unique name. It is a Thai word which translates to ‘pimp grade’.  Not just the name, but this strain is also unique. It is dark green, with a hint of purple.

The Maeng Da kratom has a distinct pleasant aroma due to the presence of Paynantheine, Speciociliatine and Speciogynine, which are active organic substances that help overcome pain and discomfort.

Red Bali vs Red Maeng Da — Effects

The Red Bali kratom is popular among people as it is invigorating and stimulates the nerves. It uplifts the moods and makes the user feel happy and confident.

If you consume a small amount of Red |Bali kratom, you will feel motivated and happy. It adds to the individual’s confidence level, making him or her more focused and productive.

You’ll find a lot of people that are in love with Red Bali Kratom. It is trendy amongst new and experienced Kratom users. Apart from being a mood enhancer, the red vein Bali kratom has the following effects.

  • Mood Enhancer
  • Pain Relief
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Relaxation
  • Sedation
  • High potency kratom relieves pain faster.

Due to these effects, users may feel stress-free and better prepared for different challenges at work or generally in life.

The Red Veing Maeng Da has the following prominent impact:

  • Pain relief
  • Stimulation
  • Increased energy
  • Increased alertness
  • Relaxation
  • Concentration
  • Insomnia relief

The strain is popular due to its distinct stimulation and heat. Users feel more focused yet relaxed after consuming this kratom. People suffering from sleep disorders will also find it very helpful in regulating the sleep cycle.

Red Bali vs Red Maeng Da — Dosage

Kratom suppliers and users suggest that you start kratom usage with a small amount. Gradually build up to the amount that suits you most.

Some kratom strains are lighter and have a mild effect, and you might have to take them in a higher quantity.

Red Bali kratom is a high potency strain; therefore, a small amount like 4mg should be sufficient. However, the right amount of strain varies with individuals.

The Red Bali is rich in alkaloids and such as indole alkaloid Mitragynine, oxindole alkaloids, Mitraphylline and Speciofoline. This adds to its efficacy as a potent and fast-acting kratom variation.

The dosage for Red Maeng Da kratom is minimal due to its high potency. Users can start with a low amount of 1g, but usually, regular users feel satiated with only 2g of kratom per day!

So when you try the Red Maeng Da kratom, make sure you take only 1g to feel pain-free, stress-free and focused.

Having said this, some people need a higher dose of Maeng Da as it is an excellent pain killer and body relaxant when taken in bigger quantity.

User can consume up to 6g to 8g to feel pain-free and relaxed.

Red Bali vs Red Maeng Da — Time for Impact

The high potency Red Vein Bali takes only 20 to 30 minutes to impact after consumption. Once you consume kratom, it will make you feel happier and stress-free within half an hour! This feeling of stimulation and focus usually lasts for several hours.

Red Maeng Da is a potent strain that acts fast and for an extended period. Users can feel the effect of kratom within 10 minutes of consumption!

This quality is the reason this strain is so popular and probably one of the most sought after type of kratom.

Users rave about this type as it kicks in quickly and the effects stay for up to 8 hours! This is what one can call real value for money!

Forms of Red Bali Kratom And Red Maeng Da Kratom

You will find the kratom in powder or capsule form. The texture of the powder is smooth, and the aroma is pleasant. This quality makes the users feel good while taking kratom in tea form. The powder can also be taken with plain water, or you can choose capsules!

User Reviews

The users of Red Vein Bali kratom feel that it gives them a great feeling. Happy, stress-free and stimulated users pick this strain as their regular fix to face the various challenges of life.

It is always exhilarating to be productive, and this is why users choose this strain to improve the quality of work, interact better and lead a better life!

Users rave about the Red Maeng Da strain because it is fast, long-lasting and does not have to be a large quantity for everyday use.

People all over the world know about kratom, and while other types of strain are not so famous, the Red Maeng Da is usually the first choice!

How Does Red Bali Kratom Differ From the Red Maeng Da Kratom?

The Bali kratom is potent and fast-acting, just like Maeng Da, but the latter does not cause any sedation or euphoria. Bali kratom does not slow down the user, but the stimulation is milder.

The Maeng Da gives a burst of energy while Bali kratom is also stimulating but at a lesser degree.

People seeking higher focus and concentration of mind must try Maeng Da as it perks up the senses to a greater extent.

People who require attention and increase of mental power love the Maeng Da strain as it can instantly bring about an increase in energy and confidence.

Apart from the degree of impact, the origin of both the kratom strains is also different.

Maeng Da is the Thai variety of kratom while Bali kratom grows in Bali and contains a lesser amount of alkaloids, making it a milder strain.

The Red Maeng Da has an earthy and strong aroma while Bali kratom is milder and pleasant-smelling.

The Factors that Unite Red Maeng Da and Red Bali Kratom


The price for both these strains is less! Users all over the country prefer to begin their trial of this organic supplement with the most economical variety, and often they choose either of these two strains!

We checked a few online vendors and discovered that Red Bali is only two dollars cheaper than Red Maeng Da!

Different vendors have different prices but most of them have almost the same price bracket for these two varieties of red kratom.

Rich Colour Strains

Another factor common among the two kratom variations is the colour of the powder. Both the kratom strains look almost the same due to the colour of the big vein in the leaves.

The alkaloid content of both the strains is different as Red Maeng Da is more luxurious, but the appearance of both the kratom varieties is almost the same.

The Side Effects

All kratom variations must be taken within a limited amount since overdose may cause unwanted side effects. These include diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, headaches and stomach ache.

These effects are observed after an overdose of Bali, Maeng Da as well as other varieties of the kratom plant.

FDA and Kratom

The FDA warns users to avoid the use of kratom since it has severe side effects in case of overdose. The FDA says there is insufficient proof of the plant’s health benefits while the side effects outweigh any good that the plant may do.

In 2019, the botanical substance is legal in all states except Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Several cities ban kratoms such as San Diego in California, Union County in Mississippi, Sarasota City in Florida, and Denver in Colorado.


Both Red Vein Bali and Maeng Da are readily available at different kratom shops online and at dispensaries. You will not have difficulty finding these strains on any website. However, one must do some research on the best suppliers.

The FDA does not approve the use of this botanical substance since there is limited research to prove its efficacy as a medicinal supplement.

This disapproval implies that many vendors might sell substandard kratom since there is no regulation or quality control on kratom powders and capsule production.

You must find a reliable and trustworthy online shop to place your orders.

A few of the online shops that are popular for good quality and reasonable price are:

  • Kraken Kratom
  • Kats Botanical
  • Kay Botanicals
  • Kratom Masters
  • PurKratom


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