Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds

If you want to grow a legendary weed strain, it doesn’t get any better than Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds. Breeders created this delightful hybrid on the frail line separating North Carolina from San Francisco.

This outstanding cultivar is the lovechild of OG Kush and Durban Poison. If you’re searching for something with reputable genes, this is it! Nicknamed by everyone as “GSC,” feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds grow some of the most imposing marijuana plants you’ll ever see.

Having such a high profile has its perks. Feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds have been recognized as one the best strains in existence. The cultivar has won the High Times Cannabis Cup awards multiple times and the Southern California Cannabis Cup.

Join us as we delve deeper into everything there is to know about the strain and how to grow your own.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds Description

The weed from Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds is regarded as a balanced hybrid by many. The truth is this strain leans slightly to the indica side. It has a sweet taste that entices and grabs hold of your senses and takes you to a happy place.

The marijuana you get from feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds is designed to uplift mood and spark your creativity.

This strain is regarded as intermediate when it comes to cultivation. With such a great experience to look forward to, the effort you put into growing your own is well worth it.

What does this mean? You need to do your homework to grow this plant properly.

Before you sow a single GSC feminized seed, read up on low-stress training (LST) techniques. Make sure to understand feeding schedules and pruning as well.

The plants you grow from Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds are very sensitive to nutrients. They’re not demanding their requirements, but they require a fixed schedule to offer the best yields.

Creative types love GSC. It’s the favorite cannabis of musicians, writers, and composers. It offers a sweet ride and a delicate flavor with a 16–21% THC content.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Effects

Feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds grow weed with a high THC content. At 16–21% THC, you’re dealing with cannabis meant to leave an impression on your senses. The first toke hits you in a matter of minutes, with your perception increasing tenfold.

A sudden rush of euphoria overtakes your brain. The sensation crawls from the back of your head and makes you alert. Your creativity overflows next. If you’re in a social setting, you’ll become chatty with anyone about anything and fire ideas like a machine gun for hours.

If you’re a creative type, some of the wildest concepts will pop into your mind. Keep a notebook close by to write them in if you can’t execute them at that moment. If you’re an introvert, the weed from Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds helps you break the ice.

After the wave of energy washes away, your body concedes to the indica genes of the strain, and all tension releases from your being. Your body feels heavier by the minute, and you’re likely to get couch-locked. If you’re enjoying this cannabis in the afternoon, get ready to enjoy a long nap.

When it comes to medical benefits, the weed from feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds has a lot to offer, according to frequent medical users. Some say they experience relief from neuropathic conditions such as mood swings, anxiety, and depression.

If you’re dealing with the backlash of an invasive medical treatment, the marijuana from Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds can help you cope with pain. You can learn more about the strain and what to expect by following this link to get a complete profile.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Flavors

The cannabis obtained from feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds gets its name from the sweet taste left on your palate after a single toke. It’s an enticing experience to let your taste buds pick up the undertones of this flavor in detail.

The first thing you notice is the strong taste of baked cookies. Then, a wave of natural flavors follows, with hints of spices, caramel, lemon, and a musky soil aftertaste. The mouthwatering experience stays with you for a while, making you crave more.

Many folks label the weed from Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds as a “dessert cannabis” because it goes perfectly after a meal. The sweet flavor feels like a well-deserved dessert. The aftertaste leaves traces of chocolate, cinnamon, or even brown sugar.

How to germinate Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds?

Germination is a very delicate process and the best way to start your Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds’ life. To be able to do that, they need attention.

Place your order of top-quality feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds from a reputed seed bank. Next, look in the pantry for some household items: latex gloves, tweezers, a sprayer, and pH-neutral water.

Before starting, make sure the area where you’re handling the germination process is clean. Now, select one of the techniques described below and follow the instructions to the letter:

Germination with soaking

Fill a glass half full with pH-neutral water, then take every Girl Scout Cookies feminized seed from the package using the tweezers. Drop them into the glass and let them sit at the bottom for 24 hours at most.

When the time’s up, you’ll see a few taproots coming out of the shells of your seeds. This is a signal they’ve successfully germinated. You now need to transfer them to the growing medium. Be careful during this process—your seeds are fairly vulnerable at this point.

Important: if you see any seeds floating on the water after emptying the package, you may disregard them. Their shell is shut and won’t sprout any seedlings at all.

Germination with soil

This natural germination method is widely used for many plants across the world and works just as well with Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds. First, make sure you’re working with clean, fertile soil. Now, poke a hole about one inch deep and put a seed inside using your tweezers.

Cover your Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds and let them take root for 3–10 days. Within that time, you’ll see small seedlings sprouting. Remember to care for your seeds during those ten days by spraying them with water every day.

Germination with paper towels

Nearly every single weed gardener uses germination with paper towels at some point. It’s an easy and cheap method. To germinate your feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds, lay them one by one with the tweezers on top of a humid paper towel placed on a dinner plate.

Now cover your Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds with a second sheet of humid paper towel and another dinner plate. Let them rest for 1–5 days and keep steady humidity levels on the paper towels at all times. Place them in a dark, warm space to help them break the shell.

After a day or two, the first taproots will come out of the Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds. This means they’re good to go and ready to be transferred to their growing medium.

Germination with wool blocks or peat pellets

Wool blocks or pellets are created with the sole purpose of germinating seeds. They’re probably the best germination method listed and the most expensive. Wool blocks are great to work indoors. You only need to spray them with water and place the seeds carefully inside.

Peat pellets work the same way, but these are best for outdoor gardens. Both make your Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds sprout in three days. It’s best to use pH-neutral water with them since tap water is loaded with minerals and does no good for your seeds.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds Grow Information

Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds are by no means something for beginners. These plants grow tall at 6 feet, so you need space. They can withstand LST techniques if necessary, but they require a tricky maintenance process.

You can choose to grow indoors or outdoors, but a controlled environment may result in better yields. Girl Scout Cookies feminized growing indoors greatly favor a Screen of Green setup combined with hydroponics. This cultivar takes time to grow, so your plants hit their peak after ten weeks.

Give lighting your full attention. The plants grown from Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds need a fixed schedule of 16 x 8 using 600 W LED lamps. You also need to implement regular irrigation.

Feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds demand a steady diet of nutrients. You have to feed them twice a week with a numix. You can also foliar feed them once a week if you’re working indoors. Avoid going overboard with the spray, especially if your setup is equipped with lightbulbs.

Weekly pruning is necessary. The plants require extra care to provide proper ventilation and to prevent the presence of mold and pests. Keep the relative humidity at 40–50% at all times. GSC benefits incredibly well from an extended vegetative period, but it doesn’t like the cold at all.

If you’re growing feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds outdoors, the strain does well with the heat. A Mediterranean setup works wonders on them. Well-cared-for GSC plants can yield 17.5 oz./m² indoors or 19.5 oz. of weed per plant. Make sure to time the harvest in the first days of October.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds Genetics

Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds are created by breeding OG Kush with Durban Poison. OG Kush is a legacy strain with an incredible mix of genes, including Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai, and Chemdawg.

Durban Poison is created using African Sativa. The original strain was made in Amsterdam back in 1970. Not much else is known since too many people have altered the breeding process while keeping the name.

Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds are also a popular ingredient to create new, more potent hybrids. The cultivar has been used to form other quality strains such as Garlic Cookies, Platinum Cookies, and Thin Mints. They all have their own set of properties and their unique twist of flavor.

Where to Buy Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds?

Now that you’ve come this far, we can recommend the best place to buy Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds. Before we do, make sure that cannabis is legal in your state to any issues when placing an order of seeds online.

When you get the go-ahead, you can place your order of feminized Girl Scout Cookies seeds. The best seed bank you’ll find online is Homegrown Cannabis Co.

They have an extensive collection of seeds in stock and offer plenty of information to guide you to grow weed. When shopping with them, expect: 

  • Updated legal licensing
  • Certifiable online reputation
  • Large seed catalog
  • Fast, discreet, and safe shipping
  • Numerous payment methods
  • Open community
  • Verified buyer reviews

You get all this and more with Homegrown Cannabis. Take some time and pay a visit to their website. Place your order of Green Crack feminized seeds and get started with this popular cultivar today.

GSC: the sweet uplifting delight to help you rest

The Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds’ genetic lineage is perfect to level up your cannabis consumption.

The weed you get from feminized Girl Scout Cookies strain seeds is perfect to open your mind and test the limits of your imagination. It’s also a wonderful option if you need to unwind and let everything go. The indica genes will melt any pain away and help you rest.

Don’t waste any time searching for Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds. The folks at Homegrown Cannabis Co. have the strain in stock. If you need to know more about this plant, join their community and ask questions in their forums. Experienced gardeners will be happy to share their insight with you.



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