CBD has become a part of the medicinal world since researchers have proven its authenticity. With its growing trend, many brands are currently offering products containing CBD. The only problem for customers, is to find that one brand that they can trust.

Whenever we evaluate a brand, we consider all of the benefits it is offering to the customer. It might include the customer service, variety of products, transparency, or legality of the brand. Not only this, as CBD is new to the market, all brands selling it must educate their customers as well.

Intrinsic Hemp offers its clients a wide variety of items produced using ingredients that are 100% natural. They are not only intended to promote well-being, but help during pain, anxiety, and stress as well. How about we look into what is offered by Intrinsic Hemp as a brand?

Who Is ‘Intrinsic Hemp’?

Intrinsic Hemp was established by David Haddix, who was determined to be an entrepreneur since the time he left college. He desired to have a career in the world of online business.

He confesses to having a couple of stumbles on the way to finding his perfect e-business. It wasn’t until he found CBD oil that was derived from Hemp and its benefits to the body.

David has experienced bouts of anxiety for quite a long time and realized that the cannabidiol market could be a success if the compound was as powerful as advertised. He tried and tested CBD for himself and was pleased with the outcomes.

As a result, he chose to create Intrinsic Hemp and provide customers with premium quality CBD taken from Hemp grown mainly in Colorado. David believes that his line of items can help you as much as it did for him.

What Type Of CBD Do They Offer?

The brand is currently offering three types of Hemp-derived CBD oils; including Full-spectrum, Broad-spectrum, and Isolate. The full-spectrum products come with <0.3% THC, and are extracted from the plant under a sub-zero extraction method.

This is beneficial for the users, as this type of extraction usually results in an oil that retains all the necessary amino acids, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

The Broad-spectrum oils are similar to the Full-spectrum, except the THC has been removed.

The Isolate form contains with 0% THC and an additional ingredient; MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil for added health benefits. A lot of people prefer this type because of its good taste, purity, and affordability.

Processing and Third-Party Testing

Intrinsic Hemp utilizes the absolute best and natural Hemp that is grown and cultivated. Many of its products utilize the CO2 extraction method which reduces the carbon footprint of every product. It also guarantees that the crops coming from the farms reach the labs in an ideal state.

The same quality is necessary for lab tests, so Intrinsic Hemp only retains the highest rated third party laboratories.

The products are carefully tested and verified for their ingredients. The lab tests are shown in the description of each item. They are regularly updated, and each product is matched with the ideal quality before being sent to the market.

Best-Selling Items

Here are the best-selling items by Intrinsic Hemp:

1) Intrinsic Hemp CBD Oils

Intrinsic Hemp’s CBD full-spectrum oils retain at least <0.3% of THC that is legal in at least 50 states of the USA. The isolate oils are perfect for the people that want to opt for an affordable and better-tasting alternative.

They come in different potencies and flavors; including mint and prices:

  • Whole Plant CBD oil (500 mg): $29.95
  • CBD oil isolate (1000 mg): $59.95
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil in mint flavor (1000 mg): $39.95

2) Intrinsic Hemp/CBD Gummies

They are currently offering two types of gummies; CBD and Hemp oil. The hemp gummies provide essential vitamins, minerals and Hemp oil; which is considered to be an excellent natural supplement. The CBD gummies come in basic gummy shapes and leaf shapes. They also have a unique taste.

  • Hemp oil gummies (1500 mg): $29.95
  • CBD gummies (600 mg): $42.95
  • CBD gummies (750 mg): $59.95
  • CBD gummies (1200 mg): $62.95

3) Intrinsic Hemp CBD Topicals

The Amazing Cream CBD is an effective oil rub for skin conditions that are painful and for pain-risks. It is currently the only topical being sold at Intrinsic Hemp. It also has excellent reviews. The usage of the product is simple and effective.

  • Amazing Cream CBD (500 mg): $49.95

4) Intrinsic Hemp CBD Pills and Capsules

The pills and capsules are sold under the heading of ‘CBD pills’ on the site. They are made from CBD isolate; the purest form of CBD. They have no taste or smell and a lot of people like the pills for this reason. The sizes are kept small so they can be easily consumed.

  • CBD pills (750 mg): $42.95
  • CBD pills (1500 mg): $62.95
  • CBD capsules (750 mg): $42.95
  • CBD capsules (1500 mg): $62.95

5) Intrinsic Hemp CBD Pet Products

They are currently offering three products for pets; CBD cat treats, CBD dog treats, and CBD oil for cats and dogs. The oils are useful as an additive for the cat or dog food. Treats are made to avoid age-related problems. They also provide anxiety-relief for pets.

  • CBD Treats for Dogs (300 mg): $21.95
  • CBD Treats for Cats (300 mg): $21.95
  • CBD oils for Cats and Dogs (500 mg): $42.95

Blog and Social Media Presence

There is a blog section on the site that covers many CBD-related problems and informative discussions. You can get to know about the conditions that work well with the usage of CBD. You may also see the benefits that come with various types of CBD, there. The blog also covers the legality information and basics about Cannabidiol plant strains.

You can contact them via the site or make an account. There are links to their social media sites as well, including; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Although their social media sites don’t have a large community like competitive brands, their presence is still very interactive and influential.

  • Good selection of CBD items.
  • They offer full-spectrum oil items along with CBD isolate items.
  • The brand gives a 30-day unconditional guarantee which most competitive brands do not offer.
  • It has an overall respectable brand presentation with a lot of client reviews on the site.

Our Verdict

While Intrinsic Hemp isn’t yet one of the leading brands in the CBD business, it has a growing army of supporters. The CBD gummies, specifically, have drawn attention and popularity from shoppers. Intrinsic Hemp’s CBD oil is of great quality, and is competitively priced with the leading brands.

Generally speaking, Intrinsic Hemp is a strong brand offering a good combination of full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate items. It is a trustworthy organization and is probably going to expand and grow with the CBD industry in general.

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