The Advantages and Disadvantages of Seed Banks

With the rising issue of global warming, several crops are on the verge of getting extinct. This will result in a global food crisis. Needless to say, with the increasing population, food consumption has also increased, so much that it often surpasses food production.

Looking into the present-day concerns, seed banking and conservation is a practice that suppliers are following to prevent unforeseen emergencies in the future. Among every other type of seed bank available, you can also find cannabis seeds and marijuana seed banks on the rise! The best part is some reliable seed bank providers are offering customized and modified marijuana and cannabis plants.

If you wonder about the advantages and disadvantages of marijuana and cannabis seed banking, go through the points mentioned below.

Advantages of cannabis & marijuana seed banking

We would first learn how marijuana and cannabis seed banks are useful for consumers. 

Allows people to choose from popular strains

You must know that the cannabis plant has several varieties. Some are more popular than others. For instance, Sativa and Indica are more in demand than White Widow or Ruderalis. You can easily get it from your nearest seed bank, no matter which strain you want to buy. 

Plants available with enhanced properties 

Are you willing to grow marijuana plants so that you can use them as a useful anti-inflammatory substance? Or do you want a natural analgesic for yourself? No matter what quality of the plant you are looking forward to using, you can purchase the customized variety of the plant from the best seed banks near you. Just like marijuana plants, you can also purchase cannabis seeds that provide only pain and inflammation-reducing and energy-boosting characteristics. If you research more, you would even find customizations you didn’t know even existed! 

Customized varieties lessen the harmful effects 

When you buy marijuana or cannabis plants from a seed bank, you can get customized plant varieties that serve your purpose. Like some properties can be enhanced in the plants, the harmful effects can also be reduced by choosing specifically customized plants from a seed bank. To reduce headaches or feel nauseous, you can purchase specific varieties catering to your needs. Seed banks grow different customized varieties of these plants. You can easily find numerous samples of marijuana and cannabis seeds that have controlled side effects.

Boosts Output To Feed the Growing Population

Crops are in short supply as the world’s population grows. Because food production is restricted, feeding an ever-increasing society is getting exceedingly challenging. Seed banks assist bridge the deficit by increasing the production and nutritional value of crops.

Moreover, seed banks provide tons of advantages in developing and planting a variety of plants and crops. It would be difficult to sustain the ever-increasing population if there are no seed banks. Researchers collect these seeds and perform research on them to see if there are any ways to improve output. Even under the most challenging conditions, such as starvation, drought, famine, conflicts, and natural disasters, their initiatives have assisted in replenishing the seeds in farms.

Disadvantages of marijuana & cannabis seed banking 

Now that we have learned the advantages let’s see how these seed banks can be dangerous. 

Psychoactive effect reduced

The medicinal purpose of using marijuana is to help a person fight against depression. The herb has prominent psychoactive effects, which makes it a natural replacement for medicines. It is found useful for people who seek to get relief from depression and sadness. Now, since most of the cannabis and marijuana seed banks are providing modified seeds, the plant’s psychoactive effect is reduced in the process. Hence, finding the right seed with prominent psychoactive effects can be a struggle.

Difficulty in finding rare seed strains

Often it becomes hard for people to find the rare seed strains from seed banks. The regular ones are easily available, unlike the varieties, which are unique and rare. Though you can connect to major seed banks through social forums, the truth is that most seed banks remain silent about seed certain strains’ scarcity.

Prices Can Get Hiked Up

Seed banks may raise seed prices due to the investments in technology that enable them to produce high-quality seeds. Naturally, some strains have a somewhat higher cost than others because they’re more complicated to get and preserve. Reputable seed banks will constantly provide marketable pricing to get consumers to purchase seedlings from them. However, be wary of seed banks who might take your money for seeds, which you can acquire for far less money if you do your investigation. Having this information at your disposal will help you see if the cost of getting seeds is equitable to its quality.

Internet Frauds

Since the cannabis market is hugely profitable, there is no surprise that all of it has been plagued by con artists. These individuals are looking to make as much money as they want to. Marijuana users get enticed to engage with these counterfeit web pages since some of them readily get duplicated. These deals frequently include payment, which has a limited possibility of being recovered. All of this poses itself as an unfavorable situation.

Final Words

As you can see, there are innumerable advantages and disadvantages related to cannabis and marijuana seed banking. Please choose the right varieties of these plants and enjoy nurturing them outside your house! Make sure to look into certain factors before choosing a particular seed bank in your area.

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