CBD & Weight Loss

The diagnosis and the advancement of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2015 brought my life to crossroads. I was suffering from inflammations throughout the Body. The sleep quality was nowhere near what it used to be before the diagnosis.

My mood was fluctuating like an electrical Sine ~ wave throughout the day. Moreover, I was gaining weight like never before. My eating patterns were similar, but the weight gain was horrendous. I was having nightmares of me turning into the candidate for B.B.C. program my 600 lbs’ life.

A Blessed Interception From Reddit

While lurking through Reddit, one day I came across a thread, where Redditors were discussing the recent studies relating to CBD and weight loss.

Few contributors were supporting the discussion that they had seen visible results within a matter of a few weeks after the induction of CBD oil in their weight loss regimen.

After a little insight, I went on to Google and rinsed through all the authentic studies on CBD and weight loss. The outcomes were at the least, encouraging!

After ample research, I had started using CBD oil with big hopes and guess what? CBD didn’t disappoint me at all. My inflammations were out of the window, and I lost about ten lbs of weight in the initial four months.

I have tried to break down the CBD and Weight loss relationship in separate portions for your better understanding.

What Is CBD?

There are two species of Cannabis plant, Marijuana, and Hemp. Both the Cannabis species have over 100 essential Chemicals known as the cannabinoids. One of those chemicals is Cannabidiol commonly abbreviated as CBD.

CBD is derived from the Hemp because the hemp plant has very low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The THC is also a type of Cannabinoid but unlike Cannabidiol (CBD), it has the psychoactive properties. The Cannabidiol is extracted from the Hemp plant using various techniques.

The most advanced technology is the CO2 extraction method. CBD is then mixed with a carrier oil (MCT oil) and made ready for commercialized selling.

CBD is the second most abundant Cannabinoid in the Cannabis plant after the T.H.C Covering about 40% of the total chemical profile. Let’s discuss the weight loss effect of CBD oil in detail, supported by the ) latest research and evidence.

1) CBD And Metabolism

The simplistic concept of metabolism concerning weight loss would be:

“The process through which our body converts, calories into energy for maintaining life.”

When we ingest food, our body acquires calories from it for producing enough Energy for the essential biological processes. If the process of metabolism slows down, the calories will not be optimally converted to available Energy. These left alone calories will turn into fat and ultimately results in Obesity.

CBD oil helps you to reduce the fat percentage by speeding up the metabolism process. Once your metabolism is at an optimal rate, you can lose weight, even if your diet routine remains the same.

The most reliable research studies in the United States, available for the public use, are carried by the National Center for Biotechnology Information shortly referred to as NCBI.

Let’s take a look at what the NCBI has to say about the CBD oil and metabolism connection.

cbd weight loss studies

The relevant portion of the study indicates that Cannabinoids especially CBD, has an inclination of interacting with the neurotransmitters for having a striking effect in the metabolism through the CB1 receptors. I will explain about CB1 and CB2 receptors later in the post.

Many patients suffering from chronic obesity issues have their metabolism working at a weak rate. The sluggish metabolism is the primary reason, why many people could not lose weight even after years of dieting and exercise.

CBD oil might well prove as an excellent resource for improving and accelerating the metabolism for a wide variety of population.

2) CBD And “Brown” Fat Cell

Biotechnologies have indicated that the human Body comprises of two types of Fat cell.

  • The brown cells
  • The white cells

The dominant type of fat cells is referred to as the White cells or harmful cells. They are responsible for high body fat percentages while inducing severe health complications like Diabetes and heart issues.

The brown cells are a good type of fat cells. The brown cells play their part in maintaining an optimal metabolic state by producing heat. The heat is produced by burning calories. People who have an optimal body fat ratio tend to have a good percentage of brown fat cells.

CBD oil has shown promise by converting the while cells into the brown cells and thus, reducing the overall weight as well.

cbd oil fat burning

3) CBD As a Weight Modulator

One of the most frequent questions that have been asked on CBD forums is “I am already underweight, would I become anorexic if I use CBD?”

The simple answer is “NO.”

The primary reason is that CBD acts just like “Nootropics” herbs; referring to its properties as a weight modulator. It will serve as a weight reducer in below optimal or obese people but will have little to no effect on already slim or underweight people. In fact, CBD will help them to achieve their ideal body weight.

It acts as a balancing agent. Being overweight is not a problem in itself. Instead, Obesity is a symptom of many underlying issues like inflammations and excess cortisol production as in my Hashimoto’s disorder.

CBD achieve its weight reduction properties by having an overall calming effect on the Endocrine and Physiological systems.

Many studies have been carried out; one stands explicitly out, that has gained my attention. Although this study refers to marijuana use, but we all know that CBD is prevalent in both marijuana and Hemp plant.

However, furthers studies are necessary to confirm the modulating effect on an even firm basis.

CBD As a Weight Modulator

4) CBD And Appetite Reduction

Overeating is an apparent cause of Obesity. If the person has any psychological issues relating to eating habits. Then, Cognitive behavior therapy might be the best bet.

However, CBD is also known to play a vital role in appetite reduction. Reliable studies have proved this hypothesis. A decrease in appetite is the stepping stone for a successful weight loss journey.

The neurotransmitters within our Brain are responsible for defining our eating habits.

Many disorders such as Binge eating are a result of improper functioning of these neurotransmitters, responsible for carrying essential signals within the Brain. The loopholes in the proper mapping of brain chemicals force the person towards an eating disorder.

A widely seen observation is that Marijuana smokers tend to have “munchies,” Binge eating or an immense urge to consume 3x more calories than usual.

This data is correct, but the culprit is the psychoactive substance T.H.C and not CBD.

CBD is responsible for blocking the overflow of neurotransmitters and act as an agonist. CBD doesn’t itself act as an agonist, but it takes the help of the other molecules for repressing the appetite.

CBD And Appetite Reduction

5) Relationship Between CBD, Metabolic Disorders And Weight Loss

In recent times, there is a broad seen trend that many people in their late twenties or early thirties are falling prey to metabolic disorders primarily Type 2-Diabetes, resulting in a disturbed Lipid profile and increased in fat percentage around the waste.

Medical researchers have deduced that these metabolic syndromes are a result of over-activation of the CB-1 receptors. The Cannabidiol has characteristics of limiting the overproduction of C.B receptors and thus improving the overall metabolic profile along with a definite reduction in weight loss.

CBD induces betterments relating to Insulin resistance and healthy pancreatic activity. When the blood glucose levels are on the optimal status, it is effortless to lose weight even with a slight change in diet and induction of light exercise.

NCBI has conducted a recent research study conducted on mice. However, it strongly supports the above-described characteristics of CBD.

CBD, Metabolic Disorders And Weight Loss

6) CBD, Liver Health And Weight Loss

A liver in prime working condition is part and parcel for ultimate healthy life. Many a time, doctors and other health and medicine practitioners ignore the vital contribution of the liver in diagnosing the weight issues of the patient.

The most vital link between weight gain and liver is the secretion of bile for a proper digestive process. An impaired digestive system is a synonym to Obesity and other malfunctions within the Body.

The liver is also responsible for the secretion of Sex hormone binding globulin which is a prime hormone when considering the hormonal profile of a person.

Disturbance in liver performance results in a compromised endocrine system, which is a vital pre-cursor in weight gain and insulin resistance.

Cannabidiol has shown so much promise in improving the liver health that many companies in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Canada are making the first medicine for treating multiple sclerosis derived from Cannabinoid.

The generic name of the drug is nabiximol sold under brand name Sativex. By improving Liver health, promising results have been seen in patients with Obesity suffering from heath freighting conditions.

CBD, Liver Health And Weight Loss

Doctor’s Recommendation

Doctor name: Dr. Stuart Titus

Notable Achievements

  • Ten years of experience in the Medical Marijuana industry.
  • C.E.O. of the first public medical Cannabis Corporation in the U.S.
  • Company name: Medical Marijuana, Inc.
  • Dr. Stuart Titus holds a P.H.D degree.
  • Dr. Stuart Has a clinical association with AAIM (American Association of integrated medicine).

What doctor Stuart Titus has to offer regarding the relationship between CBD And weight loss?

CBD And weight loss Dr. Stuart Titus

Three real life changing stories of people who have used CBD Oil for weight loss

Throughout the evolutionary stages, we have always been fascinated with the concept of a miracle drug.

For people in the modern era, CBD oil seems to be the answer. The life-changing benefits of CBD oil should sparkle in front of people who have lost their hope of losing weight.

CBD remedy has led to many real-life transformation stories. I am sharing just a few of them for your motivation.

Kathy’s CBD weight loss success story

This is something I never thought I would post anywhere and reveal my weakest side but thanks to CBD oil. Being the daughter of a military father, it was tough to come up as a fat kid.

I, Kathy B, from Illinois suffered from a lot of obesity-related stigmas. I am a 43 years old woman and a mother of three. My husband works at a pharmacy, and I have been with him for over ten years. My weight gain had always been a problem for me. My family and my school life suffered a lot.

Being the fattest one amongst the cheerleaders was a shame which occasionally came up to me and my parents. Not being able to ride a bicycle, manage in the outfits at the malls, or cope up in the gymnastic classes. Everything was heart-wrenching.

(Photo credits: Aspen GrowBox)

Pregnancy at the age of 35 forced me towards losing this bulge. My baby’s safety was endangered because of the severe ankle pain I experienced daily. CBD OIL WAS TRANSFORMATIVE.

It changed my life in the way I always wanted. The higher the dosage, the more the shrinking of this bulge. I lost more than 60 pounds. Can you believe it? YES. 60 pounds.

(Photo credits: Aspen GrowBox)

I am not taking any medicines. I am not on a diet. I was never familiar with the word “normal” until I started taking CBD oil. It has brought me back to life and has completely changed me into a different person.

Jason’s CBD weight loss success story

CBD oil turned out to be an all-natural, effective supplement for Jason. “Losing 150 pounds of weight is amazing”, he said. I started at 396, and now it is 294. I have two daughters and a wife.

Suffering from liver disease, I have to intervene and intervene fast. My life was indeed a tough situation to handle. I had a lot to suffer because of this weight gain. I cried several times while putting on my shoes. My stomach had already weakened, and my body ached.

My liver went out of order. I had sleeping issues, and my life was a complete disaster. I had no way out. I could not tolerate this depression anymore, so I googled the solution to this misery. It was CBD oil.

Cannabidiol oil did not take away the food, but it helped in the way I looked at food. Just ninety days and the magic was evident. My shape, all that bulge, it all started fading away. I made necessary changes to diet with the CBD oil. My breakfast comprises of sausages with an egg. In dinner, I have some lettuce-wrapped beef sliders.

The difference was obvious. I could not fit in my regular clothes, so I donated. My plane flight now didn’t require an extender. The rides I last took when I was a kid were again open for me. The deposits of fat on my liver were reducing.

My shape was changing. I could now walk for miles and be on a bike for hours. I am far more confident around my daughters and my wife.

Most importantly, I could now take selfies of the family and me in one frame. I hope you know what I mean. I am happy.

CBD oil is the solution. I want people to know about it so that they can get back to life too. The belly-shrinking property of CBD oil is phenomenal.

(Photo credits: Pop Sugar)

Jeff’s CBD weight loss success story

Jeff found CBD oil to be the ultimate answer, the extra weight being the root cause for all his problems.

“My physician ordered me to quit smoking and get a chest X-ray immediately. The mass on my left rib was in inches. My current symptoms were life taking.

It felt as if my hands were swelled and there was a pain. I had to get rid of this mass and thanks to my friend Brandon who helped me in discovering the CBD oil. I have been taking it twice a day ever since, and it is working supernaturally well.”

It has helped me stimulate the break-down of fat in my body. The blood sugar level is maintained, and the mitochondria are stimulated to burn the calories. These positive news were coming from my doctor after just two months of CBD.

The swelling all over the body is gone. The pain is gone. I have regained my friends, was losing them before as I was unable to hang out continuously.

My marriage is stable again. CBD oil has brought me back to life. The energy is restored. I now have a more confident outlook on life and a generally positive attitude.

The benefits of using CBD oils are amazing. I highly recommend trying the treatment before going towards expensive medical options that have so many side effects.

CBD oil and weight loss go hand in hand. It burns the body fat away and helps you lose weight within days.

Jeff’s story
(Photo credits: steemit)

The Final Epilogue

CBD oil has shown considerable promise in weight reduction by improving mental and physiological systems.

If you are suffering from chronic health issues that are contributing to your weight gain, experimenting with CBD oil is a great option. The treatment of weight loss with CBD is not a symptomatic approach.

Instead, it will help you address the majority of the underline root causes. CBD oil will help you shed weight by achieving homeostasis and regulating your metabolism for maximum benefits.

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