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CBD (Cannabinoid) is the new viable medicinal alternative to many immune-related modalities. A large number of researches continued to discover its possible side effects and limitations. However, with the approved prescription use provided by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in June 2018, it changed.

With the exploration of the potential health benefits that come along with it, it is necessary to consider a trustworthy company to buy it. CBD was associated with cognitive and anxiolytic dysfunctions in the past; hence, the risk of such side effects remains if the product is not genuine.

cbdMD remains the viable candidate to acquire CBD oil. They claim to provide premium quality CBD, grown in nutrient-rich soil of Kentucky, under the perfect climate required.

Their claims have been of massive acceptance among the users, as they provide quality broad-spectrum extraction and testing. No matter how and why you use it (under prescription), cbdMD is by far, the most decent choice for you.

What is CBD? Where Do They Extract it From?

CBD, also known as Cannabinoid, is extracted from the Cannabis plant. There are two primary forms of the Cannabis. The more processed way is marijuana, and the other one is Hemp. It is famous for the remarkable therapeutic effects and this necessitates to extract it from the source that is least likely to cause significant side effects.

CbdMD is, therefore, only considering Hemp to extract the purest CBD oil in their cultivated farms at Kentucky. The main difference is the absence of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a lead compound in marijuana, which is mostly related to a mind-altering effect.

This Hemp plant is a mere modification of the original cannabis. CbdMD is the member of Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, under the special permission of the Kentucky department of agriculture. The same is as well, a marker of their quality and truthfulness.

What Type of Spectrum Do They Offer?

There are three primary labels that you must have come across for CBD,  full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate.

Isolate is the purest form of CBD. With that said, it is evident that this form comes with low levels of THC in it.

Then we have the Full spectrum. This form comes with combined extracts of all naturally occurring components of the plant-like, essential oils, terpenes, etc. It is known to be a better form than isolate in providing sustained levels of reliefs.

Last is the Broad-spectrum. It is an intermediate between the types above. It does contain maximal amounts of CBD and other compounds, but the most distinctive aspect is the complete absence of THC in it.

With the use of the most sophisticated machinery, cbdMD is creating CBD oils using the broad-spectrum extraction only.

They ensure to produce the purest CBD available with the addition of other beneficial compounds with no THC.

How Does CBD Oil Work Inside Your Body?

CBD, like other compounds, is also attracted to a specific receptor in your body. Your body is capable of producing some cannabinoids on its own as well. Hence, two receptors that bind their compounds, CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Although CB1 receptors are present throughout the body, their primary site is in the brain. These are concerned with the movement and co-ordinational aspect of your mind. They can as well trigger mood, appetite, memories and thinking. These are the receptors where THC binds normally.

The other receptors, namely CB2, are more often related to the immune system. Their main target is pain and inflammation. Earlier, researches have concluded the fact that CBD binds to these receptors. However, over time, it was predicted that CBD only directs the body to use its cannabinoids.

Famous cbdMD Products

cbdMD has created different formulas with different modes of administration. You can select from a wide range of items that only differ on a slight basis.

cbdMD CBD Topicals

It is your go-to product when you have muscle soreness or eczema. cbdMD is currently selling freeze, inflammation and lotion formulas. They differ slightly, in the quantity of CBD namely, 1500 mg, 750mg and 300 mg. There are slight differences in their ingredients as well. The main ingredients are mentioned in the picture below.

cbdMD CBD topicalscbdMD Oil Tinctures

These provide the perfect traditional way of consumption. There are a variety of flavours for the consumer to decide. It doesn’t mean that the natural flavour is always mixed. If you prefer the original, bitter taste (which most people are good with), you can get that as well. They are useful in various conditions and ailments. The picture below shows the only different and added ingredient other than CBD extract.

cbdMD oil tincturescbdMD Vape Oil

As much as vaping is thought-of as a hassle-free process, the same convenience is provided by cbdMD as well. This way of administration ensures quick absorption through the bloodstream. Different flavours are currently sold on cbdMD. In the name of a secondary brand ‘Mingo Rad’, they’re selling another vast range of flavours with different potencies. The added ingredients are given in the picture below.

cbdMD vape oilcbdMD Pet Oil

If you want to make your pet enjoy the benefits of CBD, here you can find a wide range. The products vary according to their potencies and ingredients, according to the consumption of every animal. They are currently offering formulas for horses, cats and dogs. The picture below shows their ingredients in their basic pet formula other than CBD.

cbdMD pet oil


CBD oils come in various forms, and they all depend on the need and suitability of consumption. Here are the necessary costs:

  • cbdMD CBD oil capsules

CBD oil capsules x30 (450+ mg) = $35.99 onwards

  • cbdMD CBD oil tinctures

Tincture drops natural (300 mg) = $29.99

PM oil tincture mint drops (500 mg) = $44.99

  • cbdMD CBD vape oil

Mingo rad vape oil razz (300+ mg) = $29.99 onwards

CBD vape oil vanilla (300+ mg) = $29.99 onwards

  • cbdMD CBD topicals

Recover CBD inflammation formula (300+ mg) = $29.99 onwards

CBD freeze pain relief (300+ mg) = $29.99 onwards

cbdMD Product Specifications:

  • Third-party lab tested
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan products
  • Non-GMO
  • USA processed/grown
  • 100% organic
  • Animal products

What do the third-party lab results show?

cbdMD claims to put their own extracted CBD oils, to get through rigorous testing and purification. It is to ensure the highest quality of CBD in every batch that they release. Not only this, but they as well send it for third-party testing to guarantee the confidentiality of the results.

Here’s what came in the third-party lab results:

Lab Test Certificate

cbdMD lab certificate

Video: Review of CBDistillery

Is their product safe for animals?

A fantastic aspect of cbdMD is their pet range. It varies between the need and adaptability of different animals, hence is free of any problems. As compared to other companies, that are selling generic CBD oils that work both for pets and you, cbdMD stands out.

They create oils with specific flavours that are easy for your pet to consume. They have also emphasized on the potency of each product according to the consumptive requirements of the animals.

Although the exact prediction of the potency is not present on the site, you can get a thorough idea from the prescription and asking the vet.

cbdMD Presence On Social Media

In case you’re curious about the real-life stories and pictorial or videography reviews, we’ve got you covered. You can visit them on their social sites and as well find many helpful videos regarding their usage and much more.

They have a fantastic amount of fan-following and remarkable coverage over the social sites. It makes them easy to reach to and be a part of their social clan as well.

You can find various pictures and reviews in their feed and tags. This data makes it easier for you to see their real-life quality criteria, that is unbiased.

Anything Negative

Although nearly everything about cbdMD seems to be quite helpful and trustworthy, they have lacked a few places. Their data overall requires the information of potency and exact usage counts. It can be tough for a beginner to get a hold of the product, especially for their pets.

There is third-party reporting ease on the website; however, there is a problem. There is a need to update frequently and retest products so that the labs’ reports are new and seem much more valid. Currently, the lab report is from 6/26/2018. A little update for the new year can authenticate their results.

Final Thoughts

When you first take a look at this company’s page, you can find different puzzling sections on it. However, the well-versed information and the certified approach is very calming. They are one of the best sellers of CBD oil. It is not because of advertising only, but the products are equally remarkable in terms of quality.

The wide range to select for both yourself and your pets makes the job easier. Even if you require mere information regarding the dos and don’ts of CBD oils or want to buy it, this platform has got it all covered.

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