Evergreen Tree Kratom Review – From Nevada

Hey guys, today I am reviewing Evergreen Tree which sells kratom products directly imported from Indonesia, here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am very excited to let you know what I think about the brand and its quality products.

Kratom is a well-known tree in Southeast Asia and known by various names such as Ketum, Kakuam, Ithang, Biak, and more. Its leaves are famous for their psychotropic effect. Basically, it gives you a sense of relief and relaxation.

People have been utilizing kratom strains for centuries in the form of tablets, capsules and powder. You can consume it as a tea by brewing its leaves and even add to any food items. It is known by various names such as Ketum, Kakuam, Ithang, Biak and more.

People just love these strains and are very acquainted with its properties. It is prevalent in Southeast Asia, and you can find them almost anywhere.

But you always need to go for original products and especially from a reliable source. If you are looking for a reliable, trustable source where you can find tested, filtered and pure form of kratom leaves, you can always go for Evergreen Tree.

About Evergreen Tree


Evergreen Tree is one of the biggest suppliers of kratom products both powder and capsules in Las Vegas imported from the country known for its spice trade, i.e., Indonesia.

Kratom products are sold as a pure form where it filtered from stems, veins and is free from any addictive. They are 100% natural and organic when compared to local vendors.

The best thing about Evergreen is that these kratom products are tested to make sure it’s of high-quality. These go through 3 types of lab testing – Biological, Heavy Metal and Alkaloid Testing.

In Biological testing, APC/Coliforms, Salmonella, E. coli, Staphylococcus and Yeast/Mold are tested to make sure the kratom is free of contamination and safe to consume. Heavy metal testing is to make sure heavy metal is absent in the products, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury and Lead and hence are tested through heavy metal testing.

Last, but not least, it goes through alkaloids testing where the percentage is made optimum for healthy consumption. Kratom products imported from Indonesia are tested and then given a seal of authority once they pass the purity test.

Why Ever Green Tree?

Evergreen Tree is one of the fewest companies in the world selling 100% original pure form of Kratom products – power and capsules. These are originally grown and taken care by the local farmers from Indonesia. They make sure that these kratom strains are of high-quality from composting, amending, planting, watering, weeding, harvesting to delivering. After they are successfully delivered to Evergreen Tree, they go through step-by-step processes in order to get a pure form of kratom strains. Then it is packed in the form of capsules and powder for the customers.

Kratom Capsules

At Evergreen Tree, the capsules have 500mg of raw natural kratom powder. These capsules are pure vegetarian and contain no animal products and addictive. They are packed in a pharma-grade, food and drug complaint bottle with a security seal.

As a customer, you will get these sealed bottles, so you will be sure haven’t opened since they were filled. These bottles have about 100, 400 to 800 capsules, depending on your order.

Kratom products at Evergreen Tree includes various Kratom capsules like specialty capsules, green vein capsules, white vein capsules, red vein capsules.

Kratom Powder

The Kratom power is pure and has no impurities such as steam and veins. They are 100% natural and does not contain any kinds of addictive. They are safely packed and sealed in a food and drug complaint jar with inner liners to protect and preserve the leaves. These bottles are from 100, 500 to 1000g.

Kratom powder like Maeng Da, red vein, Green vein, and white vein powder and several new products like dark green Kratom powder. Moreover, you will find super red kratom, super white, red Sulawesi, and Bentuangie Kratom.

The most prominent one is elephant Kratom powder which you can order at Evergreen Tree online store. 

One can also avail Kratom sample combo pack, Kratom variety pack along with various Kratom extracts such as black diamond Kratom extracts, gold imperial, green sapphire and enhanced Kratom combo.

What is Unique About Ever Green Tree?

I have been buying their products for quite some time now, and I believe it is an authentic source to buy from. Their products are 100% original as I have been explaining in this review article. Also, the best part as I have said, they go through numerous process to get 100% guaranteed and premium quality product. Basically, making them safe for consumption by a 3rd party lab testing.

Wholesale Program

Kratom products at Evergreen Tree are available for both retail and wholesale purpose. For wholesale, they provide $30 -50 per kg for powder and $0.05-$0.10 a capsule or $75 – $100 a kilo for capsules. If you are someone who wants to sell them, you can get them in jars or bottles as per your requirement with your own label and bags.

Affiliate Program

If you want to help them grow, you an do so with a 30% commission per sale. You will be paid on time, every month directly transferred to your bank. You can even get it as a cheque or cash, as per your requirement.

Evergreen Tree will handle almost everything from product packaging, importing, storage, inventory management, logistics to order processing, all you need is to help the company grow by selling their products to the right set of audience.

If you are interested in helping them grow, visit https://theevergreentree.com/kratom-affiliate-program/

Rewards and Discounts

Personally, I really loved using kratom strains due to its significant health effects and Evergreen Tree give several astonishing discounts and rewards on the purchase. So, when I first bought them, I got a 20% discount just by adding firsttime20 at the checkpoint. As you create an account and subscribe, you will get a 15% by adding email15. If you want, you can even spend some amount of money to get the required discounts.

Evergreen Kratom Discount Coupon Code Amount Discount
59 – 139 $59 – $139 10%
140 – 272 $140 – $272 15%
272+ $272 + 20%
Return10*   10%

Note: return10; return customers always get at least a 10% discount

If you are looking for authentic Kratom products, remember, Evergreen Tree is the place to be. You can go to their website and make an account. Subscribe to their emails, and voila, you are in the game. You can buy their products and get great discounts by using coupon codes.

As a loyal customer, every purchase would be counted, and you will get great deals of discounts. And if you register in our affiliate program, you will have their support from the beginning. As a customer, I have always loved their products. They are great for your health and gives you a great euphoria. Try their products and see the difference yourself.

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