How To Use A Volcano Vaporizer: Step By Step Instructions

If you’re new to vaping through a vaporizer, it is important for you to understand the mechanics of the device for it to offer you the best experience.

Volcano Vaporizer is a device that offers you an incomparable vaping experience.

With its temperature control facility, it allows the users to take matters in their own hands, and enjoy vaping just the way they want to.

However, these devices can be a bit complex for someone new to them.

With changing legalities regarding cannabis in all the 50 states, the use of vaporizers is sky-rocketing.

The sales have reached an all-time high with thousands of traditional smokers switching to vapes.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Volcano”?

Melting lava!

Guess what? There are vaporizers in the market that give you the same ‘hot’ experience with each puff.

Volcano vaporizers resemble regular vaporizers in shape and designs; however, they possess some remarkable heating features that regular vapes don’t own.

Consequently, it may be a bit difficult for newbies to get hold of volcano vaporizers and understand how it functions.

If you are confused too, we bring you the complete step by step guide to using volcano vaporizers.

The following article would teach you all about how to assemble and use a Volcano Vaporizer.

Happy reading!


There are a lot of items that you will find in a Volcano Vaporizer box. It comes with an easy valve starter kit, a ring, a screen set, a valve liquid pad set (you may want to learn more about how to use a volcano vaporizer liquid pad), an air purifier, grinder, brush, and an instructions manual.

A typical volcano vaporizer box comes with the following stuff:

  • Easy Valve Starter Kit
  • Ring
  • Screen Set
  • Valve Liquid Pad Set
  • Air Purifier
  • Grinder
  • Brush
  • Instructions Manual

Some models come with a 4-piece grinder. You can easily install the grinder with the chamber and let it do its magic.

Most of these items are present with almost all models, but some may differ. For example, a Volcano Classic, which you can read more about on Vaporizer Chief, has 3 filling chambers.

Similar to filling chambers, there are different types of valves that can be found in the market. An easy valve is often a part of the package.

However, you can opt for a solid valve which eliminates the need of having to remove the valve again and again. You can simply remove the bag without having to worry about the valve.

There are some models that come with a 4-piece grinder. You can easily install the grinder with the chamber and let it do its magic.

There is an instruction manual with each device that lets you learn about the equipment before you start.

Let’s first look at what is the actual function of each of the stuff mentioned above in a full-fledged volcano vaporizer.

Before We Get Started

Getting the Volcano ready to pump is as easy as assembling a phone charger.

You just need to place the filling chamber on a flat surface, plug it in, grab an easy valve bag, and you’re all set to embark on your journey.

You can find some unwanted materials or residue in your filling chamber. It’s common for them to appear in the manufacturing or shipping process.

Let your machine run a 5-minute demo course on full temperature and it will remove all the unwanted particles.

Getting Started

Volcano Vaporizers are similar to electric kettles. You can find a temperate, a red-colored heat button, and an orange light that indicates the status of the Volcano.

You would want to fix your temperature before you start to heat the volcano to ensure that you don’t have to repeat the heating process over and over.

The ideal temperature is between 6 and 8 which gives enough warmth to your chamber.

Once you’re done setting the temperature, you need to process the red-colored heat button to get started.

You would notice an orange light go on indicating you that the heating is in process.

As soon as the chamber is heated to the set temperature, the red button and orange light would automatically go off indicating that your vapor is ready to be used.

For a chamber to work best, it is recommended that the chamber is filled to the top.

Ready to Vape

Once your chamber is heated and the orange light is off, attach the mouthpiece of the easy valve bag on top of the chamber, and press the green button on the volcano to release the air.

This would let your volcano release the air into the bag. Be sure to fill the bag with air that’s enough for a single session. If you fill in too much, you would end up wasting the air.

Once the air is filled in the bag, remove the mouthpiece from the chamber. Be sure to hold it tight so that the air is not loose from the bag.

Use the mouthpiece to draw as many puffs as you want, and enjoy your vape without any hassle.


Once you’re done enjoying your session, you can take the cleaning brush to clean the chamber and dust off the screens.

Cleaning your machine after each session helps keep particles from staying back from the previous session so that you do not have to do a dry run before you use the volcano for your next session.


Volcano Vaporizers are state-of-the-art vapor machinery that amplifies your vaping experience. There are numerous types of Volcanos for you to choose from, depending on your requirements.

There are digital volcanos that automatically turn off and keep your chamber away from over-heating.

However, it’s best to learn about how to use a volcano vaporizer digital before you choose to buy a digital volcano and complicate things for yourself.

If you’re looking for a smooth session, volcano vaporizers are your go-to.

They let you enjoy your session without having to worry about manually heating your hash, or having to light your joint again and again. Trap the air in the bag, and take a drag as you go.

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