Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Review

The market has recently been introduced with one of the most innovative, classy and high tech vaporizer which has brought hassle-free vaporizing at user’s fingertips.

This latest technological advancement with an improved double helix heat exchanger is activated in just 40 seconds.

To add a cherry on top, it has the support of a customized application for Android and iOS to control and monitor its efficiency.

Volcano Hybrid

Vaping Method

An outstanding feature that distinguishes digital from a hybrid is that the latter can incorporate both the traditional bags and the whip whereas; the buyers of digital can also use bags.

This contrasting characteristic can give users a choice as to which vaporizing gadget to use. To add on, individuals possessing a digital earlier can use the same bags for hybrid as well.

Heating Style

To enhance the efficacy of the heating procedure, to provide thorough vaporization and flavorful vapor, hybrid vaporizer employs both convection and conduction heating manoeuvres whereas if the digital system suffices just convection heating.

Technological Add On

Entering into the technological world, the volcano needs an extra touch of latest and modern customization.

The game-changer has evolved with an advanced touch screen interface that has completely eradicated the use of buttons.

It has been aided with Bluetooth to be controlled by respective android and iOS applications.

The app in addition to all basic features present in the digital form has been topped up with inflating and heating features that give customization of an unprecedented level.

Quality Of Vapor

If a word could justify the outstanding vapor quality it would be breathtaking.

The extent of richness and flavor fullness reaches such sky limit that it is nearly impossible for even the best dry herb vaporizers to match.

None of the other niche members can possibly hold a candle to this Hybrid vaporizer. It generates substantial quantities of cool and dense vapor that is stuffed with flavor.

Is Whip Mode Really True?

In addition to the traditional and conventional vaping technique involving balloon system, the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer surprises with a whip mode which has stepped up the ladder in becoming the best vaporizer available on the planet.

A single draw of this voluminous and smooth vape can drive any individual euphoric.

Whip-style vaping is easier, faster and uncomplicated. The airflow using a whip is magnificent and brilliant.

The performance and speed are the two main distinguishing features that make this vaporizer the best amongst its counterparts and equivalent.

Iterations and Workflow

The programmable property of the latest high tech vaporizer aids in setting up user profiles or performance profiles to cater on point requirements and needs of the user.

A workflow is setup accordingly and heat, blow and hold patterns are controlled and monitored accordingly.

Similarly, the iterations aid in setting up duration of sessions and temperature thermostat.

For example, if the initial direction given to the unit was to start the session at 350 Fahrenheit and to proceed with the same for 45 minutes.

Another instruction can then be given to the volcano to increase the temperature by 10 Fahrenheit every 75 seconds.

This way the system regulates the machine as per the needs and instructions of the user with great accuracy and precision to allow the person to enjoy the session in the best possible way.

Both of these add on features improvise the system to a completely new level of achievement making it an ulterior device that is the ultimate desire of personal and group sessions.

The precision and accuracy of these features is a testament of how dynamic this craft is in satisfying its clients and providing them with the best output.

Mesh Pad Supports Both Dry Herbs and Concentrates

Mesh Pad

The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer carries the privilege to support both the dry herbs and the concentrates. It is a plus point for all those who reside in a cannabis-friendly state.

The stainless steel mesh pad can be installed for concentrates and the vaporizers switched on to give the best possible outcome. The heat up time in these cases is also similarly rapid and faster.

The quality of vapor is as smooth, flavorful and plentiful as other counterparts.

The mind blowing and mind the striking volume of the product of vapor produced is sufficient to blow your mind if you compare it to any other desktop vaporizer. It is like a mighty hurricane being compared to a mild drizzle.

Simplified Cleaning and Easy Maintenance

If you think you are lazy and you cannot dedicate adequate time to clean your unit, this is the ideal choice.

The simplified brushing technique is as doable as anything. The only parts that need to be cleaned are the screen and the filling chamber.

Usually, a brush is provided in the kit which can be used to easily clean the remnants and dusting it off.

The bags and tubes do not necessarily need regular cleaning as they need a mandatory replacement if they are discolored, grimy or brittle.

In such cases, the quality of flavor deteriorates and there are higher chances of rupture so it is not advisable and recommended to wait any longer and get immediate amendments.

Similarly, maintenance is also very reasonable. The spare parts are easily available in the market in case of breakage.

Other than that, no regular maintenance cost applies to it. It is a pretty user friendly device that can work for longer durations with reliability and minimal maintenance.

How To Use The Mighty Volcano Vaporizer

The unique feature of this design is the compatibility with both the conventional balloon system and the whip.

The technique of usage varies with the added appliance but overall is very simple, easy and doable.

Volcano Vaporizer

The balloon has a valve that prevents air from escaping when it is removed from the Hybrid.

With The Balloon:

  1. The cap should be removed from the filling chamber.
  2. Dry herb is placed into the chamber and then the cap replaced.
  3. The filling chamber is then placed on the hot air outlet and firmly tightened clockwise.
  4. The desire temperature setting is selected and the heating is initiated.
  5. Once the process of heating is completed, the mouthpiece is removed from the balloon and the balloon is attached to the filling chamber.
  6. The pump is tuned in to fill the balloon with vapor.
  7. Once the balloon has adequate amount of vapor which is desirable, the pump is turned off.
  8. The cap of the filling chamber is then untightened by rotating counter clockwise to dismantle the balloon.
  9. Mouthpiece is then rejoined to the balloon.
  10. It is now ready to be inhaled. Lightly pressed against the lips to enjoy the flavorsome vapor.
Hybrid Vaporizer
The whip of the Hybrid can be rotated 360°, which makes it easy to use from any angle without any trouble.

With The whip:

  1. The cap of the chamber is dissociated from the filling chamber.
  2. Cap is replaced once the dry herbs are sufficiently placed in the chamber.
  3. Placed on the hot air outlet, the filling chamber is turned clockwise to tighten.
  4. Temperature is coded as per the desired requirement to ignite the process.
  5. As soon as the heating procedure concludes, the tube flex is attached to the filling chamber.
  6. The vape is now ready to be inhaled. Additionally, the pump can be incorporated to increase the flow and push the vapor into the mouthpiece to give a voluminous output.

Is The Volcano Hybrid Vape For You?

If you are aiming to find the absolute best, most advanced in terms of technology and design, a complete package of innovative features and controlling options, supportive of balloon and whip styles, Bluetooth supportive and controlled by smart applications, this vape is made for you.

If you genuinely crave for an outstanding vaping experience, are serious users of cannabis and wish to utilize the latest high tech vaporizer which could last for decades, opt for this one.

It brings about a mighty punch, has the power of masses and is packed with the best possible features and options any vaporizer could possess. It is one of a kind involving dual heating systems.

Being the most customizable vaporizer existing, it helps to program temperature, heat time and duration of the fan as per the discretions of the user.

It is simple to clean and easy to maintain and has a very high durability coefficient.

Yet being expensive compared to other vaporizers available in the market, it is worth every cent for those who can afford it and are dire freaks of cannabis.

It is a guarantee that you would not want to go back to traditional and conventional cannabis usage protocols and regimens.

It is definitely an outclass innovation which will soon capture the market to its fullest and will have a heart touching impact on its users and admirers and the experience of the users would be beyond words could ever justify.

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