Fused Flora Review – A Trusted Vendor with All The Goodies

With so much innovation amongst the diverse brands of kratom products, fused flora has revolutionized its way in the US markets as well as worldwide. The brand’s best part is its dedication to providing you with the best products at affordable prices with accurate labelling.

Unique Features Of Fused Flora

What makes them unique and distinct from others is the way they make their buyers satisfied with promising results and safe delivery of their desired package. They have four suppliers, of which one ensures the uniqueness of products, while the rest of three are named based upon the area from where they have originated. Not only do they sell regular packs, but also give you an opportunity to order sample packs.

What Makes It Different From Other Brands?

The process of supply and processing of mitragyna variants makes it stand out among others. The drying procedure is so accurate that it makes sure that no pollutant (dirt, manure) comes in contact with it. After processing, each product is sealed tight and labelled accurately according to ingredients and weight. The extra struggles they have undergone are proved by processing ketum through HEPA filtered rooms and treatment in an ozone enriched atmosphere.

Fused flora regularly undergoes lab testing of this natural tree herb to check if it has any adulteration in any form and hence is GMP compliant.

What Are The Top-Selling Products Of The Company?

Top products of the company refer to those derivatives that contribute to its economy and popularity. They contain active alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine and give positive energy, focused perceptions, and keeps you going throughout the day.

The most favourite and top-ranked products of the brand are given below.

  1. Green Strain
  2. Super Green Borneo
  3. Green maeng da
  4. Green Borneo
  5. Green Vietnam
  6. Green Sunda
  7. Green nanga
  1. Red Strain
  2. Red Kapuas
  3. Red maeng da
  4. Red Borneo
  5. Red takengon
  6. Red Vietnam
  1. White Strain
  2. Super white
  3. White Sumatra
  4. White maeng da

At What Prices Do They Offer Their Products?

Fused flora offers sample packs (25g) and regular packs (100g), enabling one to assure the company’s safety and reliability. They don’t provide Kratom in bulk, but you can always order 100g ketum 10x to get a bulk supply. Prices are considerably affordable when compared with other brands. Given below are the prices of different variants of mitragyna speciosa.

  1. Green kratom strain 25g = $4.75
  2. Red Kratom strain 25g = $4.75 – $13.50
  3. White Kratom strain 25g = $4.75

Lab Testing

Kratom powder originally comes from Malaysia and Asia after passing through vital steps of making powder from fresh, natural speciosa leaves. Tight packing of the package confers a strong barrier against pathogens and contaminants. Like all other GMP-qualified vendors, fused flora goes through home testing and third-party lab testing to ensure the purity of contents and compliance with AKA regulations.

What Do Happy Customers Say About This Brand?

Gaining and maintaining customer satisfaction is an integral part of leading the way towards success and glory. The most significant achievement for online vendors is the trust that clients put in them and fused flora lucky to have their faith.

Here are some recent feedback from glad customers:

Jae said in his comment that “I am really impressed with the sample, fast shipping, and stellar Kratom, and I will be their customer for life.”

In one of his comments, Will said, “they are quick in answering emails, shipping, and products are clean, potent, with competitive prices.”

Do They Offer Any Money-Back Guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with the product or got the wrong product, let them know to make it right. You don’t qualify for return back claims in the following circumstances:

  1. When you claim after seven days of receiving the order
  2. If the product is opened or tampered
  3. When the seal is broken
  4. If You don’t have the tracking number of the order

What Are The Payment And Shipping Options?

Fused flora accepts payments through an invoice and online methods like E-checks and coin payments. However, e-check payments don’t render shipment on the same date because of the extended payment protocol through the bank.

If you are placing an order by 2 pm on working days, you will get your order the same day. Moreover, they will not charge a shipping fee on orders worth $54 or above. Shipping time and fee also rely on the area of shipment and its distance.

International shipping takes 15-30 days for delivery of freshest and finest quality Kratom.

How Often Do They Protect Your Personal Information?

When you explore the website, they will get information about your device, web browser information, IP address, and time zone. Additional information they get is about the pages you visit previously and how you interact with the site.

When you purchase through the site, your name, phone number, billing and shipping address, credit card number, and email address. In the future, this information helps them to communicate with you, screen orders for risk or fraud, provide you with advertisements relating to products and services. They protect your privacy in the following terms:

  1. They don’t track signals from your browser.
  2. You have the right to check what information they are getting.
  3. They remove your order data or information only if you ask to.
  4. The site restricts the use for people below 18 years of age.


Fused Flora has been offering excellent and premium quality products for years. Along with purity, they also claim a money-back guarantee. They are fully transparent about their products by third-party lab testing. You can also avail discounts by adding promo codes.

You can purchase sample packs with the fastest shipping service. They strictly cling to guidelines and laws set by AKA and don’t sell Kratom to anyone below 18 years of age.



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