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History Of The Company

Originally Hammer Nutrition is an endurance sports nutrition company. Brian Frank founded it in 1987 to provide top-notch products, knowledge, and services to the athletes of the world. In these 30 years of operation, Hammer Nutrition has grown to become one of the leading endurance fuels and supplement providers in the world.

This growth has also allowed Hammer Nutrition to expand into the markets of different sports-related CBD products. Their product line now includes clothing, body care products, EMS units accessories, and the most recent addition of CBD hemp products. Although a recent addition, their collection of CBD oil products is layered and vast.

What makes Hammer Nutrition one of the best in the business is their dedication to upholding their core values. With a mission statement that drives them to provide unique CBD products, extensive knowledge, and unconditional support, not a lot of retailers can compete with Hammer Nutrition.

What Quality Control Does Hammer Nutrition Have?

The goal of Hammer Nutrition is to attain maximum purity, quality, and efficacy of CBD products. To ensure this, they don’t hold back in employing the most advanced manufacturing methods. One thing you don’t have to worry about with Hammer Nutrition is the deterioration of quality so that they can cut costs as many other retailers do.

One of the critical questions when it comes to CBD products in specific is with regards to its source. Unlike many other businesses, Hammer Nutrition doesn’t believe in outsourcing. This is why CBD and Hemp used in their items is organically grown on U.S soil with no-GMO, and their manufacturing is also done in local facilities. Hence Hammer Nutrition can ensure the quality and safety of the items that it is selling.

Apart from local production, there are several other safeguards that Hammer Nutrition employs to ensure quality. All the facilities used for production are GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices compliant. These guidelines ensure that the manufacturing process meets the required quality standards. In simple words, these guidelines provide quality with regards to facilities, staff, safety, sanitation, ingredients, batching, and more.

Does Hammer Nutrition Conduct Lab Tests For CBD Products?

Any good CBD retailer will carry out third-party lab tests and make them public for the consumer to view or give the consumers access to the test reports. The purpose of these tests is not only to ensure the safety of the CBD oil products but also to ensure their legal status. There is a limit to the amount of THC medicinal marijuana or CBD can have, and that is 0.3% in most states. A lab test will tell you whether or not a retailer abides by this limit of THC. Another reason for having a controlled amount of THC is to make certain CBD products are not psychoactive.

Hammer Nutrition takes the safety of its users very seriously, which is why it has conducted third-party tests which can be accessed by consumers upon request. These tests ensure that CBD CBD hemp products of Hammer Nutrition are free of any heavy metals, solvents, microbes or other harmful impurities. These tests and their Certificates of Analysis are available under each product listing. They are conducted by Green Scientific Labs and clearly show the 0% THC count in the non-THC tinctures.

Are Hammer Nutrition’s Services Personalized?

What differentiates a good retailer from a great one is not the quality of the product but the quality of the services. To give customers a truly delightful experience, a retailer has to combined high-quality items with a satisfactory service alongside it.

Hammer Nutrition does both of these things with ease. If you are an online shopper, then the easy to use website interface of Hammer Nutrition will guide you. At the same time, there is a whole section of the website dedicated to merely informing the customers. From answering faqs to providing cookbooks for CBD related recipes, this section has it all. To further enhance your experience, this section also includes useful charts and the optimum usage of CBD items.

Can I Get Special Discounts At Hammer Nutrition?

When it comes to CBD retailers, most retailers have their system of giving promotional discounts. Hammer Nutrition is no different as it has two various promotional programs for its customers.

With the referral program, you and your friend can both get CBD hemp products at discounted prices. All you have to do is give a friend who has never ordered directly from Hammer Nutrition your client number from. When your friend uses that client number, they will receive a 15% discount on their first purchase while you will attain a massive 25% discount as store credit.

For regular customers, Hammer Nutrition has its VIP program. By joining the VIP program, you get to enjoy many shipping benefits. You will get free shipping for monthly and quarterly shipments and even get free clothing and or goodies on every delivery. Free shipping can also be attained by purchasing more than 100$ if you aren’t part of any of these programs.

What Type of CBD Products Do You Find At Hammer Nutrition?

When it comes to CBD, it is not as simple as just selling CBD products. CBD items exist in different forms, and different people have distinct requirements. Some people want CBD edibles while others are looking for capsules and oil tinctures. A good CBD retailer will have a large variety of CBD items.

Although Hammer Nutrition doesn’t have the largest selection of CBD products since it is not a CBD retailer, it has a decent selection. You can find CBD items like soft-gels, oil tinctures, and topicals at Hammer Nutrition. For particular CBD requirements, Hammer Nutrition will be the right choice due to the quality of their CBD hemp products.

CBD oils can be found in all three categories; Isolate, Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum. While Full Spectrum contains all the compounds and THC, Isolate only contains CBD and no THC. Broad Spectrum is the same as Full Spectrum in terms of compounds only without THC.

How Is CBD Priced At Hammer Nutrition?

The pricing of CBD and the amount of CBD in a bottle is always interconnected no matter where you go. The amount of CBD in a container can vary according to your potency requirements. For instance, if you want a mild dosage of CBD, you would want to go for 250mg CBD in a 30ml bottle. If you wish to more potency, you would want to 750mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle. The prices vary according to the amount of CBD. For 250mg CBD the price is set at 29.95$ while it increases to 59.95$ for 750mg CBD.

Our Verdict

In conclusion, although Hammer Nutrition might have a few drawbacks with regards to the variety of CBD hemp products due to it not being a CBD specific retailer, the rest of its services are top-notch. Hammer Nutrition prides itself over the quality of its items.

By complying to various quality control certifications, it has made sure that all of its items are of the highest quality. Simultaneously you wouldn’t find a lot of retailers that try as hard as Hammer Nutrition to inform their customers.

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