Palmetto Harmony CBD Overview

With the advancements in all fields of life, whether its technology, medical, health, or dozens of others, the world has become a beautiful place to live in.

CBD has been a lifesaver since ancient times. People have used it since the old days to relieve pain, anxiety, and some medical conditions too.

Undoubtedly, it has proved to be a good friend to man. CBD has always had its importance in every era. Today, many companies are selling CBD products and gaining success as a result of their dedication to work.

Story Behind The Brand

It was the result of a mother’s devotion and love that Palmetto Harmony came into being. Janel’s’ daughter named Harmony used to suffer from seizures, and the mother believed that only pure hemp extracts could relieve her symptoms as pharmaceuticals couldn’t help the child’s condition.

This was the reason why Janel desired to produce genuine hemp products and started this brand named after her daughter in 2017, which has become one of the many CBD brands in the industry.


Key Products: Organic Hemp Oils, Vape, Topicals, Capsules, Pet Products, and Skin Care Products.
CBD Type: Full spectrum + 0.3% of less THC
Extraction Method: CO2
Payment Methods:  Visa and MasterCard
Shipping: UPS 2 Day Flat Rate: $9.99
Wholesale Option: Yes

Why I Chose This Brand For A Review

I felt that this brand has a different story, it has a unique vision, and therefore, it should be shared with people.

We already have so many options in the market where we can buy CBD products from.

So, I thought of trying products from Palmetto Harmony, and I liked them.

The experience pushed me to write a review and reveal the fantastic products so that more people can learn about this brand.

About The Products

Palmetto Harmony deals with a long list of products. I am sharing details of every product so that you have a sneak peek of the product that you will receive when you place an order. The details are as follows:

Palmetto Harmony Hemp Oil

Manufactured with the purest ingredients, Palmetto Harmony Hemp Oil offers an organic, whole plant extract of Cannabis. It provides relief from pain and is an excellent alternative for other oils that contain artificial flavors. You get 20 mg of CBD per ml of this oil.

That a significant amount of CBD that you can enjoy and not every oil can provide you such incredible CBD levels.

There are two different quantities available. One bottle that offers 100 ml of Palmetto Harmony Hemp Oil is priced at $184.99, and the other one is a small bottle that offers 30 ml costs $79.99.

Palmetto Aura Pre-Filled Vape Pen

Like all the other products, this one is also superb. It is rechargeable, reusable, and works with Palmetto Aura products.

One fantastic feature of this vaporizer is that it already comes with two filled cartridges containing 1 ml of Palmetto Aura Vape Oil. It has a sporty design, feels like a pen, and looks stylish when you use it. You can get this for $49.99.

The directions to use are shared on the website under the products’ details so that you can check them from there.

Palmetto Aura Vape Cartridge Pack

If you run out of the cartridges of your Palmetto Aura Pre-Filled Vape Pen, these 1ml cartridges save your day, available in a twin pack, they are easy to replace and specially designed for the Palmetto Aura Pre-Filled Vape Pen. You get 10 mg of CBD from one cartridge. They are sold for $19.99.

Palmetto Aura Vape Oil (30 ML)

Another thing specifically for the Palmetto Aura Pre-Filled Vape Pen is the Palmetto Aura Vape Oil.

It is a great formula that provides relaxation and comfort when you inhale it. It’s a great option to get rid of the stress and depression for vape lovers.

Enjoy the goodness of this vape oil, which is available in two quantities. You get 10 mg of CBD from each ml of this vape oil.

At Palmetto Harmony, the bottle that gives 30 ml of vape oil is offered at $39.99 while the other one that offers 15 ml is priced at $23.99.


This fragrance-free pure CBD combination cream mixed with Organic East African Shea Butter, hemp oil and Frankincense is an excellent product for skincare and pain relief.

The container of 2 oz. Cannacense gives 100 mg of CBD. It is available for $34.99 at Palmetto Harmony.


Holy Cannacense

This topical cream made from unusual ingredients like Organic East African Shea Butter, hemp oil, Holy Basil, and Frankincense.

It’s great to apply on the skin because these ingredients make the right combination. The nourishing 2 oz. jar of Holy Cannacense contains 100 mg of CBD and is sold for $34.99.

Psorian Cream

This specially designed formula is for you if you are suffering from skin irritation.

It is made with carefully selected ingredients that include Organic East African Shea Butter, Hemp oil with all-natural herbs. This topical cream has no smell.

Also, it comes in a 2oz jar which offers 100 mg of CBD. Get yours for $34.99, and you’ll like it for sure.

Palmetto Paws

Your cats and dogs also require special treatment. At Palmetto Harmony, they have created a hemp oil formula for your furry friends that offers anti-inflammatory properties. It has two variations in the bottle sizes.

The bigger one provides 30ml and costs $79.99, and the smaller bottle contains 15 ml of hemp oil that is available for $44.99. Each ml of this oil gives you 20 mg of CBD.

Spectrum Capsules

If you like to enjoy the goodness CBD in the form of capsules, you will love these capsules.

One reason is that you get 10 mg of CBD per capsule, which is the right amount. It contains antioxidants as well as omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids.

You can get Palmetto Harmony 60 count spectrum capsules for $89.99 while 60 count spectrum capsules cost $49.99.

Palmetto Harmony Hemp Oil (32 oz.)

Available for $999.99, Palmetto Harmony 32oz. Hemp Oil is a good deal for people who are looking for bulk amounts of hemp oil.

It is organic, whole plant extract of CBD that comes in a glass bottle and treats many medical and health-related problems. It offers 20 mg of CBD per ml.

Apart from these products, you can get Palmetto Harmony Spectrum Suppositories for $19.99 that contains 10 mg of cannabinoids with many terpenes.

Also, they sell an ADAPTACAP Bottle Adapter for $1.00 that can be changed with the Palmetto Harmony dropper top.

It is a sophisticated option as it reduces the chances of contamination and the usage of all products become fuss-free with exact measurement offered by this Bottle Adapter. They deal with skincare products too.

Features Of The Brand

When shopping online, the main concern is whether the thing you are buying is worth it or not. This is the case with clothes, eatables, and everything else. With CBD that’s the same question which bothers every buyer.

Apart from the vast product line, there are some other features also that help the brand maintain its name. The features of the brand Palmetto Harmony, that I think deserve to be shared are:

1) Tested Products

Palmetto Harmony is a company that keeps you far from stress because all of their products are tested from third-party laboratories that are ISO certified.

Each item is tested at every level of the manufacturing process so that any impurities can be identified and discarded out.

The company believes in transparency, so all their lab tests are available on the website. You can check the report by entering the details of the batch of products that you have ordered and get yourself satisfied.

Video: Review of Palmetto Harmony CBD

2) Fluent Service

They offer shipment options to all 50 states of the U.S. and are working on expanding their shipment to international levels.

The orders generally take 5-7 days to reach the customers, and the service is phenomenal so you can expect your order to arrive at the doorstep of the address provided in the perfect condition.

3) Purity Guaranteed

The promise to cater pure CBD products is a common thing, but who stays true to their word is important! Palmetto Harmony works with natural hemp products; the hemp is cultivated from organic sources.

Therefore, you can trust them because they only deal with the best quality products.

They are the first vertically integrated company that was certified as “organic.” In this way, their stuff is the best for anyone interested in buying pure and organic CBD products.

The Negative Side

It is not possible to be perfect in a world that is full of competition. Being a brand, you might be lacking in some areas while being fantastic in all the other regions.

In this context, I think that people like to buy things online often when they see reduced prices than those in the retail shops.

Palmetto Harmony should work to reduce their rates as their products are not affordable for every person. In this way, they can attract customers and increase their sales.

Another factor I find bothersome is that they are only focused on full-spectrum CBD products, while there is an increasing demand for isolated and broad-spectrum CBD.

So, they should increase their variety by working on these two categories too.

Last Words

If you think that products, we buy online do not have a good quality, place an order from Palmetto Harmony, and you might change your opinion then.

I believe that there are still some challenges that the brand needs to face and improve the lacking areas.

By taking these steps, they will surely be one of the best-sellers of CBD products in the time to come. It has been two years since they started, and that’s a short time.

All it needs is some patience, and by changing the managing tactics, they will surely make it to the top.

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