Is It Better to Take CBD Oil Before or After Meals?

Are you wondering why your CBD oil dosage is ineffective? Everyone on the internet has shown their appreciation for plant-based oil. Reviewers claim it’s the best analgesic, muscle relaxant, and mood lifter. Are you in the blue – did CBD oil not work for you?

We believe that you haven’t been utilizing CBD oil the best way. There’s no need to get frustrated because believe us, there is no rocket science involved. When taking complex biological compounds, one must be aware of the chemistry and how the product degrades. When and how one must take their dosage, and what foods to avoid or add to a diet. Seems like a lot of homework? The good news is we’ve done it for you.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is extracted from the chemicals naturally found in the marijuana plant. This plant oil brings ease to those with many common health issues. Be it your mental stresses like depression and anxiety, skin conditions like acne, or your weak heart – CBD oil can play a reformative role in your health. It’s a natural way to bid bodily pains farewell.

CBD oil does not produce a stimulant effect, thus confirming its pure, medical nature. Its benefits are compelling. You might be questioning why it took you so long to start taking it. Hold your horses! Before you try out CBD oil, you should learn more about it in this blog.

Should you take CBD oil after meals?

First things first, never take CBD oil on an empty stomach. Now, you might be tempted to take a dose or two before breakfast, thinking it might give you an extra kick. Well, this is where most people go wrong.

This product has a complex chemistry, and to understand that, you need to go over the concept of Bioavailability. It is the amount of product absorbed by the body irrespective of the dosage taken. If you’re taking two teaspoons, there’s a chance that only 10% of it would act on your body. Take out your notepad and start taking notes because we’ll be going over the factors that enhance and restrict CBT absorption in this article.

How to take CBD oil after a meal?

It is advised that you eat a meal or take a snack before taking the oil. This way, your stomach will have enough workload digesting the meal and will provide better absorption. When the CBD oil reaches your stomach, it breakdowns into more than 100 different constituents, most of which are excreted from the body as waste.

Suppose your stomach already has a meal to digest. In that case, it tends to absorb more constituents, increasing their level in your bloodstream by four times. This is why it is advised to avoid an empty stomach intake.

Take CBD oil after a high-fat breakfast

If you’re a beginner, try taking your dose after breakfast. Make sure you’re taking a high-fat breakfast because the hydrophobic (water-repelling but fat-loving) nature of this product will absorb more easily when aided with fatty meals.

The effective way of taking CBD oil

One of the most effective ways to increase Bioavailability is sublingual ingestion, meaning placing your dose under the tongue. Sublingual absorption is said to rapidly increase the desired effect by spiking the product availability in the bloodstream. It hardly takes 30-60 seconds for the results to start showing up.

When the sublingual route is taken, the ‘First Pass Metabolism’ is bypassed. This means the CBT oil won’t go through stomach degradation. It directly passes into the liver, allowing the product to metabolize. It’s much more effective! 

Why should you avoid Oral intake?

Taking CBD oil orally isn’t a great idea. CBD oil’s biological chemistry doesn’t seem to prefer the Oral route (direct ingestion through the mouth). The stomach can be unfavorable when it comes to fatty product breakdown. It takes longer to produce the anticipated results in your body.

Many users complain of an irritable bowel pattern; they’re either suffering from severe constipation or diarrhea. So while you’re at it, make sure you’re drinking enough water no matter what route of ingestion you decide on. The last thing one would want with CBD consumption is an electrolyte imbalance in the body.

Alternative ways to take CBD oil

Don’t want to take CBD oil before meals? Wait- you don’t want it after your meals, either? You’ll be surprised to know that there are alternative routes to take CBD oil. It turns out that you can get the benefits without stressing over your meal routine. Just read on below!

Direct skin absorption

The skin is the largest and most efficient organ of the body. What we might see as just a covering for the skeleton has great absorption potency. The skin has its very own cannabinoid receptors making your product absorption even more rapid.

Similarly, like the sublingual method, cutaneous absorption most likely skips the ‘First Pass Metabolism’ state and allows most of the dosage to be utilized by the body. Athletes or individuals who want to use CBD oil for muscle pain or relaxant after a strenuous workout can easily place an order for an ointment or cream with CBD oil in it.

The right food combination for CBD intake

Don’t start taking your dosage without doing your homework. You need to understand that the amount and type of food you’ll be taking will significantly influence the results you’re looking for. Foods that are high in fat should be part of your diet. We mean the good kind of fat found in fish, avocado, nuts, red meat, soybean oil, olive oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil. Or complex carbs like Quinoa, Whole wheat pasta, Brown rice, sweet potatoes, Barley, and brown bread. These are believed to increase the Bioavailability of CBC oil.

If you plan on devouring an upsized cheeseburger before your dosage, consider the oil ineffective. You won’t get the desired results even though your burger would be loaded in fats. Alas! These fats are of the wrong kind.

Order your plant oil from a reliable brand

When we ask you to do your research before swiping your credit card, we expect you to take us seriously. One wrong decision and your entire experience with this product would be compromised. Be very careful that you’re ordering from a renowned vendor.

Go over the customer review column very seriously. Always order a small batch first, experiment how it works for your body before placing a large order. Look for broad-spectrum CBD oils, preferably gummies or tablets that can be placed sublingually under the tongue. Look for the expiry date before opening the seal.

Essential points to digest

Try taking a dosage after a meal; the meals must be rich in medium-chain triglycerides. Avoid a dosage on an empty stomach. The mode of ingestion is entirely your choice, but we advise the sublingual method. We hope this helps you enhance your experience. Good luck!

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