5 Celebrities Who Enjoy Smoking Weed

To look perfect and squeaky clean in front of the public has always been the norm among Hollywood celebrities. Everyone used to project a “holier than thou” image that people think they were perfect. However, in recent years, Hollywood celebrities have been getting out of this mold.

In terms of smoking cannabis, more and more celebrities are speaking out about their love for weed. Never in the history of Hollywood have there been so many stars so outspoken about their use of marijuana and their support for legalization of this wonder herb.

Marijuana is now being seen in a more positive light by society. After long decades of being illegal, it is almost miraculous to see marijuana being shown in a positive light in mainstream media.

The height of the Reagan Administration, a war on drugs, was introduced where people using psychedelic substances, including marijuana, were rounded up and were thrown in prisons.

It is a far cry to what we see today where marijuana is openly depicted in mainstream consciousness through the help of celebrities who have become ambassadors for this plant.

Perhaps the most significant push to the public’s growing positive opinion on cannabis and cannabis use are the numerous scientific evidence that back claims of medicinal and health benefits of marijuana for various illnesses.

In fact, right now, people rely on marijuana to help them manage chronic pain relief, anxiety, insomnia, and stress. In recent decades, with the combination of lifting on the prohibition marijuana and the scientific data that showcase the strong societal benefits of marijuana, the public’s opinion on marijuana and marijuana use is becoming more positive.

Because of the growing positive acceptance of the public, more and more governments worldwide are shifting their attention from criminalizing marijuana use to possibly harnessing its potential as a medicinal herb.

Many governments now recognize the medicinal and commercial benefits of marijuana. Different strains of marijuana are now openly sold in public. 

As governments realize the economic and medicinal value of this plant, legalization of medicinal and recreational use of marijuana in various territories and nations has started to happen.

Now, more than ever, it is safer for a person to smoke weed. Not only have we stopped criminalizing people for using marijuana, but we are also now actually idolizing them as more and more celebrities in Hollywood are opening up about their marijuana use.

Whether you agree with its legalization or not, there’s no denying that the use of weed has become much more widely accepted and less of a taboo topic for the whole society. Many people now talk about their fascination with smoking weed.

Many openly discuss the amazing benefits of weeds to their and their loved ones’ health and wellness. There are even people who advocate for the legalization of this herb in all states of the US. For these reasons, it is not difficult to understand that even celebrities are very vocal about their marijuana use. 

Many of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities have become strong and outspoken advocates for the lifting of prohibition and 100% legalization of cultivation, purchase, and selling, and use of cannabis.

Many of these stars are have even incorporated their message in the songs they sing and even characters they play in the cinema. 

So who are these Hollywood celebrities who openly smoke weed and even advocated for it’s used? The people below are just five of the growing list of people with celebrity status who are unafraid to tell the world that they smoke pot.

5. Bob Arum defended Chavez’s Positive Drug Test Result

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Perhaps no boxing promoter is better known than Bob Arum. Think about a legendary boxing fight that you have watched within the last two decades.

Now tell me, who is the boxing promoter of that fight? Chances are, it is Bob Arum, who was the promoter for that legendary fight. 

Now boxing and drugs do not go hand and hand. The use of any psychedelic is heavily frowned upon by both boxing insiders and fans alike. It seems that passions in both boxing and marijuana will never be compatible.

It is why it was a compelling statement when Bob Arum opened up about his marijuana use. He did not only openly talked about his use of weed, but he also advocated for its use in boxing and other sports.

In one interview, he exclaimed, “I do it [use marijuana] for recreation. It’s good for you; it’s good for you. Cannabis is good for you!”

Bob Arum’s history as an advocate for marijuana has a long history. He started smoking weed when he was in his 30s in the 1960s. Although he said, he only used it outside of work. His passion for marijuana even led him to an acting stint in the 1975 film “The Marijuana Affair,” which he came famous for. 

Although a long-time weed smoker, Bob Arum has only really started advocating smoking weed. About the legalization of marijuana in the country and the boxing ring when Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. was suspended for nine months in 2012.

It happened after Chavez tested positive of drug test just after his middleweight championship fight with Sergio Martinez. Bob Arum, at the time, was promoting Chavez. So he spoke out. “I’m not going to condemn a kid for smoking a joint a month before a fight to go to sleep,” Arum told FightHubTV in 2012.

Bob Arum even argued that marijuana use is different from taking performance-enhancing drugs. He also talked about the need to change the guidelines in the boxing ring. He also opened up about his marijuana use and how it never affected his work. He said he supports the removal of marijuana among the banned substances in the ring. 

4. Mike Tyson turned into a farmer – a Farmer of Weed

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Speaking of boxing, no other Hollywood celebrity has better cashed in with the legalization of marijuana than Mike Tyson

Tyson Farms, a 40-acre weed farm in northern California, was established by Mike Tyson just shortly after the State of California has legalized marijuana use, cultivation, and trade. 

Mike Tyson aptly launched his farm in his Hotbox in’ With Mike Tyson podcast, which is known for excellent content on cannabis use. The podcast is set up as a talk show where Tyson and his co-hosts all smoke weed while discussing just everything under the sun.

It is reported that the cast and crew can smoke as much as 10-tons of weed a month, which is around $40,000 worth of weed. During the launch, Tyson reportedly brought in weeds for the whole cast directly harvested from Tyson Farm. 

Ever since its launch, Tyson Farm has flourished, and Mike Tyson proudly informed everyone that he earns around half a million US Dollars a month from the weed he harvests. 

Mike Tyson does not want to stop from just merely being a producer of marijuana. He has a bigger plan for his farm. In an interview, Tyson discussed his vision to turn his farm into an oasis garden in the middle of the California desert. He said it is his dream to make his farm a tourist destination spot that people will visit and travel for.

Aside from merely producing raw marijuana leaves and buds, he plans to introduce different sorts of marijuana-related products such as CBD products and edibles. He does not end there.

Tyson further envisions to build a hotel, an amphitheater, and Tyson University, which would be an academic institution to provide courses on the cultivation of weed.

3. Conor McGregor Announced Peace by a Marijuana Photo

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While we are talking about Mike Tyson, let us check out another fighter who he has had a feud with. Introducing, Conor McGregor, a well-known UFC Fighter and legendary boxer.

Connor McGregor infamously posted a picture of himself smoking a joint of weed directly sourced out from Tyson Farms. The photo was published just after he has made peace with Mike Tyson. 

The photo featured Connor McGregor happily holding a joint, laughing. Under which was a caption that said: “Some giggle off the Cherry Pick Kush.” It was about the strain of cannabis that he was smoking. The caption continued with a quick message to Mike Tyson himself, saying, “It was good to meet you, Mike. You spoke some things about me in the past, which I did not like, and I was happy to speak to you face to face, put it to bed, and have some fun.”

What a way to make peace and build a friendship.

2. Rihanna is the Queen of IG Weed

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Connor McGregor is not the only one among celebrities who posts pictures of himself smoking weed. Rihanna outdid him and anyone in Hollywood when it comes to posting weed on Instagram.

One time, Rihanna posted a picture of her riding her bodyguard’s soldier. With a joint in one hand, she expertly prepared buds of marijuana on top of her bodyguard’s balding head.

A common theme for her pictures with marijuana is nonchalantly smoking pot while doing something else. Riri has posted herself looking fierce while bathing in a tub. She also had a joint as she casually sat down on the floor, talking with friends.

There was one photo where she sleepily smokes weed on the bed. A beautiful picture of her smoking on a yacht even garnered almost half a million hearts from her followers on Instagram. 

Marijuana displays prominently on Rihanna’s Instagram page. There are times that marijuana even makes it into her various artistic activities. Indeed, marijuana use has become part of her aesthetics that magazines also invite her to take editorial and cover shots smoking weed.

She was asked to pose while smoking weed for magazines such as The Fader and the CR Fashion Book, where she was pictured as a modern-day Marie Antoinette. Clouds of smoke are prominently featured in her album “Talk that Talk” cover. She also used the same motif in the art for her single “Unapologetic.” 

1. Jennifer Anniston gave Advice for a First Time Weed Smoker

The rest of the celebrities on this list will not surprise anyone. I mean, Bob Arum starred in a film that features the word “marijuana” in the title. However, a few people may suspect that our next celebrity is an outspoken marijuana user. Her vibe and her image are immaculately wholesome; it can be a jarring experience trying to picture her smoking weed. 

The person I am talking about is Jennifer Anniston. The all-time girl next door. She even holds the record for the person who reached 1 Million Followers the fastest on Instagram. 

Not a lot of people know that Jennifer Anniston smokes weed regularly. The only thing that will connect her to marijuana is the comedy movie where she crossed the border to Mexico to bring in drugs. Other than that, there seems to be no indication that she smokes weed.

But, during an interview with Howard Stern, Jennifer Anniston infamously egged her producer to smoke with for the first time. Not only that, like a real pro, she even gave a few tips on how to smoke weed.

The interview happened in October 2019 when Howard Stern temporarily set up his work in LA. It was Howard who first asked Jennifer’s producer to come and try to smoke with for the first time.

Jennifer, at first, was in disbelief, since she thought her producer is an LA native. She said, “You’re going to smoke weed for the first time? You haven’t? And you grew up here?”

Her producer chuckled and quickly corrected her that he was born in Ohio. When asked if she has some advice for she produced. She said to just pace himself and not hurriedly smoke the joint. She ended, “It is going to be either the worst day of your life or the best day of your life. Don’t worry; you’ll live.”

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