The readers of this review could be people to whom Kratom leaves, and their advantages are newly introduced, or they could be people who are tired of receiving late deliveries from their online vendors. Whichever you may be, I want to congratulate you because at the end of the Urban Ice Organics review you will have discovered your ideal brand to order from as well as all your answers to any questions that you have.

Kratom leaves are used across the globe as a stimulant as well as a sedative by millions of people, and while there are a few side effects to it, there are numerous benefits that outweigh the negative externalities.

It is used to treat chronic pain; digestive ailments, and it has also proven its worth for people who are looking to minimize their dependence on drugs.

However, you may feel constipated post-consumption, or you may be itchy later. Now that we have gotten a basic knowledge of Kratom out of the way, let me divert your attention to from where you can get it.


We are all aware of how big the internet is in terms of providing information related to a lot of stuff.

Similarly, you can also be misled several times into buying from counterfeit online vendors whose products not only cost people their hard-earned money but can also cost them their lives.

So, you ought to be careful while picking an online vendor.

The brand I am about to suggest you guys is called ‘Urban Ice Organics’ and you can go to their website to ensure that the information I am sharing here is valid or not.

Urban Ice Organics is one of the leading brands in the industry that focuses on providing authentic and high-quality Kratom products to its customers.

What’s even more attractive is the fact that all their products are entirely natural and offered at reasonable prices, so you don’t have to put the burden on your monthly budget anymore.

Their extraction methods are uniquely advanced, and you can find all sorts of strains of Kratom very quickly on their website.

Type of Kratom The Brand Is Selling

I have heard many stories of my friends and associates about how their online vendor has them limited to just one strain of Kratom because the rest is not available in their shop.

I’ll tell you what I told them, immediately switch to ‘Urban Ice Organics’ to have a surprisingly long list of strains to choose from and that too with reliable shipping services.

Now you don’t have to limit yourself to buying a red vein every single time or yellow thread.

To all my first-timers, red vein, yellow vein, green vein, and white vein are all different strains of Kratom available in the market today.

Since this is a review, I am going to be very precise, but I encourage you to head over to their website to read more once you have read all this.

Key Products

Let’s discuss what ‘Urban Ice Organics’ have in their shop for their customers.

In addition to capsules filled with Kratom extracts they also have powders of every single strain ready for you to order.

Most importantly, they never seem to run out of stock because they understand the importance of ensuring the satisfaction of their customers.

They have a big bottle of their infamous ‘Maeng Da Kratom’ which is available as both capsules and powders so you can get whatever suits your preference.

There is an item called ‘Bali Kratom’ which is basically made out of the red strain of Kratom, and I highly recommend it to my readers.

This brand also has liquid solutions of Kratom extracts in store for their customers, and anyone can buy it according to what suits their needs better.

In addition to these items, there are various other products about which I’ll inform you later on in this article.

Lab Test Reports

This company claims they are the best at their job, and no one can match their level of expertise. Are we just supposed to take their word for it, or is there any concrete evidence, like lab testing reports, provided on their website to back their statements?

This question also found its way to my mind in the beginning, but I just took a leap of faith and placed my order. Upon receiving my order, I was not disappointed in any way, so I guess sometimes things do turn out as the company presents it.

Although there are not any reports, they continue to be the number one choice of millions of people so they must be doing something right.

I recommend you all to put your trust in this brand as I guarantee that you will all thank me once you have consumed these excellent products.

What Are Their Customers Saying?

Before discussing any other customers, let me take the spotlight and tell you about my personal experience. I have been a consumer of Kratom strains for a few years, but I was always distracted by the fact that I am not getting a good return for my money.

Most importantly, no matter what I buy and who I buy it from, it did not satisfy me at all.

Two years ago, I came across this brand, and it changed my opinion on online shops. They had what I needed at the prices I needed them at, and they always delivered to my doorstep.

I could finally say goodbye to all those scams and long lines at local stores.

Like any average person, I thought I could be wrong about my opinions regarding this company as it seemed too good to be true.

So, I moved on to other links shown by Google to see what my fellow buyers were saying about it.

Surprisingly, all I could find were people praising Urban Ice Organics about either their customer services or the availability of remarkable products on their website.

Although, I found one unhappy customer who was complaining about how incorrectly their order was placed, and they received the wrong items at last.

I am sure they addressed that complain instantly about their reliable and supportive customer service because they are professionals at what they do and believe in respecting the opinions of the customers.

Urban Ice Organics Maeng Da

Urban Ice Maeng Da

This is their infamous urban ice kratom that helps you keep your mind and body both in check. It is available in the form of capsules as well as a powder so get what you desire.

While ordering, you can also pick the size of your bottles that is dependent on the number of capsules you want.

You can get about 50 pills, or you can challenge yourself to purchase a big container that contains 175 capsules.

If you decide to get the powder, then you can choose 60g, 150g, or 250g depending on how much you wish to spend.

Urban Ice Organics Red Vein Bali

Urban Ice Red Vein Bali

Choose your bottles of this beneficial strain of either 50 capsules or 100 capsules. This is a very rare strain in the market and as you can see, the price is also reasonable so, what are you waiting for?

However, make sure you are the right age to purchase this and keep this out of your children’s reach.

I suggest you pop one of these before starting of your day and you will be both spiritually and mentally prepared to take on the challenges of your day.

There is also a crushed red vein leaf powder for suitable customers, whose price is according to the quantity ordered.

Urban Indoleaf White Vein

Urban Ice Indoleaf White Vein

While placing an order for one of these you can choose the strain you want, such as red, green, or white.

This is in the form of powder, and the prices remain the same regardless of the strain you order. This is an entirely natural product with consistent taste and quality that will surely solve all your issues if there are any.

You can either order one of these strains at 250g each or choose their mix and match pack that has all three of these strains for just $169.99.

I don’t know about your choice, but this seems like a much better deal than other brands have to offer.

Urban Green Malay Capsules

Urban Ice Green Malaysian Capsules

You can get like 10 of 100% pure mitragyna speciosa leaf and enjoy the benefits. In addition to green, this tablet pack is also available for other strains and at such low prices as well. This can be very helpful for someone who is on a strict budget but also needs a bit of kick in their system.

Urban Liquids

There is a pomegranate super tea along with a kratom shot, and Maeng Da extracts oil as well. If I remember correctly, you can also purchase a red vein extract oil for just $15.99.

The price of other products is too meager, which is surprising in today’s world, where everyone wants to make super-normal profits.I would highly recommend that you also check out these products, especially the pomegranate tea that is known to do wonders for people who drink it before starting their day.

I would highly recommend that you also check out these products, especially the pomegranate tea that is known to do wonders for people who drink it before starting their day.

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