Kratom in Wallgreens

Shopping online or from a local store is a convenience that everybody wants to take advantage of.

However, buying Mitragyna is entirely different. I cannot emphasize more on this — Kratom from any over the counter store is a big-no.

There are a lot of reasons behind it, but the most important is for sure safety.

But to buy from any over the counter store is only possible if they have the product in their store.

Let’s not keep you in suspense and reveal it to you if you can purchase Kratom from Walgreens.

The answer is no; you cannot buy Kratom from Walgreens as they do not sell it on their stores.

Even though some states in the U.S. have legalized the use of Kratom still, Walgreens has not stocked up Kratom in their stores.

Walgreens deals in a lot of prescribes and drugs, but always it has not stocked Kratom.

It would have been so much easier for the people in America who are regular Kratom users to purchase their products from the local shops instead of shipping it from oversees.

Kratom comes in many forms, allowing people to consume it in different ways and enjoy various options.

It is available in capsules, tinctures, extracts, shots, and powder. Consumers mainly buy Ketum in the form of powder.

However, many consumers don’t always like the taste or the aroma that comes with this form. Hence, they usually opt for capsules, which are not only easy to carry but also easy to consume.

The past few years have seen increased criticism on the usage of Kratom with a lot of countries banning its purchase.

Even though this herb is believed to have some positives on the human body, it also has a lot of adverse effects as well.

Reasons Why Can’t You Buy Kratom at Walgreens

Stores like Walgreen and CVS are very famous in the United States of America. These companies operate in almost every state and city.

Walgreens, for example, has 8,175 stores in 50 states. Walgreen Company deals with all kinds of products and has almost everything available for its broad consumer market.

Because of this reputation, one would generally conclude that substances and products concerning Kratom will be sold by these stores as well. And typically, such a conclusion would be justified.

However, unfortunately, it is tough to find Kratom in such kinds of stores. The reason for this is the legal status of the substance.

And even where the legal status is not much of a hindrance in the consumption or possession. The controversial nature of the product has done much to make consumers’ lives tough.

The Walgreens only provide government-approved products. Consumers cannot find Kratom in such stores because the FDA has officially declared it as a dangerous product. They have issued several warnings against consumption.

Moreover, even the DEA has not added Kratom to the list of controlled substances — they had planned to add it in 2016. However, upon backlash, this intention was retracted.

This incident goes to show that Kratom may not be as dangerous as so many people make it out to be.

After all, the DEA would not have gone back on its intention if they really thought that its uses and consumption are harmful to the general public.

Here are some reasons why you cannot shop Kratom from Walgreens.

1) Kratom Not Approved By FDA Yet

Even though Kratom is legalized in many states, but still, Kratom is not authorized by the Food and Drug Administration due to its harmful effects on the human body and mind.

This is the first reason why Walgreens is reluctant to overflow its shelves with Kratom, no matter if they are of high quality.

FDA is pushing to ban the Mitragyna Speciosa alkaloids in the U.S. Currently, FDA is scientifically and medically evaluating Kratom to lead future decisions on its legal status in the country.

In this situation, some agencies such as American Kratom Association are trying hard to regularize Kratom in the state.

In between this tug of war, it is not appropriate for Walgreen to stock up Kratom and sell it to its stores.

2) DEA In 2016 Attempted To Ban Kratom Nationwide

Not just the FDA, the DEA is also against the use of Kratom. The DEA had never supported the legalization of Kratom in the U.S. In 2016, DEA reached out to list Kratom as a Schedule 1.

However, the lack of research in this area led to the dismissal of this demand. The action taken by DEA shows the concern of agencies to ban this product in the entire country.

3) Many Credit Companies Won’t Accept For Kratom Transactions

Not just the superstores and pharmacies, even banks don’t allow Kratom transactions.

Many people prefer paying with their debit/credit cards, and if banks deny Kratom transactions, then Walgreen will be the one subjected to its consequences.

In this way, a monetary loss is pertinent, which is why Walgreen and many other top pharmacies don’t sell Kratom in their stores.

4) Negative Media Coverage

There might be many people that are in favor of Kratom usage. But, top media, enforcement agencies, and state laws are against its usage.

If Walgreens start selling Kratom on their stores, then they are more likely to face the wrath of negative media coverage.

Selling Kratom on their stores can poke media people to report negatively about Walgreens.

5) CDC Reports Of Several Deaths Associated With Kratom

According to the new CDC report, Kratom is responsible for the deaths of over 100 people due to overdose.

It is due to this reason why FDA calls Kratom a “drug concern.” It not yet confirmed whether Korth was the only cause of the deaths of these people.

A high dosage, different drug interactions, or patients’ health history might be the cause of death.

The research is limited on this herb and not yet discovered if how potent it is. Which is why Speciosa isn’t sold at Walgreens.

What’s Walgreens Policy On Selling Kratom?

The legal status of Kratom plays an essential role in localizing its purchase in different states since Kratom’s legal status is pretty confusing in the U.S. that is why big names such as Walgreens avoid selling them at their stores.

Apart from it, the Walgreens have their policy not to sell drugs or psychoactive substances in their stores.

It is the primary reason why Walgreens avoid selling these drugs as the researchers have found out about the psychoactive effects of the Kratom.

Walgreens maintain their social responsibility towards the community and believes in complying with the country’s laws and regulations in the best possible way.

The products sold at the Walgreens are rigorously analyzed to ensure customer safety at all costs.

Apart from it, the drugs sold at the store must comply with the laws and regulations.

Walgreen’s policy on selling drugs on their store has been clear and transparent since the beginning. It does not deal in products that might cause any negative impact on the person’s health.

Due to mixed reviews on Kratom’s use, Walgreens avoid to sell them on their store and upset the DEA and FDA.

In short, selling Kratom at Walgreens store will be against their policies that people have relied upon for a long time.

Until the research is complete over this drug or until this drug is wholly legalized, there is no way that Walgreens will be dealing in Kratom any sooner.

If you have any queries about the policies of Walgreens, then you can easily check them on their website.

Why Is Kratom So Controversial?

Even though it has so many benefits, and millions of people benefit for it, Kratom is still a somewhat controversial product.

Many factors contribute to this controversial nature.

One reason is the fact that not much known about this product. Organizations like the FDA are still researching the mechanics, effects, and benefits of the product.

Kratom is currently not regulated by the FDA, which has previously issued cautions due to contamination with bacteria, Salmonella, and heavy metal poisoning, etc.

The research on Kratom had started in April 2019; therefore, it is safe to say that it will be years before the FDA makes its final stance. And until then, vendors and suppliers have been asked not to make health-related claims.

The fact that so many states have made the consumption, possession, and dealing of Kratom as illegal also makes it controversial.

Many people cite this as support for banning Kratom. And this argument does make sense.

After all, why would they have taken this approach if not for a good reason? And they would have arrived at such a decision after much debate and consideration of all factors.

They must have considered aspects like the fact several million people use it and its benefits. And yet, they still arrived at that decision.

But these are only a few states. In the United States of America, on a federal level, Kratom is legal.

The media is also biased when it comes to Kratom. This prejudice leads them to make one-sided reports to the public.

They only highlight the drawbacks and the harmful effects of Kratom. They rarely mention success stories, or it’s benefits.

Despite these factors, people have still consumed Kratom and have supported its legalization in many ways.

They have done this by signing petitions and supporting organizations like the American Kratom Association.

Where Can You Find And Purchase Kratom?

As established before, Kratom products are not available or sold in stores like Walgreen, Walmart, and CVS, etc.

However, there are several other options available for consumers. It should be noted that the availability of Kratom is mainly dependent on the laws of the State the consumer resides in.

Even though federal regulations state that Kratom is legal, the laws of the relevant State will take precedence.

Hence, one should first make an effort to find out the legal status of Kratom in one’s State. If it is indeed illegal, then the options available will be limited to none.

Online shops are a famous place where people can find and purchase Kratom.

Many are skeptical of making such purchases online due to the general dangers of online shopping. And this fear is understandable.

To alleviate this fear, one should research Kratom and go through the reviews of vendors to get an idea about the standard and reputation of that vendor.

One can also start by buying samples only, which are relatively cheaper and are the best option for beginners.

The following are the most famous vendors online; PurKratom, Kratora, Super Natural Botanicals, Kratom Wave and Ketum Superior, etc.

With online stores, consumers will buy top-notch quality products in excellent and reasonable prices.

Such vendors also offer various strains and forms, providing multiple options to the market.

Excellent and legitimate vendors, however, will not ship to states where Kratom is illegal. Conversely, they do provide discreet shipping options.

Smoke Shops are another place where people can find and purchase Kratom. But, it will be tough to find Kratom in Smoke shops located in states where Kratom is illegal.

Compared to smoke shops, online vendors are a safer option. This is because online vendors know more about the substance in general, while smoke shops’ owners simply want to make profits and promote their business.

They do not care enough to know about the product they are selling.

Still, some people prefer directly buying Kratom, as opposed to buying it online. And this preference is wholly justified and is their prerogative.

Smoke shops will also, like Online vendors, provide their customers with reasonable prices and, sometimes, the right quality products.

Final Thoughts

Be it Walgreens or any top pharmacy in the U.S.; nobody wants to go against the law.

The status of Kratom is not consistent, which can result in any enforcement agency to take action against Kratom vendors. It is the reason why Walgreens avoid selling Kratom at their local stores.

While it may be a disappointment to many that Kratom is not sold in Walgreen stores, there is no reason to lose hope completely.

There are good and equally safe alternatives available. These alternatives are utilized by many and have several advantages.

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