Klover Releaf Vendor Review

There are hundreds of Kratom selling websites that pop up to your screen when you search for the best Kratom vendor online. One feels that finding a reliable source to purchase Kratom products is nothing like luck.

Especially for a newbie in Kratom community who does not know where to start, this is extremely challenging.

It is understandable. Many users spend their initial years in trying a dozen Kratom strains from different Kratom sellers. Everyone knows about the best effects of Kratom for physical and mental health. But the only way to enjoy all these benefits is when you find good quality Kratom strain.

In today’s article, you will read about another Kratom vendor, making its way in top Kratom sellers online. Klover Releaf may be your next stop for buying New Year’s Kratom purchase and the solution to all your needs.


Klover Releaf is a company that was founded in 2017. It operates from Texas, USA. This company aimed to provide the purest quality Kratom leaves to all Kratom lovers. It makes sure to deliver only the supreme quality Kratom at your doorstep. This mission is followed by a highly efficient working plan where customer satisfaction comes first.

Which Products Does It Sell?

1) Kratom Powder (Price starts at $10.00/ 30 g)

Like all big names in Kratom business, Klover Releaf sell three types of Kratom Red, Green and White strains  to its customers. Each vein color category has particular strains.

When you click on any strain, the website will briefly tell you about its origin, effects, and specifications.All Kratom powders at Klover Releaf come in 30g, 60g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and even1kg packs. Following strains are currently in stock. 

  • Green Strains: Maeng Da Kratom, Elephant Kratom, Green Jong Kong Kratom, Thai Kratom.
  • Red Strain: Golden Bali Kratom, Red Bali Kratom, Red Jong Kong Kratom, Red Maeng Da Kratom, Red Thai Kratom, Yellow Vietnam Kratom.
  • White Strain: White Hulu Kapuas Kratom, White Maeng Da Kratom, White Borneo Kratom, White Thai Kratom, White Jong Kong Kratom.

2) Kratom Capsules (Price Starts From $18.00/ 60 Capsules)

Here you can find Kratom capsules in 60, 120 and 180 capsule packs. These capsules are gelatin based and are packed with Dry Pack technique to protect against moisture and mold. The tamper resistant seal further ensures the product’s freshness.

Most of the Kratom capsule sellers offer size 00 capsules that contain 500mg of dry leaf powder. On the other hand, Klover Releaf sells premium capsules that contain nearly 700mg of dry Kratom powder in each capsule. For now, the following capsules are available.

  • Green strain, i.e., Green Maeng Da Kratom capsules.
  • Red strain, i.e., Red Bali Kratom capsules.
  • White strain, i.e., Borneo Kratom capsules.

3) Kratom Tincture (Price Starting From $12.00)

Klover Releaf also sells Kratom tincture. Their tincture bottle size is 15 ml that is extracted from 11 grams of high-quality Kratom leaves. As per their website, tincture formulation uses a triple filtered extracted solution of the finest Kratom leaves.

Their products are high quality organic and 100% non-GMO ethanol based. There is no toxic solvent added. Every customer can add 1,2,4 or 10 bottles of tincture to his cart as a one-time purchase.

Note that this is the only company that sells “flavored tinctures” so unpleasant Kratom fragrance is no more a problem. There are no artificial flavors added, and the tinctures are extracted from premium sources. For now, there are following two types of tinctures available on Klover Releaf.

  • Mandarin Orange Maeng Da
  • Cafe Latte Maeng Da

Is Klover Releaf Worth Trying?

Before you consider any online Kratom vendor, there are many things that you should look. It is necessary to evaluate a vendor first so that you don’t fall for a scam selling cheap Kratom products.

Do not judge a Kratom vendor based on one person’s comments.Usually what happens on public forums is that people bash various Kratom vendors for negative publicity or compensatory free Kratom from them.

It is always better to self evaluate the vendor. All it takes is to check their website thoroughly.

For Klover Releaf, this review has made it easier for you to evaluate. A few things that we suggest you consider for Klover Releaf are as follows.

1) Vendor’s Status

Most of the people will agree that it is always better to purchase Kratom from old, trusted names instead of trying a new one. Klover Releaf’s started its business in 2017.

This is not a very long time. But what you don’t know about this seller is that it has another parent company,which is one of the largest Kratom importers in the United States. It makes Klover Releaf not a newbie but a name that you can trust.

2) Product Quality

No one should ever compromise on quality. We repeat, never. That’s one thing Klover Releaf will promise you. Any product bought from this Kratom seller comes with lab test verification for being pure and fresh.

There is almost no chance of contamination, and hence you will enjoy the best Kratom effects. This is one of the many reasons customers have a deep bond with this seller.

3) FDA Approved

The products and facility of Klover Releaf is FDA inspected. On the very top, it also makes sure that these products go through 3rd party tests for Mitragynine and seven hydroxymitragynine level check.

Every batch of Kratom is examined and analyzed for any possible contaminant, pesticide, fungi, and bacteria particularly salmonella.

After the recent Kratom-salmonella contamination hype, all products sold here come with 100% salmonella free guarantee.

4) Original Kratom Guaranteed

It is not just the product quality, but some Kratom vendor stake this scam to another level. What they do is that they show you original Kratom products on screen. But once you confirm your order, the thing that you receive is anything but Kratom.

They sell tainted or any fake green powder in the name of Kratom. The result is that user does not feel any effects and starts to think maybe Kratom does not work on him.

Klover Releaf ensures that the product that they deliver is the same that they promise and display on their web-store. There are no additives in their Kratom products.

5) Customer Care Line

It is obvious if you have some questions in mind that refrain you from confirming your order. Klover Releaf has an active customer care line, which helps all existing and new customer on product details, price estimate, restocking of products, shipment, complaints and what not.

You can contact them through email at [email protected] or phone at +(832)998-2853. Additionally, you can also visit them if you live nearby. The address is mentioned on the website: http://txbotanical.com/

6) Fast Shipments Facility

Klover Releaf Kratom offers faster deliveries, on all the orders placed on weekdays only. Any order placed on the weekend is dispatched on Monday, the first working day of the week. They offer free delivery for all orders worth $20.00 or more.

7) Accepts Coupons

Like all big Kratom sellers, Klover Releaf accepts coupon codes on all orders. Enter the coupon code before you check out. These codes will give you a good discount on the total sum of your order.

What Does This Vendor Lack?

Although there are many good things about Klover Releaf that may interest you, there are a few things that it should improve.

a) Add More Variety In Products

Almost all best selling Kratom strains are available on the site, but it would be great if they add more strains in their stock.

b) Promotional Discounts And Bundle Offers

The price range is affordable, but it would be better if they launch new products on the promotional price. Also, there is no bundle offer for a customer to buy small packs of multiple strains.

c) Sample Packs To Be Included

All the Kratom strains come in full packing, and the smallest of them is 30g. For a new user, it is challenging to select one strain. Trying multiple strains in the 30g pack is heavy on budget. The vendor should also launch sample packs for all these strains as well.

Our Take On Klover Releaf Kratom

Based on all the information written above, here is what we think about Klover Releaf as a Kratom vendor.

The website is relatively new, and it seems to be new in business. However, they are linked to another big site that is in Kratom business for long. If not too old, the website is not too new either, so its okay to consider it.

All products come with a short description and a tab for user reviews. But this user review section does not have any comments in it and only the star based ranking.

Evaluating a product without comments is hard. The star ranking system shows that users loved the products, but it would be better if we could read their comments too.

While searching for reviews on Klover Releaf on public forums, one thing that many people endorse is their fast-acting strains and delivery services. Many people are recommending using Kratom from Klover Releaf to other people especially for pain (Red strains).

There is not anything that looks suspicious about this Kratom selling website. However, the company should encourage its customers to add their shopping and product experiences on the site so that it gets easier for new customers to pick their products.

Final Words

Though the reviews of Kratom from Klover Releaf are great and they provide highly promising services, it still needs an upgrade. For now, the customers may be fewer due to limited products available here.

Only if they work on adding more strains, they can attract a large number of people.

Other things like promotions, sales, discounts, sample and bundle offer will also help to get more customers. There is no doubt about product quality and delivery. Only if the variety is improved, it will soon establish its name among trusted Kratom vendors online.

 If you cannot find your desired strain in their product list, write them an email requesting for it. For more details on orders, contact the customer care department Monday to Friday, between 10 am to 6 pm, and on weekends, 11 am to 5 pm. Happy Kratom shopping!

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