How Do You Fix Your Vape Pen Common Issues: Troubleshooting Guide

Are you troubled by the lack of smoke in your vape pen? Not getting the desired kick out of vaping. Or maybe you can’t get your head around the occasional battery issue in your vape device.

These issues can lead to a good amount of frustration and anger. They can also ruin your otherwise enjoyable vaping experience with friends, family, or strangers.

Just imagine: You are with your buddy on his couch and some stupid problem in the vape device surfaces. It would be a total mood killer!

Or your nervous and introverted self is partying at a night club while using vape as the social support to your socially awkward personality.

But then the vape device stops working right in the middle of a conversation. A conversation that would have led to a drink and a dance, but you are barely standing straight with the useless vape device in your hand.

Tricky situation, isn’t it? You don’t want to be in that person’s shoes!

If you are proactive in searching for a troubleshooting guide on common vape pen issues, or you are currently undergoing some specific problem and want to get it fixed ASAP, let us help you.

We will ensure that your mental headspace is converted back to normal, and a durable vape pen is up and running in no time.

10 Most Common Vaping Problems

This list will be comprehensive and detailed in terms of identifying and rectifying common vape issues. We will try to use simple terms to explain complicated and technical scenarios. Read ahead!

1. Battery Issues

If you are unable to pinpoint the problem in the device, then the battery may not be working. Or something else may be the culprit.

The Solution

Try checking if the battery is functional and is sufficiently charged. Some devices stop working if the battery charge falls below a certain level.

Additionally, you should also make sure that there is enough E-liquid in the tank.

Since vape devices are made of multiple detachable components, do check that everything is connected seamlessly with no loose ends.

It may also happen that a coil is faulty or has become useless. You may have to change it to get the vape device functional.

2. Leaking of E-liquid

This issue can be troublesome. It may cause a mess and also a waste of your precious money and E-liquid.

The Solution

First off, check how much the tank is filled.  If it is full to the brim, then remove some of the liquid. Having some air space provides the necessary vacuum to avoid leakage problems.

We tend to secure the device tightly after opening it for whatever reason. But if you overtighten the device to an unnecessary degree, it may cause damage to the vape components.

Similarly, observe the tank for a while and see if it is clean with no cracks. If it has cracks, then it is time to buy replacement glass.

A word of advice: Make sure always to leave your vape device upright. It is the standard safety procedure.

3. No OLED Display

If countless tapping on the OLED display is not leading to the desired outcome, stop. Instead, try something more civil.

The Solution

It may be the case that your mod is on stealth mode. If you are a newbie, you may have accidentally turned on the stealth mode, which allows for no display during the vaping session. The buzzing sound or the OLED light can be distracting.

In most mods, clicking the button thrice displays the menu from where you can turn off the stealth mode.

If this is not the case, then your screen may be broken. Once you discover this unfortunate situation, claim warranty for the device, if applicable.

4. Dark E-liquids

Dark E-liquids can be distressing to your eye and mind. What can you do in such a case? You need to ask yourself a few questions.

The Solution

  • Was my E-liquid bottled stored in a cool and dry place?
  • Is my tank clean? When was the last time I cleaned it?
  • Is the nicotine strength of the liquid high? The liquid may darken upon use as it oxidizes relatively fast.
  • For how long are you using the same E-liquid? If you smoke rarely, then the same liquid may be exposed to UV, heat, and oxygen.

It is not a red flag for E-liquid to darken over time. However, you should still be observant of time and intensity.

5. Dry hit and burnt taste?

Who wants to get a dry hit and a burnt taste? Might as well not vape. If you are a victim of this incident here’s the solution:

The Solution

When you encounter this scenario, consider checking the coil. If you vape often, then the coil may wear out quicker than their normal life duration.

It is recommended to account for the life of the coil, your frequency and duration of vaping, and the nicotine strength of the E-liquid.

You should avoid taking quick puffs consecutively as that does not leave much room for the coil to charge. Make sure to prime the coil if it is brand new. It is done as follows:

  • Drop E-liquid on the top of the coil so that it soaks until fully saturated.
  • Inhale without turning on the device. This action is termed as primer puffs.
  • If you can adjust the power level of your device, then power it to the half the level that you normally vape at.
  • Take a few puffs while powering the device gradually.

6. Ending with a dry or sore throat

If your health is getting affected after vaping, then it can be very unpleasant. A sore and dry throat can not cause you to stop vaping for some time, but it may also hinder your daily routine.

The Solution

You may try the following tips:

  • Decrease your quick puffs. It is fine to show off in front of your friends but take it easy. Take the puffs steadily and slowly. It is not a race.
  • Your tank should have a certain level of E-liquid. Otherwise, the coil may dry out, leaving you with a dry hit, followed by a nasty cough.
  • Your E-liquid has a VG/PG ratio where VG is responsible for the amazing clouds we all love while vaping. You may want to buy a new E-liquid with a higher VG ratio so that the PG component, which gives the vape hit, may reduce.

7. The clouds are small

A bummer indeed. Vaping furiously all for naught. Who wants to see a minuscule cloud anyway? Let’s see if this problem can be solved.

The Solution

Is your device sufficiently charged? A low charge can reduce output and cloud size.

Do check the coil. It may have become obsolete or dry. Consider changing it, and do not forget the coil priming method we mentioned in point 5.

If you are a rowdy person (and slightly irresponsible), then it is high time to clean any dust between the mod and tank using a cotton bud.

8. Lack of flavor from the E-liquid

What’s the point of buying your favorite flavor if you can’t taste it while vaping? Before getting angry at the E-store, consider the following suggestions.

The Solution

First off, take a drink. Of water! This will reset your taste bud in case you have eaten something intense or heavy.

Consider gently blowing in the tank to make the liquid active and flowing. This will hopefully release the intact flavors in the liquid.

You may want to check how old the E-liquid is. If it is past its shelf life or was exposed to heat, then the original taste may have dampened over time.

If none of this works, either the E-liquid is of low quality. Or you are going through a Vaper’s Tongue: A situation where you can’t feel a certain flavor after smoking it continuously for a long time across several days.

Just change the flavor to avoid Vaper’s tongue. It usually does the trick.

9. Getting E-liquid through the airflow

This is a nasty situation. And can also lead to uncalled for troubles. The last thing you want to do is inhale E-juice.

The Solution

The solution is relatively simple: Don’t take forceful and long draws. Keep your pace slow and steady. Additionally, check the level of E-juice in the tank and make sure it is not overfilled.

You may be using a Direct-to-Lung vaping device for the Mouth-to-Vaping method. It is a small distinction but may cause the device to overheat.

Finally, you can increase device power to vaporize juice at an increasing rate that would avoid leakage and a flooded coil.

10. Battery life is short

If you are certain about the quality of your newly bought battery, then a short battery life can be costly and frustrating. Changing it takes time and money, none of which are for free.

The Solution

To avoid this scenario, check of you are overcharging the device. Avoid putting it in charge overnight,

Additionally, you may want to leave your device with a bit of batter power instead of depleting it completely. A fully drained battery adversely affects the quality of the cell.

Final Words

Sudden problems in your vape device can be frustrating, but knowing how to deal with them can help you in dealing with such situations. It is advised to handle the vape device with care and maintain it cleanly and mindfully.

This troubleshooting guide will help address a range of common vape problems. The detailed steps and tips will hopefully rectify your situation so that you can resume vaping in no time!



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