Kraydo Organics Review: A Trusted Health Brand

Kraydo Organics is an American Kratom vendor based in New York City. It made its debut in the Kratom industry in 2016. They are known to provide fresh and natural kratom strains. Since then they have succeeded to build a great influence on customers.

They offer a customized selection of kratom strains, along with classics like White Borneo and rare strains like Green Aceh. With the customization option, Kraydo Organics makes it easier to order kratom in smaller and bulk quantities. 

The best part is their ‘Mix n Match’ option, you can split your order and buy different strains of your choice.

Approved ForManaging/Treating several medical conditions
SourceBotanical products made from organically grown hemp in Colorado, USA
Popular VarietiesAceh (Red, white and green), Bali, Borneo, Bentuangie, Elephant, Horn, and Jongkong
Other VarietiesCBD Hemp Flower, CBD Tinctures, CBD Topicals, CBD Softgels, CBD Edibles, CBD for pets, Delta-8 products
CBD concentration per servingActive mg per 1ml contains 50mg CBD plus additional cannabinoids and terpenes
FlavorsFull Spectrum Tincture, Broad Spectrum Tincture, Gummies in flavors Blue Raspberry, watermelon and Elderberry
Lab Test ReportsProducts are lab tested and reports are available on their website under each product
AKA GMP AffiliationProducts are non-affiliated
Customer FeedbackCustomers love their products and the company has returning customers
Presence on Social MediaNot so active on social media
ContaminantsNo heavy metals and Residual Solvents not detected
ShippingShipping time is 1 to 5 days excluding weekends
Returns/Refunds policyThe company follows a strict policy of no returns and no refunds
PricesPrices starting from $5 and go up to $85
PaymentseCheck, Facebook Pay, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Zelle

Products Of Kraydo Organics

This brand is offering multiple other strains and blends to its customers. The company doesn’t compare any of its products with the other because all of its strains are equally good and of premium quality.

Some of their popular varieties include Maeng Da, three colors of Aceh (Red, white and green), Bali, Borneo, Bentuangie, Elephant, Horn, and Jongkong. Their online store stocks strain in all colors.

Also, with their ‘Mix n Match’ option, buyers who seem confused about the particular strain can go for 2 or more different strains.

They also have small sample packs for the newbies. Before placing big orders you can always try out their sample packs. Most of their regular customers suggest the elephant strain.

Lab Test Report And Medical Claims On Their Blog Or Product Descriptions

Kraydo Organics products and strains are labs tested for purity and potency. Every batch is carefully inspected.

Their products are botanical and made from organically grown hemp in Colorado. No fillers and additives were added.

Heavy metals and Residual Solvent not detected. Lab results are given under each product and staff is happy to discuss any question you have related to products for the satisfaction of customers.

However, Kraydo Organics has given an FDA Disclaimer on their website. Any information, products, or statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

AKA GMP Affiliation

Kraydo Organics has not participated in AKA (American Kratom Association) ‘s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Program. 

Despite this, it is at the highest level of brilliance and supremacy. Open the pouch and you can smell the refreshing kratom every time.

Is This Brand Selling Kratom Under False Names?

People who are willing to buy Kratom need to be careful about the fraud pages and vendors who sell it under fake names. 

By choosing Kraydo Organics you don’t need to worry about fake names and fake marketing strategies.

They don’t have a history or proof of selling Kratom under false names. They sell pure strains and blends and will never use the word ‘super’ or ‘premium’ for any of their products.

Customer Feedback

Kraydo Organics is a customer-oriented brand. Customers are their first priority before anything else. 

Over the years their reputation rose to new heights and many customers say really good things about them on different online Kratom forums.

Customer Review

“Kraydo Organics is top of the line in my opinion. Superior quality, fast shipping, and unmatched customer service. The red md, white horn, green Asia, elephant, and bentuangie are all great. Never been disappointed.”

Another enthusiastic fan said,

“In my experience, this is one of the best companies out there. Prices are perhaps a little bit higher than some other vendors but it’s well worth it to me because they test all their products for bacteria, heavy metal, & potency. I really wish everyone did this.”

Presence On Social Media

However, the company exists on social media giant Facebook and they also have a profile on Instagram. 

Unfortunately, they are not so active on any of these platforms. Although they can use these mediums to engage more customers which will increase their sales. 

They have their website and people can place an order through it.

Prices in Comparison With Other Brands

According to the majority of their customers, they have an affordable price range and also offer discount coupons to customers. No matter what kind of kratom you get the prices will remain constant. 

  • 28g – $5
  • 100g – $15
  • 250g – $25
  • 500g – $50
  • 1 kilo – $85

Returns And Refunds

Unfortunately, Kraydo Organics doesn’t accept any returns or refunds. Their products are of good quality. We advise you to go for a sample product first before making big or bulk purchases or go for a strain that you are really sure of or suits you best.

You can also reach out to them using their contact mediums and talk to their representatives to clear any ambiguities before placing an order. 

Shipping And Payments 

Kraydo Organics ships their strains across the U.S. through USPS. They have prepared Kratom Legality Map to help their buyers.

The chart is regularly updated whenever there is an update regarding Kratom buying and legal efforts.

For now, this brand does not ship to:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

For payments, they accept Facebook Pay, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Zelle. You can also make payment with eCheck. These are the most convenient methods for any buyer.


Kraydo Organics has worked in the industry for more than 3 years without any misconduct and wrongdoing. They made sure their customers are paying for the best. As a result, they have managed to get loyal fans and customers who support them for their Kratom needs.



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