What Is THC-Free CBD Oil?

Cannabis Sativa is a flowery plant that produces flowers once a year and originates from Eastern Asia. This plant consists of around 426 chemicals and 60 of them are cannabinoids. Two of the major ingredients that actively participate in controlling the properties of this plant are THC and CBD. THC has gotten enough popularity and media coverage in the past. But, nowadays, CBD is also a source of great attention for many people around the globe. CBD is a shorter version of Cannabidiol.

According to many users, THC produces a psychoactive buzz whereas CBD is entirely different in this regard. CBD does not get you high even if you take it in higher amounts but overdosing is not recommended in any case. If you are on the hunt to get the potential benefits of CBD without exposing yourself to THC’s psychoactive buzz, this guide is surely going to be your helping hand. Let’s get into the details of how to enjoy pure Cannabidiol.

What Does THC-Free Exactly Mean?

Well, the word “THC-free” apparently shows that a particular product has no THC contents. I’m sure you consider it the same way. Isn’t it? Let’s have a closer look at it.

Scientifically or technically when, most of the time, manufacturers say that their products are THC-free, it means they contain amounts of THC that are not easily detectable by most medical tests. It does not mean that the products carry ZERO THC. Is it clear now? I’m sure it’ll be.

What Is THC-Free CBD Oil?

As mentioned earlier, THC-free CBD oil means oil extracted with very low to zero amounts of THC contents. The manufacturers especially prepare it for you to benefit from the natural wellness of the Cannabis Sativa plant.

CBD oil is prepared on an industrial scale consisting of higher amounts of CBD compared to THC. It can carry a maximum of 0.3% THC contents and if, in any case, this percentage increases, sellers can not sell such items legally.

How Is It Different From Other CBD Oils?

Well, the only difference between a purely manufactured THC-free CBD oil and other CBD oils is it does not get you high. Millions of global users really appreciate this feature. You don’t need to worry about taking higher doses of this oil but never play with the overdose.

How Many Types THC-Free CBD Oil Is Available In?

The two different types of this oil are readily available in today’s market as discussed below.


This variant contains pure CBD and is completely free from THC. Every true isolate is prepared purely with CBD having no other cannabinoids or THC.


This version of CBD oil also lacks the contents of THC but it carries other cannabinoids and compounds e.g., flavonoids and terpenes. Both terpenes and flavonoids provide you with therapeutic influence.

Isolate Or Broad-Spectrum? Which One Should I Take?

Both isolate and broad-spectrum are available as THC-free products but broad-spectrum oil also consists of other cannabinoids that attract many users the most. At the end of the day, it is totally a personal choice. Some people appreciate taking CBD isolates whereas some others are in love with broad-spectrum.

What Forms Of CBD Oil Without THC Are Available In The Market?

THC-free CBD oil has a wide range of products (as listed below) readily available in the market.

  • Tinctures
  • Water-solubles
  • Oils
  • Topical serums
  • Creams
  • Lotions

Are you looking for an effective and efficient way to allow your body to absorb CBD? Try taking water-solubles. They are not going to disappoint you. The reason behind this fact is they break down much faster compared to others and provide easy absorption.

What To Consider When Purchasing THC-Free CBD Oil?

It is very important for you to assess the credibility of a particular seller, especially when making an online purchase. You must consider the product line it carries, pricing policy, shipping, and return methods, customer support services, and of course buyers’ reviews.

Other important factors that you must consider are lab-test reports and certificate of analysis. These two documents familiarize you with the actual strengths of the sellers. If you are considering all these parameters carefully, you will get organic products in return.

How Can I Use THC-Free CBD Oil?

Usually, users take this oil by putting a few drops under the tongue. It helps you absorb this product quickly. Some manufacturers claim that you can add their oils to different items like ice cream, coffee, smoothies, or others.

Where To Buy CBD Oil Without THC?

There are a couple of local smoke shops, gas stations, head shops, and other similar stores to get CBD oil without THC content. Apart from them, you can find thousands of online sellers offering some great deals with premium-quality products.

Who Should Use THC-Free CBD Oil?

If you are a person who loves to enjoy cannabidiol influence but is afraid of exposing yourself to THC concentration, this oil is a perfect way to achieve your goal. In addition, if you are worried about the drug test reports, you should select this route.

Important Note: THC-free CBD oils, sometimes, consist of traceable contents of THC; therefore, you should be very careful in this regard. Don’t forget to ask for a certificate of analysis before you pay.

Is This Oil Safe For Me To Use?

Normally, pure CBD oils are considered safe. Since it is comparatively a new domain, there is a lot of research still required to be carried out. As far as FDA statements are concerned, there is no official approval given for this product. So, as of now, no one can provide you with any medical evidence saying anything about the safety of CBD oils.

Final Thoughts

THC-free CBD oil means it contains either no or very little amount of THC that is usually not traceable with medical tests. It is generally considered safe but there is no medical evidence for now. If you want to get some crazy stuff, it is better to go for online purchases rather than buying from local stores. It will help you get superb products at discounted prices.



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