Liquid Kratom Tinctures: How To Make & Use Them?

In the field of health supplements, you will find various products that are not used as medicine but have strong effects to aid healing.

Balms, rubs, and tinctures are not mainstream medicine to be taken periodically, but they help with several health conditions such as cuts, bruises, sleep cycles, and headaches. Tinctures are a concentrated herbal liquid, bearing the properties of herbs used to make it.

In any pharmacy or health care shop, you will find chamomile tincture, peppermint tincture, and iodine tincture as well. The new herbal concentrate that is fast gaining popularity is kratom tincture.  

Kratom products are available in the market in many forms now. With time, manufacturers and users have become innovative with the ways they consume ketum. You can find tablets, capsules, gummies, powders, and liquid tinctures. 

What Is A Liquid Kratom Tincture?

The extract of kratom plant leaves in liquid form is called ‘Liquid Kratom’. This fluid may be made using a particular type of Speciosa Mitragyna leaves, or it may be a mixture of many kinds of the substance. Liquid kratom is not concentrated, which marks the difference between a tincture and liquid kratom.

Kratom tinctures are the concentrated form of Mitragyna, with a burst of active alkaloids that help invigorate and refresh users to a greater extent.

Various manufacturers and online shops might have their blends of kratom tinctures, with additives to help users with their specific health issues. You can even prepare your tincture, using a blend of kratom types.

Ketum tincture is a convenient, yet effective way of using the substance. If made correctly, it can be highly effective for several health conditions. 

Many people prepare liquid kratom in the form of tea. Steeping kratom powder in boiling water is a soothing and stimulating way of consuming the organic substance.

However, when it comes to kratom tinctures, people prefer buying it from online shops. After reading this article, we are sure you will try making your tincture at home!

Various Types Of Kratom Tinctures

Full Spectrum vs. Isolate Kratom

Kratom tinctures may vary in many ways, as they can be blends of several types. Similarly, some tinctures have more alkaloids than others. The tinctures that contain all the alkaloids present in Mitragyna are called full spectrum tinctures.

As the name implies, the full spectrum of alkaloids makes this product most reliable to address a vast number of health issues. This tincture is created by using numerous solvents to extract all the alkaloids from the kratom leaf. 

Isolated tinctures have specific alkaloids, meant to address only a limited number of health problems. These tinctures may be to only correct sleep disorders or stimulate users. 

The 15X, 30X, and 50X grading

Kratom extract tinctures are available in 15X, 30X, 50X and 100X grading. This classification denotes the number of grams of kratom that were used to produce one gram of kratom tincture.

This means that one gram of 100X tincture is made with 100 grams of kratom leaves or powder! This is extremely concentrated and impacts users faster and for a longer period. The impact of tincture is stronger than powder or pills.

Kratom Shots

You might have seen this product at smoke shops or various online stores. Kratom shots are like an energy drink that is designed to provide stimulation and focus when consumed. These shots are also concentrated as they have a much higher amount of Mitragynine than kratom powder or pills.

Kratom shots give a boost of alkaloids that can energize users and increase their focus. 

The ketum shot is a one-time dose. It is a pre-measured amount of tincture that is to be consumed at one time.

If you order a jar of a tincture, it will be your dosage for the day. Manufacturers and online shops selling kratom shots ensure that the dosage is enough for one day. 

The Other Types Of Kratom Extracts

The Mitragyna Kratom concentrate may be available in solid form as well; a tincture is not the only form of kratom concentrate.

Tinctures are more convenient and easy to use, but there are resins, gummies, and even powders of kratom concentrate available in the market. The small bottle of dark kratom liquid is more reliable than other products, which makes it an ideal item for regular users seeking quick and long-lasting results.

When a tincture is prepared, the alkaloids and other components of the kratom leaves dissolve in the liquid, leaving behind resin-like solids, which are filtered later. The kratom liquid tincture may be pure of a particular strain or may even be a mixture of various types of the plant.

Benefits of Kratom Tinctures

The refined form of liquid kratom, with extracts of the alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy Mitragynine; along with other components is called a kratom extract. This extract is the same as a tincture, just named differently for people to understand that it is a concentrated form of the substance.

Consuming kratom extract is an easy and quick way to consume the active and potent alkaloids, which can improve body functions and impact your daily lifestyle positively. 

The benefits of kratom tincture are many;

  • Any kratom extract or tincture is made with one or more types of ketum, which means that a few drops of the extract can provide the benefits of various strains. Some ketum types are stimulating, while others are good for pain relief. If a tincture combines these variations, users will feel stimulated and free from pain after a small dose!
  • The extract of Mitragyna Speciosa may be enhanced with additives that can help users for a specific health issue. For example, if you have an irregular sleep, you can easily find liquid kratom that has some other organic substance that helps regulate sleep like kratom.
  • You can find liquid kratom on several online shops, but each of them will vary as every manufacturer follows its blend of kratom and additives to enhance the final product. It may be convenient to buy a ready-made product, but then you only have to consume what is available. If the manufacturer is using an additive that you don’t wish to use, try making your ketum extract!
  • A small amount of tincture provides the effects required. Users can use only a few drops of this product to see results that are observed by consuming kratom powders or other products in large amounts. Kratom is an energizing and stimulating organic substance. People who use this are often in need of a higher dosage for various health conditions. The intensity of liquid kratom tincture helps combat these health issues more effectively. 
  • Individuals who are new to this substance can also use the tincture in small amounts for a quick and long-lasting effect. 
  • Another benefit of concentrated tincture is that they are usually made with more than one type of ketum tree leaves. With a single dosage, you get the benefits of various red, white, and green vein kratom types. 
  • Tinctures are easily soluble and can be added to various drinks, smoothies, or edibles.
  • Quick digestion takes place when you consume kratom tincture. Quick digestion means faster effects that will energize you sooner!
  • Another interesting benefit of kratom tincture is that it takes longer to expire. The alcohol or essential oils in the tincture preserve the alkaloids for an extended period.

How To Prepare Tincture At Home

Do you require a tincture that is stronger than the tinctures available in the market? Or do you need a mild tincture that is not available?

If you also want to try making a tincture that impacts you the way you want, here’s an easy and quick process to follow. However, there are a few easy steps to ensure that the tincture you prepare is safe to use!

  1. All you need to prepare the tincture is a clean jar with a tight cap, and good quality kratom leaves or powder. The kratom leaves are available at several online shops, but using ketum powder is also good.
  • The method involves only soaking the Mitragyna in alcohol. This tincture can be made in a simple ratio of one part herb to four parts of alcohol. If you want a more potent tincture, you can double the amount of ketum that goes into the alcohol.
  • Once you measure the kratom powder and alcohol, it is left in an air-tight jar for a few days. You can shake the pot a few times so that all the powder or leaves are entirely exposed to the alcohol.
  • Kratom tinctures can also be made with essential oils. This form is more common and preferred. You can use any of the following oils for an impactful and soothing tincture.

Safety tips

  • Do not use rubbing alcohol to prepare the tincture.
  • Denatured alcohol or Methyl alcohol is also not suitable for tinctures.
  • Use 80+ proof of food-grade alcohol.
  • You can use whiskey or vodka for the tincture.

Try this simple and easy method to make your ketum tincture to suit your daily requirements for an energized and productive day!

If you do not wish to make the kratom tincture at home, or if you are comfortable with using the tinctures available in the market, you can buy it from some of the best online shops.

How To Use Liquid Kratom Tinctures?

Liquid Kratom tinctures may be used in various ways.

Your kratom tincture comes in a dark bottle with a dropper cap. This dropper is a measured dosage of the amount of tincture you can take sublingually.

Just shake the bottle lightly, fill the dropper, and place the extract under your tongue. It is recommended that you keep the fluid there for a minute and then swallow. The absorption of alkaloids is fast in the mouth, and you observe results very soon.

Vaping is a method of consumption fast becoming popular. Young kratom users prefer vaping, as they can share it with friends and enjoy the effects of kratom on their own.

However, this method is technical as the impact is stronger, and you have to be careful in deducing the right amount of tincture to use.

Dosage of Kratom Tincture

The dosage of tincture varies with individuals. Similarly, the type of ketum in your tincture also impacts the optimal dosage amount. If you use a red vein kratom, you might need a lower dosage than green vein extract as the red vein is more potent than the latter.

The optimal dosage for tinctures is between one to four grams. The people who use this product for depression, pain relief, or euphoric effects will require a higher dose, which can be around four grams. If you are using the tincture for moderate pain relief or stimulation, a single dropper of two grams is sufficient.

Just like any kratom product, it is recommended that you start using a minimum amount. Gradually, as you increase the dosage, you will be able to assess the optimum amount of kratom tincture needed to feel energized and motivated.

The Side Effects Of Liquid Kratom Tinctures

Kratom is an herbal substance, and there are no serious long term effects unless you consume it in large doses. There are numerous dosage-related side effects of kratom tincture like:

  • Tongue numbness
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings

However, you can avoid these side effects by limiting your dosage.  

The Best Places To Buy Kratom Tincture

The best online shop for kratom will offer a variety of products and strains. However, the online shops that provide liquid kratom tinctures are few.

You must do some research before ordering. Once you find the online shop that sells quality kratom with new and active alkaloids, order the tincture that suits you most.

You can check out kratom shots and tincture on various leading websites such as

  • Super Natural Botanicals
  • Ketum Superior
  • Authentic Kratom

Various intensities of tinctures are available to suit users of all ages and different lifestyles. Try one that will suit your routine, and you will carry this small bottle everywhere! 

A Cheap Tincture Is Not An Option

While every online shop and quality kratom vendor recommends research of the substance and source of the raw materials before purchase, cheap kratom is never an option.

It is always better to buy from online kratom shops rather than smoke shops or weed shops. This recommendation is based on the fact that weed shops do not keep a check on the source of kratom, or the date of manufacturing. These particulars are essential as freshness and potency of the tincture impact your daily life in many ways.



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