Discover The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers In The UK

Dry Herb Vaporizer is an excellent way to benefit from the various components in herbs and in the United Kingdom there are more than a hundred options! We reduced your search time by listing three of the best dry herb vaporizers so that you can jump right in and begin your invigorating experience. From budget restrictions to herb choices, we keep everything in mind as we rank the three best dry herb vaporizers in the UK.

Vaporizers are fast becoming popular and there are many reasons for this, you will be able to find the right pick for you according to your preferences, so read on and get to know what’s available!

The best dry herb vaporizers near you in the UK

1. The Mighty

This vaporizer is from the manufacturer Storz&Bickel, a trusted name in the world of vaporizers. The certified vaping genius presented The Mighty as the portable version of their bestseller models and since then it has changed the way people consider inhaling dry herb fumes. The reason that we chose The Mighty as our first choice is the numerous features that set it apart from others:

  • The thickest cloud for a portable model is a treat for users. The flavor and the dense cloud of vapor make it easier for users to access the beneficial components of their favorite herbs. 
  • The correct temperature needed to release vapors makes The Mighty an intelligent device for you. 
  • The Advanced Cooling Unit allows The Mighty to create a thick fog after the heated herbs release some of the herbal constituents like terpenes, flavonoids, and other useful elements. This unit is between the heating chamber, or oven, and the mouthpiece. Users can enjoy The Mighty as it keeps you safe from burnet or hot herbal vapor.
  • The long life of dual lithium-ion batteries means you can use this vaporizer for long periods!

2. Herbstick

Another popular and smart choice for users is the Herbstick. This vaporizer has the following salient features, making it rank higher than other options:

  • An economical choice for users, this vaporizer is not as big as The Mighty but offers the same level of satisfaction. 
  • Aluminium body and excellent engineering create an unforgettable experience.
  • Full ceramic oven to heat the herbal powder or resin to the optimum level so that only fumes are released, and the substance does not burn. 
  • Portable and convenient for people who are on the move. When you travel by tube or are with people, the discreetness factor of this portable vaporizer is a significant advantage. 
  • Some of you may prefer a different mouthpiece, but in comparison to all the good features of the Herbstick, this minor flaw does not count as a lot. 

3. Flowermate Hybrid X

This vaporizer is an excellent choice for people who like to experiment and try new herbs and substances. As the vaporizers in the market are increasing, so is the variety of substances! The Flowermate allows you to vaporize resin, wax, oils, and concentrates. This flexibility makes this device an excellent choice! 

Two vaporizers in one make it easier for people to use oil and solid herb resin. You can change the E-liquid mode and enjoy the benefits of high-end vaporizers. 

Ceramic oven keeps the temperature in check so that the herb does not burn or get too hot. This hybrid model is a sensible choice for beginners and regular users as the temperature adjustments are preset. You will not have to make any adjustments to the vaporizer.

4. Pax 3

It is colorful, it is sleek, and does not look like a vaporizer. The Pax 3 is one of the best-looking options in the market and also offers an array of features. The highly discreet and efficient vaporizer has many other features that rank high on our list of best vaporizers in the UK.

The Pax 3 offers quick and sudden vaping as you can take it out of the pocket, switch it on, take a puff, switch it off, and put it away! The invisible mouthpiece adds to the discreetness of this device.

We often believe that if a device is small and sleek, it must have missed some important features, but Pax 3 is an exception. All modern vaporizers have temperature control, and Pax 3 has different vaping modes that allow you to set the pace of your experience. Pax 3 has a long-lasting battery that is comparable to The Mighty. You can vape your herbs in 15 seconds, which is a good average compared to many other vaporizers. This short heating time results in long sessions of consistent draws. You might want to keep this device for solids only as our experience with oils and concentrates was not something to write home about!

5. The Crafty

A beautiful rendition of design and utility is The Crafty, a best-selling model from Storz&Bickel. This device is a feature-packed and conveniently sized version of The Mighty, which is an excellent pick. The Crafty is smaller and has the ‘sleek’ factor that consumers often want in their vaporizers.

The Crafty comes with hybrid heating technology and the manufacturer’s patented cooling unit. This efficient option makes it possible for you to vape without waiting for the device to get ready. Some people believe that the smartphone app is nothing but a gimmick. The vaporizer can be used well without any connection needed, but if you are trying to keep a tab on your consumption, it is a useful detail!

Moreover, you save many herbs when the smartphone vibrates to notify that your vaporizer is ready. Instead of letting that herb go to waste, a quick vape can save the quantity you consume over a period. The Crafty is becoming a popular model as it does not have a chunky look and can be a convenient carry-around device.


People with different choices and preferences can select from a variety of dry herb vaporizers available in the UK. The wide variety can be overwhelming for new users, so we reduced the list to introduce the three best dry herb vaporizers for you. Now you can buy the one that suits you to benefit from the herbal components without worrying about the unwanted effects!



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