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Since Kratom is a newly introduced energy-boosting element in the market, it is hard to find the right retailer online or in your area. Even if you find one, there is no guarantee that they are selling 100% original Kratom extracts or products.

Now, I understand many people might be looking for a brand that sells Kratom that is not only genuine but of high-quality as well. After long and thorough research, I came across a brand that is praised by many people on the internet so I decided to share my experience with you.

The brand we are going to discuss here is known as ‘Authentic Kratom’ and I assure you that their products are as good as their name.

However, before we dig deeper into what this brand is all about, we must ask ourselves a few questions.

What Does Authentic Mean in Kratom?

According to a lot of dictionaries and google, authentic means something completely original and not a fake or a copy. We must be aware of what Kratom actually is and the benefits it has for the consumers.

Kratom is often confused with being an opiate when in fact it is an opioid because it has somewhat similar effects as an opiate.

Opiates are derived from opium poppy plant but Kratom extracts are obtained from Kratom leaves. It is important to note that while both, opiate and opioids, act on the same brain receptors, what makes them different is that they do not activate them in the same way.

There a few benefits of Kratom that make it unique and a good choice for many people.

At low doses, it is used in the medical industry as a stimulant and sedative.

However, at higher doses, it proves very helpful in treating digestive ailments and chronic pain.

Reportedly, it has also helped those who suffer from withdrawal symptoms as a result of alcohol or opium dependence.

People often use it to relax during stressful times and to boost their energy if they feel weak.

Since Kratom is extracted from plants and then processed to make it safe to be consumed by humans, it can also be developed in a way that makes it harmful.

Businesses are selling counterfeit Kratom products to maximize their profits as it is much cheaper. Authentic in Kratom signifies that it is completely safe and 100% original.

Moreover, an authentic Kratom product will have different effects than the one that is developed using unlawful means.

An authentic Kratom item is developed and tested at every stage of production to ensure that there is not anything wrong with it.

It is also clear that a fake Kratom product will not only work slowly or might not work at all, but it could also have some very dangerous side-effects as well.

This brand believes in selling the right products to its customers and satisfying their needs instead of robbing them.

Their products are manufactured using the ideas that are scientifically advanced and safe.

How Ethical Is This Authentic Kratom Brand?

Have you ever noticed that when there is something negative going on in the media about a celebrity, all the brands associated with that person disowns them in no time.

Similarly, we do not want to be customers to brands who are involved in practicing their business in an unethical manner.

It means that the brand should not harm the environment or any third-parties in their process of production. No animal is harmed and all the waste material is disposed of without harming the waters.

They must have a license to produce goods and their products do not contribute to any illnesses.

Authentic Kratom understands the importance of meeting all these requirements and not let their customers down.

They are continuously improving their methods of production in order to focus on efficiency and protecting the environment.

Their extraction methods are also very unique and do not harm any trees or plants in the surroundings.

If I did not know any better, I would say that Authentic Kratom is by far the most ethical Kratom selling brand that I have come across on the internet.

If this does not answer any of your queries then there is nothing to worry about.

Just head over to their website to do research of your own and place your orders only when you are fully satisfied.

Do They Comply With FDA Guidelines?

This is an important question that must be answered by companies selling pharmaceutical items.

Any brand that does not comply with FDA guidelines is operating illegally manner and we should never become their customers just so they can keep doing wrong in the society.

Before moving forward let’s look at what these guidelines actually are.

FDA guidelines ensure that all the companies are producing safe products and complying with the quality controls set by the law.

Any products that do not meet the requirements are considered bad for the customers’ health and should be discarded.

The main standard used for quality compliance is known as cGMP or ‘Current Good Manufacturing Practice’.

This allows the FDA to properly monitor the design and methods of the production process.

It helps them to take a better look at the facility where these products are produced and set quality standards to ensure safety for the people.

Compliance with these guidelines also means that all the raw materials obtained are perfect to use in the production process.

Brands like ‘Authentic Kratom’ must follow these protocols and quality standards by using correct operating systems.

It should be noted that there is also a system that detects any deviation from the approved production process.

Fortunately, Authentic Kratom has always been aware of the need to follow the guidelines provided by the FDA.

They have always complied with them to ensure the safety of their consumers and increase the effectiveness of their Kratom products.

As I mentioned earlier, this is an ethical brand so putting their customers in danger of any kind is not their idea of maximizing profits.

Unlike some popular brands, Authentic Kratom does not make any false medical claims just to boost their sales or increase their market share.

It is advisable that you only buy Kratom products that have the ‘AKA’ seal on them. These are issued by the American Kratom Association to keep the products safe and available to the people who need it.

Do They Follow Good Manufacturing Practices?

Any brand that sells any type of good knows that if they do not establish an efficient and well-developed manufacturing process, they are likely to fail in the market.

The executives at Authentic Kratom understands this question and they employed the services of some of the best production planners out there to develop their production process.

Extracting Kratom is not an easy task and special care must be taken when dealing with an opioid soon to be consumed by a human.

Authentic Kratom is certified by the FDA and all their products are deemed safe to be consumed by us only because their manufacturing process is completely safe. To manufacture Kratom products, first, they need to extract it from Kratom leaves.

The plants selected are grown in a natural environment and completely protected from any kind of pests and insects. Once, the extraction is done, it is taken into the factory to process further by professionals.

Instead of testing the product at the end of the manufacturing process, they test their product at all the stages of production.

This helps them to be more efficient and ensure that the quality is not compromised anywhere during production.

Has Authentic Kratom Priced Fairly?

Most of the readers are here for this particular question only and I understand if you are because no one likes to buy expensive products unless they can afford them.

Till now, I have focused on explaining to you the quality and safety of the Kratom products sold by ‘Authentic Kratom’. We have also discussed whether or not they comply with the quality controls approved by the law as well as their unique manufacturing process.

All of this seems to be in check but what will something so effective and safe cost you?

Some would say a fortune while others might think that choosing Authentic Kratom will surely put a burden on their finances.

However, this is not the case or anywhere near reality. Their products are not only fairly priced but they also offer promotional deals around the year to make it worthwhile for their customers.

I have been using Kratom extracts to calm my nerves for quite a long time now and I have been a victim of high prices or poor quality products.

When I discovered ‘Authentic Kratom’, I was a bit unsure about buying from them. They claimed to have high-quality items yet the prices were very reasonable. After thinking about it for a long time, I took a leap of faith and decided to place my order.

Needless to say, I was impressed by them so much that I recommended to a few of my friends and the feedback they gave me was positive.

What I mean to say is that all their claims are real and prices are affordable so there is no need to worry about anything. The prices may vary as you change the quantity you wish to purchase but the difference is not that much.

Do They Have All Leaf Vein Color Varieties?

By now, you must be curious about the list of the products they are selling. In case you are newly introduced to the idea of Kratom, let me tell you a little bit about Kratom items.

Authentic Kratom sells kratom extracts in various forms such as powder, tablets and concentrated liquids. Here you are only offered fresh and pure Borneo strains of Kratom which are four in number; green vein, red vein, white vein, and yellow vein.

All of these types of different from one another in fragrance, taste, and effect so you can choose the one that meets your needs.

It has come to my attention that most brands often say that they have everything in stock ready to be purchased when it is mostly not true.

This is not what happens at Authentic Kratom because they do not falsify anything to attract customers. Whatever you see on their website is there at all times and their stock is filled at the start of each month. They have good hindsight about the potential increase in sales which allows them to remain prepared in case anything runs out of stock.

In addition to the Borneo strains, they also have other Kratom extracts that you might be interested in. They also have Maeng Da Kratom on their website in various forms like red Maeng Da Kratom, Green Maeng Da Kratom, White Maeng Da Kratom, ‘Horn Leaf Maeng Da Kratom, Yellow Maeng Da Kratom, and Kali Maeng Da Kratom.

Some other products made by red, white, yellow and green veins are Vietnam Kratom, Thai Kratom, Kali Kratom, Crushed Leaf Kratom, etc.

All these products have different uses according to the needs of the customers. It is advisable to do a thorough research of your own on all types of Kratom so you are aware of what you are looking for. It will definitely save a lot of time and money to know your needs before placing an order.

The list of their products is so long that I think it is pointless to mention them here and you should check them out on their website. What is impressive is that all these products are unique and there is a commendable consistency in all of their products.

The prices may vary from one product to another but they are not high at all. They sell ready-made incense as well so in case you need to lighten up your surroundings with pleasant fragrances, go ahead and buy it.

What Differentiates AuthenticKratom From Its Competitors?

I am not aware of the opinions of others on this question but according to me, everything about them is different. Their prices are affordable and their quality is consistent. They meet all the protocols and requirements they should according to the FDA and their production process is also technically advanced as compared to their competitors.

What I find most unique is that they care about their customers more than their competitors.

They do not just produce Kratom for the sake of revenue and profits but they are doing it because of the positive impact Kratom has on society. It helps people relax which eventually reflects on their behavior at home or their workplace.

They have not priced their products highly so that it is kept in the reach of all kinds of people who are in dire need of something like Kratom.

Authentic Kratom cares about the health of its customers and is willing to go the extra mile to keep them healthy. They do make high profits by selling Kratom but not at the cost of the lives of their customers.

They take the concepts of customer satisfaction and building brand loyalty very seriously.


Any medical related item should be packed properly especially if it is shipped from a long distance. There are four Ps of marketing in any business but the packaging is often considered to be the fifth because, without it, the product can go to waste and not reach the customer at all.

Small quantities are delivered in sachets while larger quantities are sold in airtight plastic bottles. This keeps Kratom extracts safe and secure as exposure could damage the potency of the products making it not fit to use.

‘AKA’ seal issued by American Kratom Association is also found on the packaging so you know that the product is approved by FDA. The efficient packaging makes it possible for you to carry it wherever you want to without worrying about damaging your Kratom extracts in any way.




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