Best Bali Kratom Strains: Effects, Dosage, Price

Bali Kratom is no doubt one of the strongest Kratom strains today. It is highly useful as it is one of the best natural remedies that help to overcome the daily challenges. Bali Kratom can help in various situations especially for relaxation, stress management, calming effect and much more.

What is Bali Kratom and what is it used for? Bali Kratom is a strain that can be used in the form of powder, pills or tea. It soothes your nerves and may be used for invigorating the senses and making you alert.

This miraculous strain is used as an analgesic to help people get rid of any pain. So if you have been looking for a natural alternative for medicines that may have adverse effects on your body; Bali Kratom is the right pick for you.

There are numerous varieties of the strain, but Bali Kratom tops all when you need to feel euphoric. The opiate qualities of this variety distinguish it from the rest!

Most of the people already know about Kratom. It mainly grows in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia and is now available all over the world. To your surprise, the Bali Kratom herb is one of the highest-selling strain in the market. Its popularity is not going to decline any sooner.

Since it is one of the best selling Kratom and easy to cultivate, its affordability adds more value to it’s selling. Don’t believe it? Here are the basic things that you should know about Bali Kratom. Give it reading and decide if Bali is going to be your next favorite strain or not.

The Bali Island

Bali is a province in Indonesia that became a tourist haven in the 1980s. It is a picturesque destination that tantalizes the senses and soothes the soul. The sunny green beaches, high mountains, and volcanoes and the thick forests of the area have been explored and loved by people all over the world.

However, there are many things about the region that were discovered much later. One of them is the use of herbs and plants instead of lab-prepared medicine.

In Southeast Asia, the use of natural medicine and the discovery of herbal benefits has been beneficial not just for the natives but for people all over the world.

Now for a little while, imagine yourself on the beaches of Bali, basking in the sun and enjoying the waves as you relax. The Indonesian beaches have a certain charm that keeps many travellers visiting.

You may or may not have visited Bali, but you must have heard of its beauty and richness. It is so fulfilling that travellers want to take back a part of it when they go back home.

One other thing that Indonesia is rich in is the plantation of exotic herbs that are a treasure for health and well-being. One such herb is Kratom.

It has been cultivated more during recent years due to the increase in worldwide demand. It may be said that the purchase of Bali Kratom has become the livelihood of several locals in Indonesia and nearby countries.

Types of Bali Kratom

Bali Kratom is a particular type of Kratom tree that has further three sub-types. This classification is based on the natural vein color of Kratom leaves. Like other strain, Bali strain is also available in three types of leaves; red, green and white.

1) Red Vein Bali Kratom

Talking about the classic “Bali-eque” effects, red Bali Kratom leaves have this ability to bring them all to the user. Some of these characteristic effects are analgesia, relaxation, and anxiety relief.

Nearly all Kratom red vein leaves share these same traits. For red Bali Kratom, the potency is much higher. Also, it is stronger than white and green vein leaves. For any first-timer who wants to enjoy the best Bali Kratom effects, this is a great choice.

2) Green Vein Bali Kratom

Green vein Bali leaves are similar to red Bali leaves but differ in potency. The analgesic and sedation from a green vein are much less than red vein leaves. It is moderate for casual use but power was boosting effects, it is nowhere equivalent to red Bali leaves. Green Bali leaves are very much in demand. It is a favorite choice of those who want pain relief or stress relief with less or no sedation.

3) White Vein Bali Kratom

While white vein Bali Kratom has the least “Bali-eque” effects yet it is a fantastic choice for many users. It offers a combined effect of pain relief and relaxation but no sedation at all. Rather it gives a level of clarity of mind, loaded with energy. This energy boost is a featured effect of all-white vein Kratom strains. It is a little hard to find white vein Bali Kratom, but if someone sees it, it’s no less than a lucky day.

Best Effects of Bali Kratom

Bali Kratom offers a variety of different effects, which make it a highly desirable Kratom strain. These effects are nowhere the same to other Kratom strains. 

Bali Kratom is not a fast-acting herb, neither is it as fast as some other Kratom varieties. This slow and steady variety definitely wins the race as it does not hamper any activity or regular work but provides the same kinds of effects that people seek. This makes it a favorite, and therefore it is the type that is readily available all over the world.

Following are the best effects of Bali Kratom.

1) Analgesia (Pain Relief)

An effective pain killer, Bali Kratom is fast becoming the ‘magical supplement’ for people all over the world. It has become a popular supplement as it has numerous benefits.

All those who seek relief from any pain or dependence upon medication, should turn to this herb and gain from its several advantages.

The Kratom plantation of Bali is famous for its unique benefits like pain relief and relaxation. While it calms your nerves, Kratom simultaneously invigorates your senses and removes and discomfort that your body might be experiencing.

The pain relief quality of Bali Kratom is what makes it accessible. Instead of relying on heavy doses of pharmacy medication, one can suffice by a small quantity of this herb, and it will help overcome any pain or ache. 

2) Anxiolysis (Relaxation and Stress Relief)

Different effects of Bali Kratom include relief from anxiety. We live in an age where stress and anxiety have become a part of us. Work stress or even college issues may lead to anxious fits that obstruct our performance in any field.

The Bali Kratom strain can help you overcome anxiety and provoke your senses in a way that you will be outdoing yourself and maximizing your abilities.

The kratom herb from Bali does not have extreme outcomes. You will not feel high or sluggish but will continue your daily routine normally. Of course, only stress and anxiety will be missing!

Though there is no definitive study to prove it, the users share their experience on Bali Kratom for relaxation. Especially the red and green vein varieties work best for these effects. However red and green vein Bali leaves are relatively sedative. If someone wants stress relief along with an energetic boost, try white vein Bali.

3) Appetite Control

Weight loss through appetite suppression is also one of the positive uses of Bali Kratom. Once you are feeling energetic and alert, your appetite is reduced.

This was actually one of the effects that made the use of Kratom common in South Asian countries. Workers felt energized to work for up to 12 hours a day without feeling hungry!

If someone has an erratic appetite, adding significantly to weight gain, Kratom is the best natural weight burner.

This effect has mixed reviews as some of the users experience an increased hunger with Kratom usage.

That is why; one has to try Bali Kratom to see how his body responds to it.

Side Effects of Bali Kratom

How is the herb used and what kind of side effects does it have? This question is often asked since people think it can adversely affect you if you do not take the recommended dosage.

The truth is that there is no fixed dosage for everyone. You may take this herb more than once a day if needed.

You also have to find the right amount to get the desired results.

The adverse effects of some varieties of Kratom are not experienced with the Bali kratom.

However, to deduce the correct dosage; one must experiment and gradually adjust the dosage to the amount that suits the individual best.

Many people criticize Kratom for its possible side effects, but if you read about Kratom, you will see these are overdosing effects and no side effects.

The only drawback with using Bali Kratom is that it is highly dosage sensitive.

Almost all Kratom strains are dosage-sensitive, but Bali strains are extra sensitive.

Exceeding a specific dosage may bring some undesirable effects depending upon your body weight, constitution and sensitivity.

Strongest Bali Kratom Strains

Traditionally, Bali is one of the most famous Kratom strains. The reason is its robust nature and an excellent blend of properties. For many years, Bali was acclaimed as the only Kratom strain. Later on, it was discovered that it is only one type of various Kratom strains.

Previously Bali strains were available under fabricated names such as “Super Bali Kratom,” “Premium Bali Kratom” and others. The top Kratom sellers now name Bali strain by its vein type. It is a more reliable predictor of its effects.

Among these colored vein types, red vein Bali is the most powerful and sedative. White Bali gives a gentle, energetic boost along with moderate effects of green and red Bali leaves combined. Green vein Bali is a moderate strain offering all special effects judiciously.

Bali Kratom Dosage Guide

To enjoy the best effects of Bali Kratom, it is essential to use the right dose. This way a user can experience all the signature Bali Kratom effects without any side effects.

While there is a general dosage guideline for Bali strain, it depends more on user’s attributes. That is why the best is to start from a low dose and gradually increase it to find the most suitable dosage for Bali Kratom.

The general dosage guideline is as follows.

  • Threshold dose – 1.5 g
  • Low dose – 2.0 – 2.5 g
  • Moderate dose – 2.5 – 4.0 g
  • High dose– 4.0 – 6.0 grams (may bring side effects)
  • Very high dose – 6.0 – 9.0 grams (may carry side effects)

**This dosage chart is basic and not comprehensive. Staying in the moderate range is the best choice that enables the greatest effects of Bali strain.

Best Methods to Take Bali Kratom

Bali strain is available in various forms such as powder, capsules, etc. Interestingly this Bali leaves powder is ingested and not smoked. Bali capsules are like dietary supplements that you take with water. Following are some best ways to take Kratom.

  • Toss n’ Wash: Take the measured dosage and place it in the mouth. Swill it and swallow with water. It is the simplest and quickest method to use Kratom.
  • Make Kratom Tea: Boil the Bali Kratom powder in water for a few minutes and sip it like any other herbal tea. Many people feel the best Kratom effects while using its tea but it takes some time to produce effects.
  • Add to Yogurt: Add Kratom powder to a plain or fruit-flavoured yogurt. This way it overcomes the bitter taste of Kratom.
  • Add to Shake or Juice: Another way to mask the bitter taste and pungent smell of Kratom is by mixing it into shake or juice.
  • Capsules: Using capsule is the easiest way to use a standard dosage. Capsules are easy to carry and are best for new users.

Price of Bali Kratom in the Online Market

Bali Kratom is one of the affordable strains that everyone can easily try. Red and white vein varieties have a higher price than green Bali. Typically, you can get 1 oz of red or white Bali in 17.00 USD.

The cost of enhanced Bali strains is much higher for the extra potency added to them. It is generally between $90-100 per oz. A discount offer from the Kratom selling website may cuts the price more.

The price of capsules is significantly higher for the extra amount of capsule packaging. In powder form, Bali strains are reasonably priced.

Bali Kratom Blends – Mixture of Strains

The Bali Kratom blends are actually a mixture of white, green, and red Bali strains. The Bali can also mix with Maeng Da, Sumatra, Kali, and Borneo Kratom strains to increase the strength.

These blends are a casual dosage hence does not cause sluggishness or drowsiness. The colour of Bali Kratom powder is lighter than the same of Red Vein Kratom which is also favorite for opiate replacement.

Bali Kratom can be used in different forms to avail the benefits that it generously provides! You can take it as tea, in powder form or even in the form of capsules.

Many people find it hard to take it as a powder. Therefore, it is often supplemented with any juice.

The citrus or berry juices are more favorable as they help in reducing the taste of the powder. However, a soothing cup of Bali Kratom tea or a capsule may also be an easy way to ingest the herb.

The Bali Kratom is cheaper and more readily available and the reason why many people favour it over other varieties.

However, another reason is that it is not fast-acting. This still does not mean that you will have to wait for hours after using the herb to see the results. You can feel pain relief or stimulation after 15 minutes of the dose.

The prescribed dosage will work for up to eight hours. It may be noted that if high doses of the herb used, the effects may linger on for longer.

Due to its easy availability, there is a chance you might not find the right blend and maybe hoaxed. This is why purchase from authentic places is always recommended.

The Bali Kratom herb is one of its kind, and only the purest form can give you the desired result.

This strain is slower, but in no way, it will slow you down and keep you ready for the days ahead. On the contrary, pharmaceutical painkillers are often sedative and do not allow you to continue your daily routine as you would want to.

We may reiterate this fact, but still, it sounds good just to be assured that the herb is harmless but powerful.

Final Thoughts

True to its name, Bali Kratom provides relief from pain and anxiety that may have become an intolerable part of an individual’s daily life. People suffering from a migraine, nerve suppressions and even severe disorders that cause pain are usually prescribed medicines for an extended period. This can affect organ functions and may result in liver weakness or kidney failure.

The Bali kratom supplements which are available as capsules, powder or tea may be a straight rescue to relieve pain without facing the risk of any organ dysfunction.

Just like a holiday in Bali, free from worries and stress; the Bali Kratom can be your escape from pain. These days, obesity and weight gain have become a problem.

Only in America, the number of obese people is higher than those that fall in the range of normal body weight.

This is why the appetite suppressing the effect of Bali Kratom can prove to be beneficial for a whole generation of junk food eaters!

The herb has minimum side effects and works naturally so that there is no addiction or reliance on the supplement.

Many times people can ignore the side effects of medicines for temporary relief, but this results in more pain and uneasiness.

However, if you ever feel the need to normalize life and get anxiety and nervous stress out of your system, take your shot and see wonders happen!

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