Kratom Toss and Wash

When it comes to consuming Kratom, users often find ways that suit them most. Some users rely on capsules for a tasteless experience while others bravely swallow Kratom powder to maximize impact.

The Toss and Wash Method

The method of consuming Kratom powder along with a glass of water is often termed ‘toss and wash.’ If you try to swallow powdered Kratom, you will observe that it sticks and clumps to your tongue and might cause a user to throw up!

If you place the powder in your mouth and then take a sip of water to ‘swish’ the powder and liquid around in your mouth, it will help you swallow.

The Kratom powder does not get stuck to your tongue or throat because of the swishing action and makes the consumption of Kratom easy and effective. This method is called the toss and wash use!

The simplest and easiest way of ingesting Kratom is to toss and wash.

There is hardly any preparation time involved, and the whole procedure does not require a lot of time and results are quick! What else can a Kratom user ask for?

All that this way of taking your daily dose requires is a good measure of your Kratom requirement.

If you are sure about your daily dosage, the method of toss and wash enables you to use fresh, aromatic and potent Kratom powder to see results faster.

The Benefits Of The Toss and Wash Method Are:

  • Fast consumption method.
  • No preparation.
  • Quick results.
  • Water helps break down clumps to a granular level, ensuring rapid digestion.

However, these benefits are some demerits as well:

  • Bitter aftertaste.
  • Never gets easier!
  • May cause nausea.
  • Can lead to high consumption of water.
  • Is convenient for smaller doses.

The toss and wash are considered to be the simplest method of taking your daily Kratom dose.

However, a lot of people prefer capsules over it. There are benefits of Kratom no matter which method you use, but the toss and wash is no doubt a hassle-free and quick way.

Having said this, users feel nauseous and cannot adjust to the bitter aftertaste from the toss and wash.

In contrast, capsules are tasteless and provide the daily dosage in a pre-measured organic capsule shell.

Taste Of Kratom

Many users say they hardly feel the taste of Kratom if they quickly swallow the powder with water. The toss and wash method does not allow the bitter taste to set in.

However, there is a bitter aftertaste. As the Kratom powder is digested, users feel an unpleasant, bitter taste in their mouth and often feel nauseous.

Another reason for the bitter aftertaste is that the powder granules may remain in the mouth if the user does not use enough water.

How To ‘Toss and Wash’ Kratom?

The method is as simple as explained above. All you need to do is measure the amount of Kratom you need to take. With a spoon, place the powder on your tongue.

Then, quickly take a sip of water. Keep swilling the liquid and dust in your mouth until all the powder is off your tongue.

You wouldn’t want to swallow quickly as the powder might make your throat hoarse.

Try taking another sip of water as you keep the Kratom mix in your mouth. Then you can swallow the Kratom and water while drinking a little bit more water.

This process ensures the fast absorption of Kratom into the bloodstream.

As users mix water to the kratom powder, the grains of Kratom enter the stomach and are digested faster than a closed capsule or tablet.

The stomach juices break down powder particles quicker, and this results in rapid absorption and quicker results.

Users often share their experiences, and they say that when chronic pain makes it tough for them, all they seek is faster relief.

Kratom Tea vs. Toss and Wash

The second most widespread method of taking Kratom daily is tea-making. Users love the idea of a soothing, hot cup of tea that can take away their pain, anxiety and stimulate them.

The reason both these ways of using Kratom are popular is that the alkaloids get into the system faster. So which way of taking Kratom is better?

The toss and wash are not as bitter as potential users may think. As you swish the water and Kratom around, your throat is subconsciously closed, and you cannot taste the bitterness of Kratom.

However, the tea will taste bitter and will give the taste for a long while.

Making Kratom tea is easy. It does not consume too much time but still taking a spoon of Kratom powder with water is more comfortable and less time-consuming. Your daily kratom tea is gentle on the stomach.

As you sip the tea, your nerves will relax, and you will enjoy your daily Kratom dose.

Users can mix lemon, coffee, or mint to their Kratom tea. On the contrary, Kratom powder is eaten alone.

The benefits of Kratom are many, but if it is mixed with honey or lemon, the benefits of these added ingredients help!

For people on the go, toss and wash is more practical, while stay-at-home men and women can rely on making tea to fulfill their daily needs!

The effects of tea and toss and wash are more or less the same. Some users have argued that tea is better as it peaks harder and acts quickly. However, there is no scientific way to it.

All users have preferences and may feel effects different from one another. We cannot argue that one method has a better impact on the body than the other.

However, drinking tea may be a little difficult as you need to sip the warm beverage slowly.

The absorption of alkaloids is almost the same whether you choose the tea or toss and wash usage method.

Alternative Methods Of Taking Kratom

With all potential and new users, the first quest is for the easiest way to take Kratom. While Kratom has a lot of benefits, it has a bitter taste that users cannot ignore!

Therefore, all kratom users look for ways of taking the organic supplement without tasting it.

For all those who buy good quality Kratom, it is common knowledge that the fine powder makes it harder to get rid of the taste after you take Kratom.

Apart from the toss and wash method, which way of consuming the organic substance is popular?

1) Juice Mix

To avoid the taste, Kratom users recommend mixing the juice with Kratom powder. The sweeter fruit juices like peach, mango or orange.

In the United States, there are several cocktail juices available that may help suppress the bitterness of Kratom.

All you have to do is add the Kratom powder to liquid, froth it so there is no residue and drink away!

2) Capsules

The most tasteless, harmless, albeit slower absorption method is to take a Kratom capsule.

The capsules are usually available in 500mg dosage, so users find it easy to make a small dose and increase it if needed.

Even if you need a high dosage of Kratom every day, the number of capsules you will take is around eight, which is still better than ingesting bitter powder!

3) Tea

Ginger tea, Ceylon tea, Jasmine tea or mint tea. You can pick any way of brewing Kratom to enjoy your favourite soothing cup of flavoured tea. Users can also just use plain kratom tea and avail benefits quickly.

Tea offers quick absorption just like toss and wash, but the taste might be more bitter than any of the other methods!

The toss and wash method must be practiced if you want to consume fresh Kratom for fast results, especially when you are on the go!

It is by far the most common method and might come in handy when you cannot avoid taking Kratom!

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